Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 129

Chapter 129 – It was just as usual





There are no tricks needed.

I charged straight ahead and cleaved Eleanor.

The king guarded with Xiphos.


It was as if the atmosphere exploded, and the shockwave hollowed the ground between us.

The king was blown away to the air.


『What a beautiful arc he made』

「That’s a good way to describe it」


I got impressed with Eleanor. Although she had never played baseball, she commented that seeing the king being blown away.

A red light drew an arc in mid-air, and just like Eleanor had said, a beautiful arc remained in his path.

And then, he suddenly stopped.

The blown away king forcefully stopped mid-air and u-turned with bloodshot eyes.


「You bastard!!!」

「Too slow!」

「Kuu! Not yet! Xiphos……it’s power is not limited to this!!」




Eleanor and Hikari, the mother and daughter Demon Swords overwhelmed the king and Xiphos.

It’s overwhelming, but it unexpectedly wouldn’t end.

Each of every attack that I thought decided the battle was blocked by Xiphos.

Its reaction speed is unexpectedly quick.

Because of that, I thought of cutting that guarding block altogether, but that won’t go well too. Xiphos is unexpectedly tough. Even if we clashed straight on, all I could do was blow away the king together with the sword.

I slashed towards the king who charged for the nth time. The king guarded and crashed into the ground.

The aftermath created a crater. The king who crashed crawled out of it.

His cape and clothes were ragged, and his whole body is covered in blood.


「Give up and let go Xiphos. There’s nothing that you can possibly do」



He charged again looking like he wrought out all his strength.

His charging speed fell, butーーthe speed he slashes with Xiphos has not weakened, rather, the red light is even increasing.

The king’s body is weakening but the sword’s power has not declined.

I blocked his attack and kicked him.


「The sword started to control the body huh」

『That is its style』

「You also did something similar though」

『Kukuku, it’s what you call the etiquette of Demon Swords』

『Etiquette of Demon Swords? Would Hikari be like that too?』


Hikari said not knowing what etiquette means. How cute.


「It’s a bad example so you don’t need to learn it okay」

『Umu. Look at my example when it’s about Demon Swords』

『Un, I’ll learn from Okaa-san okay』

「You’re the best and worst example though」


The king and Xiphos charging. I also charged and collided.

I raised a gear. I struck Xiphos many times with Eleanor and Hikari.

Not slashing, but striking. After doing such for many times, a small crack appeared in Xiphos’s blade.

Its toughness was as expected of a Demon Sword, but it finally showed crumbles.


『It looks like we were at a level higher』


Eleanor with a satisfied voice.


「We’re going to break it here at once!」


『I’ll do my best!』


The king that was charging towards me is staggering.

He’s in tatters covered in blood, and it is even doubtful whether he still has a consciousness.

But even so, he swung his sword, and let out groans from time to time.

It was as if he became a zombie that would only swing Xiphos.


「Gaha……! U-Uoo, ooo……」


Suddenly, the king’s movement changed.

Up until then, he was charging towards me, but he suddenly stopped in his place and began agonizing.

He grabbed his right hand that holds Xiphos, and started to groan in pain.

The red pulse strengthened explosively.


『That is……』

「Do you know about it, Eleanor?」

『You’ll see soon』


Eleanor’s tone was mixed with ridicule.

I got curious, stopped attacking to take a look.

The king in pain, he raised his head and roared towards the sky.

But suddenly, this time, he vomited blood to the ground, and started to pound Xiphos to the ground like a hammer.

Soon after he started rampaging, a sudden change occurred.

The red light that was pulsing with Xiphos at the center up until then, started to transfer to the king’s body.

Its color deepened, and what was only a light, gradually increased in density and materialized.

The light became skin and covered the king, and added another skin on top of that.

It’s a spectacle that it was as if you were looking at a full body costume being worn on top of one another. His human appearance gradually got bigger……and started to turn into something like a monster.


『It transformed……』

「This, it might be better to say it that he got absorbed」

『He probably wished for even more power』

「It’s thatーー”I don’t care what happens, give me more power”」


It’s a cliché.


『Adding to that is probably “the strength enough to defeat the man in front of me”. Good for you huh, you’re quite popular』

『Otou-san’s popular!』

「What gives if I get popular with men」


It’s not like I’d get happy with that or anything, rather, I might even get tired of it.

And while that happened, the king continued to gradually get bigger. Finally, he exceeded 3 meters in height, and looked like a monster standing on two feet.

