Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 110

Chapter 110 – Homefront Preparation



Adoria, the capital of Siracuza.

The last baseーーit was surrendered bloodlessly.

Thioza who brought them up to one step before unifying the Siracuza territory disappeared, and because it was a situation where the main executives were defeated as well, the soldiers lost the will to resist without someone to lead them.

When I advanced alone with my usual「the rumored Demon Sword Wielder」appearance, the white flag was immediately raised.



Adoria Palace, in the audience hall.

The sisters Fiona and Marie are sitting there.

Fiona sat on the right, and Marie sat on the left, on thrones that the Kings and Queens have used originally.

And in front of them, I asked their impression.


「How is it? How do you feel」

「E〜to……I don’t really know」

「It looks very extravagant, and……I feel like I’ll be uncomfortable just by staying here」


Just like Fiona and Marie has said, they look very uncomfortable.

They were fidgeting, and really seemed like they feel discomfort.

I get that feeling.

This Adoria’s palace is the most extravagant palace that I have seen.

It’s several ranks higher compared to the one in Calamba and Comotoria.

Vast open space, excellent pillar decorations, very soft carpet, and floor that is polished like a mirror.

It is so extravagant that I don’t have any clue how much it would cost.

The sisters had slowly started get used to acting the「Queen’s Power」, but they almost returned to normal being overwhelmed by this extravagance.

No, it might be even worse.

It’s like they advanced three steps and took four steps backwards.


「We will be working here everyday right……」


Marie whispered. She seemed very worried.

I decided free her from that.


「That’s true, but it’s alright if you don’t」


「What do you mean, Kakeru-san」


The sisters stared at me at the same time.


「I told this before, but you are Queens. You’re Queens so you can just do it how you want it to. If you feel uncomfortable here, you can move to a place you can be comfortable in, if you want, you can even destroy it and change it to a place you can be comfortable in」

「I-Is that alright?」

「What’s bad with the owner of the house reforming it?」


The scale is different, but it’s basically the same.

When I said that, Fiona and Marie seemed to realize something.


「I see, it was alright to do that」

「Reform……I could not think of that」

「Yeah that’s right」


I nodded. Suddenly, an idea popped out of my head, so I told them that while grinning.


「If you want, you can carry the Purosu Diner and bring it here」

「The store?」

「In here?」

「Yeah, this place is wide enough for the store to be in it right?」

「It’s true……it’s wider than our store」

「The whole store can be inside」

「You can just place it in here. If that makes to most comfortable. And then, you can have the audience in the first floor’s seat. You can just make it like the audience of a messenger is with a Queen’s reception」

「……fumu, fumu, I see〜」

「Ah, Onee-chan’s face……it’s her face when she would seriously do it」



I looked at Fiona with Marie’s words.

Fiona’s expression became bright after hearing what I said.

According to her little sister, that smile of her that came from an uncomfortable one, was her face when she’s plotting something.


「Kakeru-san. Is it reallyーーokay to do what we want?」

「Yeah, you can do it however you want it」

「Won’t there be people who disagree?」

「Silence them with the Queen’s power. Tell me if you need physical power」

「Queen, and……Kakeru-san」


Isn’t that the strongest?

Fiona silently whispered.


「Ne〜, Onee-chan」


Fiona’s bad face infected her little sister, and Marie whispered to her big sister.

It looks like their tension has completely disappeared.



I left the hall of the throne and walked through the corridor.


『They seem that they might become an unprecedented Queen. No, maybe having two Queens is already unprecedented』


「Did it not exist in history?」

『Was there a precedent in your knowledge?』


She asked me instead.

I thought.


「There was no two Queens, but there are a president and a minister, or an emperor and a minister. There are quite a lot of countries that have two tops existing at the same time」

『Fumu, then, I am convinced where your idea came from. Such thing does not exist in my memory. Such a country where several highest authorities exist simultaneously』

『Is that true? Okaa-san』

『Umu, no, it might not be true as well』


Inside my head, I felt Eleanor grinning, or having an emotion like that.


『There is only one with the highest authority in this country after all』

「Hmm? About which one who has the final decision? Is it the big sister, or is it the pattern where the timid looking little sister actually has the power. Well, either one is fine」

『I do not mean it by that』



Eleanor denied it. What does she mean?

