Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – A Good Woman Without a Doubt





She became red like a boiled octopus and her mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.

Iris who was suddenly kissed was surprised to death.


「What is it?」

「W-What your what! What are you doing so suddenly?!」

「I kissed you」

「I’m not talking about that!」

「You were a such a good woman, so I kissed you」

「I-I’m not talking about that!」


Iris stutteringly negated.

Then, what is it about?


「I-I’m someone who will be betrothed to Aegina Kingdom you know! But youーー」

「It’s rather that」


I interrupted Iris’s words halfway.


「I said that I’ll stop that」

「Stop……it’s true that you say that, but……」


Iris made a bitter face.


「Why, are you concerned with me that much?」

「I don’t have the disposition of letting a good woman in front of me, just to give her to another man」

「But, I’mーー」

「All of the good woman are mine」


I declared bluntly.

I took only the simple and necessary parts, and pointed those words towards Iris.

No matter which part of it is removed, it is a line that cannot be misunderstood.

Iris who was told that got stunned.

Soon after, her face became red again.


「W-Why, someone like me……」


I answered instantly hearing Iris’s faint voice.


「We’re going on circles. Don’t make me say it so much. All of the good women are mine. That’s why I’ll stop your marriage, and kiss you」

「I’m a……good woman?」

「You are. I’ll guarantee it」


Iris calmed down. She calmed down, and steals glances at me while looking down a little.

Her face is faintly red, a calm red.

She seemed like a simple maiden.

Iris who is being called as one of the Teresia’s Twin Flowers is good, but this isn’t bad in itself.

Iris made up her mind while stealing glances at me and asked.


「Did you……」


「Did you tell Aneue that as well?」

「About all the good woman are mine? I did tell her」

「Although Aneue is that infatuated to Kakeru?」

「That’s not a reason to not tell her」



Iris calmed down.

Her expression tightened and returned to her usual calm self.


「Hey, how can I stop your marriage?」

「The case」


「Let’s solve the case」

「……I got it」


Iris turned around and started to walk. I pulled the two tied up men and followed her.

Well, it’s not the time to rush it yet.


「After this」


「After this, listen to my problem」


Iris said while facing forward.




I got taken off guard.


『She fell huh』


Eleanor said in amusement.




We started walking and Hikari who was silent up until then talked to me.


「What is it?」

『Is Hikari a good woman?』



I couldn’t help but stop on my feet. My jaw dropped.

A line that I did not expect. A question that I do not know how to answer.

Eleanor continued to laugh out inside my head seeing me unable to answer instantly.




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