Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 141

Chapter 141 – We do not know right now  



I came to meet Delfina.

When I showed her the IOU that the now unconscious debt collector, her expression changed at once,



「They said it is real」

「I can tell」

「You can?」



Delfina had a very bitter face. She took out one piece of paper from her desk drawer, and put it side to side together with the IOU that I gave her.

It looks like it’s some kind of document.

The letters written are different from the one I brought, but the signature in the end is the same.

I can also tell, it’s the same person’s signature.


「What does this mean?」

「I do not know right now」


Delfina answered calmly.

Her bitter expression hasn’t changed, but she answered quite quickly.


「You would honestly say that you don’t know huh」

「Right now, I am currently in a trial period contract with Kakeru-sama」

「Un? Ahh, that’s right」


I thought “what is she talking about?” for an instant, but I remembered the first time I made love with Delfina.

She wishes for “a man who would buy her together with all of her assets”, but I still don’t have that much wealth.

So as an alternative, we settled it in a form of a “trial period”.


「Piling shame on top of shame shall lower my own value as a merchandise. At worst, it would bring back a case of returning the goods. That is why I said it honestly」


She took a breath, stared right straight to me, and declared with challenging eyes.


「Right now, I still do not know」

「……I see」


I thought thoroughly of Delfina’s words.


『Kuku, there are so many interesting women around you. On top of that, they are all interesting in their own way』


I completely agree.

Delfina for once, and the other women as well.

There are so interesting and strong-minded women around me.


「How long would it take?」

「It would be soon」


Delfina avoided a clear answer, but she clearly showed a strong will.

It looks like she’s serious. If so, then I could leave the rest to her.

Delfina stood up and clapped her hands.

The door immediately opened, and one man entered inside.

It’s her subordinate that I have seen many times.

Delfina whispered to the man’s ear. Her tone was filled with anger.

I thought more and more about how I could leave it to her, so I took out my Warp Feather to go home.


「What are you doing!」


Delfina shouted.

It’s a voice mixed with surprise and anger.

I looked towards her. The obedient man from earlier had a sudden change, and was grabbing her arm.

He’s puckering his lips, trying to kiss, and push her down.




I walked heavily towards them and drew out Eleanor without a word.

The man’s head flew away and a fountain of blood spurts a second later.

Following with the sound of the man’s head and body dropping to the ground.

Delfina is gasping due to the sudden event.


「Are you okay?」


「What the heck just happened?」

「I do not know. He was listening to my orders, but he suddenly changed in the middle of it」

「Was there a sign of before?」

「He is attached to me, but he is a coward man who had missed every opportunity due to hesitation. There is no way that he would attack meーーeven more so, he is not a man who would try to do so in a place where Kakeru-sama is」

「Was he drunk or drugged or something」

『It looks like it is neither of both』

「Mu……! Don’t tell me」


Because Eleanor got in between the conversation, I had a clue of a third possibility.

Soon after, a dark something came out from the man’s corpse.

It was as if that thing that was possessing him came out because the host has died.

I clad myself in dark aura, made an arm, and grabbed it.

It’s the same thing with the debt collector.


「This thing again huh, what the heck is happening?」



「This man, and that debt collector as well. They came from Aegina. And……」

「……Neora’s father too, huh」


Delfina nodded.


「Did something like this happen before?」

「Not even once」


Delfina answered promptly.

It’s a dark thing similar to that thing in Comotoria.

Most of all, several of them could be suddenly found.


「It looks like something is happening in Aegina」


Delfina returned a heavy nod to my whisper.







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