His whole body pulsed in red, he looked like an「Oni」.

He’d completely be a Red Oni if you add horns and fangs, completely a monster.




That monster suddenly charged. His arm that got several times thickerーーhe punched with that arm that is thicker than my body.

I raised Eleanor and guardedーー.


The sword and fist collided, but it was a metallic sound that was made.

Not only that, but I was blown away for some distance.

I didn’t receive damage because I guarded. I regained my posture mid-air and landed.

I was blown away for ten and some meters with one blow.

My hand got numb. It also reached my elbow and shoulder.



「I’m alright. ……it looks like he powered up quite a lot」

『It looks like that’s not all』



The monster stood at its place and looked up while roaring.

His roar was so loud that the ground shook. Soon after, a small monster appeared from that monster.

It looked like something melted out of its body and separated, fell to the ground, and changed its shape.

It gradually turned into a shape and changed color as well.

What was born was a mini version of that monster.

The original is over 3 meters and the clone is a little more than 1 meter.

Other than being a little cuter than the original, most of its features are the same.

And there is five of them in total.

The monster that was absorbed by Xiphos created five clones.

One of the clones charged, the original waved his hand as if to say “I’ll leave it to you”.

I blocked with Eleanor.




I got a little surprised.

The clone’s power was almost equal to the king before he transformed.

While getting impressed, I parried away its arm and kicked it away.

The small oni was blown away but immediately jumped up to a stand, and glared at me with an expression of anger.


「That’s amazing, it could make such thing huh」

『That is its style』

「It would be great if you tell me that first」

『I forgot about it』


Eleanor casually retorted. Her tone shows that she doesn’t feel bad about it at all.


「Next time when we’re going to the lottery place, you’ll be waiting at home」

『What?! You! That’s』


Instantly, her voice turned to that to a hard-pushed one.

That lottery place is the only place that Eleanor could return to her human body, and the place she could bond with her daughter Hikari.

Having that restricted would be a heavy punishment for the doting parent that she is.

Well, leaving that aside.

Even if she told me beforehand, in the end, there’s no change of what to do.

I’ll crush Xiphos.

That’s all.

Well then, I should get seriousーー.


「W-What in the world is that……」



I heard a voice from behind me and turned aroundーーin the next instant.

Something passed by my sight at terrible speed.

The five small Onis charged madly, I was caught off guard for an instant, and they charged towards Iris who appeared.




Iris reacted.

She raised her sword and showed a will to fight.





I warped and got in between the small Onis and Iris.

I split one of the charging ones into two with Eleanor, and pushed back the remaining four with Hikari.

I got a little pissed off. No, I’m quite pissed off.

It’s pissing me off that my woman was almost attacked right in front of me.


『Although you’d sent your woman in battlefields?』


It’s different from letting them do it and getting done with.

I felt Eleanor lightly rolling her eyes.

I ignored that.

I glared at the four remaining small Onis and the original Oni, King Mercouri who commands them.

These bastards……I’ll crush them.


「That red light……that, is Father, huh」


Iris said from behind me with a serious tone.


「Yeah. Move back, Iris」



「I’ll fight with you. No, please let me fight」



I couldn’t help but turn aroundーーthis time, I turned around while keeping on mind the onis.

Our eyes met, and, I saw a strong light in Iris’s eyes.

A strong will dwells within her eyes.

It is veryーーlike her.


「Please, Kakeruーーngh!」


Seeing her plead, I grabbed her into an embrace and kissed her.

I love good women.


「W-What are you doing, Kakeru?!」


Iris blushed, but I asked her without keeping that in mind.


「In the cave, you were swinging your sword heavily with each attack. Can you fight not like that, but fight by increasing the number of your moves?」

「Eh? Ah, un. If I do my best」

「Yosh, then, I’ll leave the small Onis to you. Attack them with numerous attacks」

「I got it」


Iris fixed her stance.

I also raised Eleanor and Hikari.

I raised them, and went towards the Oni.

The small Onis reacted and charged. I attacked each of them with a blow, passed through them, and went towards the original Oni.

I took a glance to check what’s happening behind. Iris is intercepting the small Onis with numerous attacks just like I instructed.

Every time Iris cuts them, the dark aura that had stuck onto the body of the small Onis exploded.

The Demon Sword’s aura, it’s the technique I developed before that made the slave soldiers overwhelm Nana.

After checking that, I charged towards the Oni.

I clad myself with the dark cloak aura once again and raised the two Demon Swords.

From here on, it would be just as usual.





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