Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 136

Chapter 136 – The Wealthy Merchant and the Princess



Two girls are lying down on top of the bed.

One is Iris and the other one is Delfina.

When I thought they had fallen asleep after getting tired of being loved for the whole night, Delfina raised her body.

She combed her beautiful hair that was stuck to her cheeks due to perspiration using her finger, and groomed herself.

I am sitting on a sofa away from the bed and talked to Delfina who’s on the top of the bed just like that.


「Are you alright now?」

「Yes, just this much is……」

「Those aren’t lines said after doing erotic things」

「Making love with you is similar to that with fighting after all」

「That’s a new way to describe it. Interesting」

「It is also interesting that most of the girls around you are fighting to lose」

「Are you different then?」

「I’m not just fighting to lose」


……just, huh.

It’s very Delfina-like.


「This girl is also, not only fighting just to lose」


She said that and looked at the sleeping Iris.



「Were you fighting without knowing it? While we were doing itーーshe was always observing me until you messed her up」

「Come to think of it, it’s Iris who called on you」


Since I made a harem, the night’s 3P isn’t that unusual, but the women’s partner or other one is……

Nominating that other one is just very unusual.

Well, that’s also probably because of what Helene said.

Helene mentioned Miu and Delfina as women to be taken as a role model, so Iris did this.


「She must be up to something」


Her naivety that Delfina easily found out about it is a little cute.


「That might be so」

「You are making a face like it doesn’t matter too though」

「Really? I think that it’s fun though?」

「……I guess my words were not enough. You’re making a face about her being up to something, but its contents doesn’t matter」



That’s right.

It’s fun looking at her doing something, but its contents doesn’t matter.

That is with all of my women. They are in their loveliest, prettiest, and brightest when they are thinking and doing something.

That’s why I think that it’s good to be up to something, but its contents doesn’t really matter.


「I might need to say thanks to her」


「I will be going to be busy for a while now, so. Thanks for calling me」

「I see」


Our conversation stopped.

That continued for ten-odd seconds.


「As I’ve thought. You won’t ask why I am going to be busy huh」

「Go and earn as much as you want. I’ll eat you properly later after you got fat. It’s that kind of promise right」


I smiled at Delfina with a grin.

Delfina is substantially my woman, but both of us made it that it’s not.

The Wealthy Merchant Delfina who have assets equal to that of a kingdom, restricted her marriage partner to “a man who would purchase her together with her assets”.

I promised that I would someday buy her together with all of her assets, and it is currently nominally called “trial period”.

Of course, it’s not all but words.

I’m reallyーーseriously planning to do that.

I’m thinking that the best time to “eat” her is when Delfina who has assets equal to that of a kingdom becomes the world’s richest.

If we did not talk about that, I would’ve simply made her my woman, but since we didーーI’m thinking that she must become the world’s richest no matter what.


「Oh my〜, how scary. I might as well be chained with an armlet someday」


Delfina is not wearing the golden armlet that Iris had started to wear.

After noticing Iris, that thing that I’m planning to give my women, I won’t give Delfina one.

That would also be for the futureーーit’s a tacit consent.


「I’ll chain you up with it. Just you wait」




Delfina and I stared at each other, and smiled.

I felt that her eyes are asking me to kiss her, so I kissed her.


「You’re quite eager huh」

「You’re going to get busy for a while right?」

「However, the chances of us meeting might increase」

「What do you mean?」


I tilted my head.


「The reason why I am going to get busy is because I got hold of an interesting movement in Aegina Kingdom. I still cannot say the specifics, but there is an interesting movement that smells a huge profit」


「And, Kakeru-sama is aiming at Aegina next right?」

「Why do you think so?」


Delfina smiled with a smirk.

She started counting with her fingers.


「Mercouri’s Princess sisters, Calamba’s Queen, Comotoria’s Princess, Siracuza’s Queen sisters」


Delfina mischievously smiled.


「After going this far, even a three-years-old could speculate which you would aim for next」


There is a saying “Five Great Kingdoms”ーーand I am also called “Goshaku(Five-noble-titled)”.

It’s as she says, even a three-year-old could tell.


「Although reasonable, there might be no good women in Aegina」

「Didn’t you made good women in Siracuza yourself」


Fiona and Marie huh.

It’s true that it’s me who made them queens.

She’s saying that I should just make one in such case. I see.


「The chances of us meeting might really increase」


Either way, I’m planning on crushing Xiphos’s other half, so I would be getting involved with Aegina someday.

If Delfina’s going to act, then moving together with her might be more interesting.


「That’s whyーー」

「But, that isn’t a reason for me to not do you now」



Delfina got surprised. I exchanged my position with her and pushed her down on the sofa.

I kissed her once again.





Being called suddenly, Iris raised a dumbfounded voice.


「Come here」

「……when did you notice?」

「Your feigning asleep? It’s from the start. There’s no way that you’d get tired before Delfina after all」


I embraced both of them just the same. Even if you deduct the difference with experience, there is no way that Iris would get tired before Delfina.

Even so, the reason why she feigned asleep and eavesdropped is to observe Delfina.

Well, I decided not to point that out.

Right now, rather than thatーー.




I kissed Iris as well.

I placed an arm around her waist, pulled her up to me and kissed her.

After that, I kissed Delfina as well, and after that, I kissed Iris again.

I kissed the two of them and loved them to my heart’s content.







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