Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – The Power that is Only Mine



I came to the lottery place.

The ones who can come here is me who is someone who came from a different world, Hikari who has my blood flowing in her, and Eleanor for unknown reasons.

In Eleanor’s case, she can turn into her human appearance when she is here.



「What are you staring at」

「No, I just thought, you’ll be in that appearance when we come here right?」

「So what?」

「It’s only me who knows that appearance」

「Hikari knows too you know?!」


Hikari said from the side.

That is true, but I didn’t mean it like that.

Eleanor is……quite beautiful.



Her body and face are that of a child, but the expression made from her eyes and lips, and the atmosphere that is being made from her bearing.

From those, I feel not「cuteness」but「beauty」.

No, maybe「cute and beautiful at the same time」is correct.

And only me knows that.

I looked at Eleanor.

How can I say thisーー.




There was a voice talking to me.

A woman’s voice. When I turned around, there was the lottery’s staff there with an amazed face.


「I might be saying this for so many times, but can you please stop bringing that heart warming family scene here? You started awakening to a weird thing too」


The staff grumbled.

What do you mean by a weird thing?

……well, whatever.

I regained myself and asked her.


「Is there a new lottery?」

「How did you know?」

「You said it before right? That there would be new lotteries when there are huge movements in the world」

「I see, I said it when Mercouri took in new paper notes right?」

「That’s right. That’s why I thought that the same thing might happen because of Siracuza this time」

「Yes, that’s true! It’s amazing right〜, restoration of a country, on top of that, there are two queens you know? There is no doubt that it will be written in history. Something like Twin Queens of Restoration」

「Twin Queens of Restoration, that’s cool. Something like Tokugawa Yoshimune」


I think he’s called something like that too.


「And so, what lottery is it this time?」


I looked at what’s behind the staff.,

Other than the red and white banner, there is a cloth covered signboard there.




The staff removed that cloth at once.

What appeared was the prizes list of the lottery.


「Let me see」


I looked at the prizes list.


  • Special Prize              Siracuza’s Secret Treasure  1/1
  • First Prize                   Territory in Siracuza  1/1
  • Second Prize              Land in Siracuza  5/5
  • Third Prize                  Siracuzian Slave  10/10
  • Fourth Prize               Siracuza’s Specialty Product  50/50
  • Participation Prize     Siracuza Silver Coin  300/300


「All of it is Siracuza huh」


Eleanor said.


「That’s true. Well, it’s easy to understand. The case in Siracuza was solved after all」

「On top of that, if those two becomes the restorers, the value of these prizes would go up. There is no doubt that the lands and territories there would skyrocket」

「It would skyrocket?」


Hikari asked with eyes full of curiosity.


「It would go up for sure. It’s like being told after entering a large company with good performance that the bonus is not cash but stocks」

「And if you receive that, you would work harder right!」


The staff also showed agreement.

If you receive stocks from the company you’re in, on top of that, if it is rising stocks, you would be working harder to increase its value even more.

The stocks of the lands and territories of Siracuza would increase from now on, so although this lottery feels cheap, it is quite worthwhile.

But leaving that aside.


「What’s the special prize『Siracuza’s Secret Treasure』?」

「It is a secret treasure, please look forward to it after you draw it out」

「Hmm. There are numbers written, does that mean all of what’s inside the lottery is this?」


「In short, it can be taken for sure if you draw until the end」

「That’s right? Oh really, Dear Customer, lotteries of drawing lots is like that right? The last ball would be a win for sure」


It would normally be.

I just thought that it might be limited to that in this lottery because there are some mysterious elements to it.

But even so, I see, I can get it by drawing until the end huh.


「Well, what a good thing to hear then」


A man’s voice from behind.

When I turned around, there was that man.

The man who drew the lottery and came to this world before me.

It has been a very long time since I teleported here, but I have only met him in this lottery place.

That man grinned and said.


「You, how many do you have?」

「About 20 tickets」

「I have 300 tickets. It means that I can get all of it after gathering 40 more tickets. Yosh, I’ll draw later, I’ll gather tickets first」


The man said and disappeared.

Seeing that, the staff whispered.


「If it is that person, there is no doubt he can gather them」

「I think so too」


I don’t know what kind of life that man is living, nor how he is gathering them, but he would gather an amazing number of lottery tickets every time.

In numbers, about 10 times of mine.


「But, that is correct」



I looked at the staff.


「No, it might be improper for me to say this, but the possibility to draw the special prize is low, especially at first」


I took a glance at the prizes list, counted them, then asked.


「It isn’t 1 in 367?」

「Yes, at first」


Isn’t it a mysterious lottery as I’ve thought?

The possibility with normal lotteries, in this case, would be 1 in 367.


「That’s why, gathering tickets and drawing all of them is the correct strategy this time. What would Dear Customer like to do?」

「It’s impossible to gather 367 ticketsーーahh, it’s impossible to gather all of them before that guy」


I said that and Eleanor on my side nodded.

When it comes to the ability to gather lottery tickets, I’m overwhelmingly weaker than him.

On top of that, he already has 300 tickets.

It’s impossible to gather 367 tickets before him in this situation.



「For the meantime, 10 tickets. There’s 11 pulls right? Hikari, can you draw the lots as usual?」

「Un! I’ll do it, Okaa-san〜」


「One〜two. GaraGaraGara〜」


We have a cute Goddess of Fortune with us.







The three of them said at the same time.

What came out was a golden colored ball.


「S-Special Prize, Jackpot……」


The staff got so surprised she forgot to ring her hand bell.

At a later date, it looks like that man collected everything from the first prize and below while crying.






『This is Siracuza’s Secret Treasure huh』


After returning to the mansion, Hikari went to play with Chibi Dragon, so I’m left alone with Eleanor in her Demon Sword appearance.

There’s a palm-sized box on my hand.

A crest is carved on the outside of the box.

It’s the same crest with the rings that Fiona and Marie are wearing in their thumb.


「I only need to open this right?」

『That woman said so』

「I open it」

『Are you sure?』


Eleanor said with a joking tone.


「You’re with me, there’s no problem」


「n? What?」


I thought strange of it because she suddenly got silent so I asked.


『I-It’s nothing! Well, open it right away』


She urged me weirdly. What was that?

Well, whatever.

I regained myself and opened the box.






Nothing happened. There’s nothing inside the box.

I feel fooled because nothing happened.

ーーit was at that time.

Light overflowed from the bottom of the box and enveloped my body.


『Are you alright?!』

「Yeah, I’m fine」


Eleanor’s panicking voice, my calm voice in contrast to that.

It’s because the instant the light enveloped me, the effects of this「Secret Treasure」flowed into my head.


「I see……an item that makes a technique……or rather, a secret technique」

『You can tell?』

「I canーーheighten one’s imagination……that has a strong image will become power. huh」



Eleanor who calmed down returned to her usual enjoying voice.


『That’s interesting. After all, you did not have a technique that seems like a technique up until now』

「Come to think of it, that’s right. I was fighting mostly by using my abilities after all」


I have the All Abilities 777 Times that I got from the first lottery.

It was even easy by doing things thoughtlessly using that ability, so I did not have the idea of making a Secret Technique.


『And then, you’re saying it can be made easily?』

「As long as there’s a strong imagination」

『Then, do it』


She ordered me bossily for some reason.

Well, whatever.

I imagined.

About me using the technique.

Of course, only I can use it.

Being unfathomable is good. Just like the two Demon Swords, being unfathomable is good.

And then, it would be great if it is something that has effects on my women.

I imagined the ability that can satisfy all of those conditions.

I strongly, strongly, imagined.

And, it becameーー.





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