Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – Upheaval



In the stone-paved underground space where only a torch unreliably illuminates.

More than that of the stale air, an evil presence that fills that space itself.

One man is standing in that space where evil beings prefer.

Aegina Kingdom’s First Prince and Prime Minister Prince, Kimon Mo Aegina.

That man who is the next King Aegina is awfully fat and sloppy.

Only his glaring eyes alone shows his intense personality of using the powers he was born with without hesitations.


He is standing in a place he should not be and chanting the incantation he must not cast.

A magic circle unfolds in the ground in front of him. That magic circle is flickering irregularly.

Its intervals gradually decreased and the density of the magic powers in the air increases.

A scene that would involuntarily make someone anticipate that it is finally that time!


ーーbut, “it” did not happen.


The flickering lost its speed and the heightened magic powers popped just like a balloon.


「Damn it! Again huh. Why! Why cannot they be summoned!」


Kimon cursed.


「”They” were summoned with this before! Why are they not appearing! I even prepared sacrifices」


A naked woman is lying in the middle of the magic circle in front of Kimon.

The woman was not moving an inch even though despite of not being restrained.


「Did the condition changed? It cannot be helped. I should give up on the higher ones and call the lower ones. I should be able to forcefully call those guys」


He said that and casted once again.

A rhythmical incantation that could be heard as a song.

The magic circle’s flickering regained its previous momentum and the tension in the air returned.




The woman groaned. Kimon who saw that raised the corner of his lips.




「Shut the fuck up! Who is it!」


One man appeared from the magic circle.

“That” is a male, but not a human.

The size of his body and his limbs are the same with that of a human, but his skin which is between blue and black, sharp canines, and horns growing from his head strongly emphasizes that he is not a human being.


「It’s you huh, the bastard that called me」

「That’s right. I am Aegina Kingdom’s First Prince, Kimon Mo Aegina」

「He〜, a prince huh. Middle-aged princes also exists huh」


Kimon’s eyebrows twitched.

He showed a clear expression of unpleasantness. “A prince on his middle ages”, those are the taboo words for him.

“A prince in his fortieth year”. There are also ones who would ridicule him with that, and it is a taboo that those who were found out saying it would be executed.

But Kimon endured that.

It is because he has something to ask from the evil being in front of him.


「I’ll go straight to the point. Did the conditions for summoning changed?」

「Haa? My dear prince, are you that? Did you try to summon those higher guys?」


「Give it up, give it up. Right now, those higher ones changed their policy that they won’t get involved with the human world. No matter how much you call then, they won’t answer you」

「Won’t get involved? Why?」

「Well, no shit. That fucking Demon Sword Wielderーーoops」


The evil being hurriedly covered his mouth with his hands.


「What? Stop pausing your words」

「It’s nothing. Anyways, we great ones won’t be getting involved with the human world for a while. It’s something that the higher guys decided」

「How long is for a while?」 「Let me see……that bastard is around 20 right now, so if he dies by old age……well, 50-60 years」

「Stop messing around! I cannot wait that long!」


Kimon got furious.


「50-60 years is just a little while, kekeke」


The evil being laughed.

Obviously, “they” live far longer than humans.

Tens of years is only a little while that would pass very quickly. At least, that is what they think.


「That’s the case, so I’ll be going now alright. Also, I’ll say this beforehand. It’s fine forcefully calling us, but we won’t cooperate with you. See ya」


「Haa? I’m telling you we won’t」

「Are you fine with that?」


「I am asking. Tens of years without getting involved with humans. Would your stomach hold for that long?」



The evil being got silent. Kimon grinned.

“They” get involved with humans and received life force, vigor, and in some case, souls as compensation.

And if one would ask what they would do with that, “they” would use it to fill their stomach.

In short, it’s their meal.


「Those higher ones should have something to rely on for food even without getting involved with humans for tens of years. But that would not be the same for you, right? It must be hard for you not eating for tens of years」


「Cooperate with me. What, don’t worry, just do it secretly. Do it secretly and get something to eat as compensation. They wouldn’t know it if you do it secretly. Or is it, you’re only going to watch them eat their fill?」

「……they shouldn’t find out」

「You should be more knowledgeable about that right? Doing things secretly without those higher ups finding out exists in any world right?」

「……Ossan, you have your troubles too huh」


The evil being laughed with a grin and Kimon laughed as well.


「Letting things pass by as long as it’s not too excessive is the duty of a person standing above」

「Alright, if you really insist, I’ll lend you a hand. In exchange, I’ll take the compensations properly」

「I’ll prepare double of the usual」




Just like that, the contract was made.

The contract that ruins the intention of avoiding the Demon Sword Wielder was made without anyone knowing.






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