Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Slip Damage



I returned to the different world from the lottery place, and jumped using the Warp Feather.

At an open field from royal capital Adoria where the slave soldiers are stationed.

I left most of the slave soldiers in a place that is a little bit away, so they won’t get caught in one swoop whatever happens.


「Is that all you have! Come more. Charge more!」




In there, Nana is training the slave soldiers.

20 vs 1.

At one side, a 20 person platoon that is the basic unit of the slave soldiers, and Nana by herself in the other side.

Nana lets the slave soldiers attack, and she would parry them.

The difference between their strength is clear. Nana has the leeway to『educate』even though she has twenty opponents coming at her at once.

After watching that for a while, I called out to Nana.





Nana raised her gear and came to me leisurely after parrying away all of the weapons of the slave soldiers who attacked.


「Aruji, did anything happen?」


Nana stood in front of me and asked.

And then, tension ran among the slave soldiers.

Their tensions changed to immediate action because of training. The slave soldiers took their weapons at once, forms a line and took attention to me.


「Don’t worry, it’s not like that. Nana, I want you to cooperate with something」


「I made a new technique. I want you to test that with me」


After I said that, the slave soldiers got relieved at once.

They probably got relieved that it is not a battle.

At the same time, they started to have curious faces.

It’s because the same thing happened many times up until now.


「Kakeru-sama created a new technique again?」

「If it’s true, then only Nana-sama could be an opponent」

「I wonder what technique it is this time」


The women chatted and started to show interest.

The slave soldiers got convinced because of what happened up until now.

On the other hand, Nana held her sword unmoved, and asked me.


「What do I need to do? Aruji. Am I on the receiving end? Or shall I attack?」

「Before thatーーNikki, the first platoon, step forward」


The first platoon that Nikki Cephalis commands stepped forward.


「Can I be of help?」

「Lend me your ears」


I whispered to Nikki.

Nikki nodded although a little bit surprised.




I faced Nana, and drew Eleanor.


「Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll attack from my side」



Nana readied her sword.

The tension rises. Not only between us, but the slave soldiers who are watching stood with tension.

And within that, I carelessly chargedーーand carelessly swung Eleanor.

*Gakiiーn*. A metal sound that is a little out of the atmosphere.




Nana who received Eleanor’s slash got confused.

She made a face saying “what was that half-hearted attack just now”.



「Ha! First platoon, attack!」


I took a step back, and instead, the first platoon that Nikki commands attacks Nana at once.

It’s exactly the same scene that I saw earlier. One platoon vs one Nana.

Nikki charged ahead and was first to attack Nana. The instant Nana received that attack without difficulty.

*Bashun!!*, it sounded.

Nana’s sword was blocked by a dark aura, and her body received an impact.





Nana was forced to step back because of the aura’s impact. And there, a different slave soldier attacked without delay.

She attacked and Nana received againーーthen, the aura exploded again.

I sheathed Eleanor and watched that with crossed arms.

This is the technique I thought of using Siracuza’s Secret Treasure.

I thought.

If I would want to go undefeated by myself, the 777 multiplier ability, the additional attack, and the mother and daughter Demon Swords are enough.

Probably, it’s enough strength to take over all under the heavens.

That’s why, there’s no need for me to get strengthened anymore.

Instead, the thing that I thought, and trying to do recently.

The thing that can be called “My Boom”.

What should I need to do to lead my women, and fight with them.

Using the women at their limitsーーand making them show results.

This technique is the one I made out of that idea.


『What in the world is happening?』


Eleanor had doubts in the scene in front of her.

I thought of it by myself, so she doesn’t know the details.


「I shot out your aura with that one attack. That aura doesn’t have an effect normally, but it would react when receiving attacks, applying impacts from within 」

『Fumu. It means that, that woman would receive extra damage every time she receives the slave soldiers’ attacks huh』

「That’s right」

『If so, what about this?』


After Eleanor said that, she sent an image directly to my head.


「You, that’s ruthless」

『I’m a Demon Sword after all』

「I see」


I nodded and raised a voice.


「The sixth to the tenth platoon. Hold your bows and arrows, shoot Nana. First platoon, fall back」


The slave soldiers moved immediately. Without hesitations, 100 of them held their bows and shot Nana at once.

Trust towards Nana, the training they have regularly, and absolute obedience to my orders.

With all of those mixing up, they acted the order without delay.

A hundred arrows flew towards Nana at once.




Nana sucked her breath and swung her sword.

Her sword that danced like a storm blocks the arrows at lightning speed one next to the otherーーbut.




Nana’s beautiful eyebrows narrowed and she let out a voice of anguish.

Every time she blocks an arrowーーevery time she blocks the slave soldiers’ attacks, the Demon Sword’s aura explodes.

Eleanor’s suggestion.

“Since the aura explodes with every attack, what then if the attacks are increased by the use of bows and arrows?”

Her suggestion created an effect that was exactly what she imagined.

That Nana is being pushed back by the slave soldiers!


「You, you’re really ruthless」

『Just call me determined』

「It’s not what you say, but how you say it huh」


All of the arrows were blocked.

Nana stabbed her sword into the ground and breathed with her shoulders.

All of the one hundred arrows were blocked, she doesn’t have any injuries.

But regardless of that, Nana was exhausted. She’s so tired that she might collapse anytime if she doesn’t use her sword as support.

It’s probably the first time I saw her get exhausted in such a short time.

And, the slave soldiers who saw Nana’s exhaustion for the first time.


「Kakeru-sama’s really ruthless……」

「That Nana-sama who is as strong as a monster……」

「I knew it……I knew it, but still, amazing……」


That appearance resulted in respect for me in a straight way.






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