I can’t really get the meaning why she said there’s only one with the highest authority. When I pointed that out, it felt like Eleanor made a half laugh, so I got more confused.




Rica came from the other side.

I placed my arms around her waist, kissed her, and asked.


「What is it?」

「A person who wants to meet with the Queen came. Probably, a troublesome person」


Rica answered as usual although her cheeks were flushed.



「Un. A troublesome person」

「……I got it, make him wait」


Rica repeatedly narrowed her eyebrows to that「troublesome person」.

Hearing that, I thought that some countermeasures are needed.



In the drawing room, there is one Jii-san.

The Jii-san stood up when I entered the room, but was disappointed after seeing my face.


「You are?」

「Ah〜, I’m……」


I thought for a moment, and named myself with the position I have right now.


「Siracuza Baron, as well as the Kingdom’s Retaliation Army’s Great General. Yuuki Kakeru」

「You were His Excellency the Baron. It is an honor to meet you」

「And you are?」


When I asked him, the Jii-san arrogantlyーーbraggingly named himself after clearing his throat.


「My name is Constan Calaman M Siracuza. I am from the main Royal House of Siracuza seven generations ago」


I heard his name beforehand, but I found out that he’s an ex-royal family member right now.

I mean, is that remarkable?


『He should be a commoner or barely a noble right now』


Eleanor said.

Is it like the emperor’s grandchild or something.

I made that Constan sit, and I faced with that Jii-san after sitting.

One maid entered the room and puts down tea for two.

Tea that is poured inside an expensive-looking teacup. I added sugar and stirred with a silver spoon.

Constan did the same.

I started the conversation after both of us had taken a sip.


「And so, what did you come for?」

「Where is the Queen Her Highness」

「Queen? Ahh, that’s right, was it about you wanting to meet the Queen」


「If so, then there’s no problem. I’ll hear you out instead」

「Baron Your Excellency」


Jii-san slightly glared at me.


「I have wished to meet Her Majesty the Queen」

「Say what you did you come for, I’ll hear it out and pass it to her」

「……does Her Majesty knows about this?」

「About what? About me meeting you? Or about hearing you out? Well, she doesn’t know both of them」


Constan narrowed his eyebrows.


「A nobles tyranny is the sign of a fall of a country you know」



I looked at Jii-san with cold eyes.


「Fall of a country? That means the country getting destroyed right?」

「Exactly, from time immemorialーー」

「What were you doing up until now」


I interrupted Constan who was about to arrogantly say something.



「Fall of a country, a country getting destroyed. Although it’s inappropriate to say this, for better or for worse, Siracuza Kingdom was about to fall, no, it had substantially fallen, by the hands of Thioza Stratos that is. And with that, that Cropolis Kingdom or something would’ve been made」

「We do not approve of such a Barbarian King」

「I am talking about substantial things. Right now, if the Kingdom’s Retaliation Army did not existーーwhat country would this be?」


Constan became silent.


「And then, what were you doing at that time」

「We were waiting for the chance to retaliate. There is such thing called currents, we are constantly observing that tide to avoid being late」



And, it’s this timing huh.

Ahh, it’s probably this timing.




I muttered that name.

Constan flinched.


「W-What is it suddenly」

「Don’t you know about Delfina?」

「……I have no clue of what you are talking about」

「No, well, I was surprised too you know. When I went to ask her thinking that she has many kinds of information, but to think that it was a person directly involved. You, it seems like you owe Delfina a lot」


That’s right, debt.

I used the warp feather to Delfina’s place to get information before I met with Constan, and she told me that.

It looks like he owes Delfina a lot of money to maintain his position as a noble.


「And then, most of the Siracuza’s nobles had died, and since you have the nearest blood right now although you’re from a side branch, you came to meet the Queenーーyou came to extort them」



Constan’s face was red with anger.


「You’re just like a hyena」

「That money hungry Homers!」


Constan slams his fist on the table.


「You talk as if you know it! Aren’t you the one who’s a hyena!」

「Getting angry instead huh」


How can I say this, well, as expected I guess.


「Eii! Let me meet her! Let me meet the new Queen! In the first place, for a mere noble do such thing to me who is the blood family of the royal family is absurd! I shall meet the Queen andーー」

「This, you know」


I picked up the silver spoon.

It’s a silver spoon that has a decoration, there’s the same thing in Constan’s teacup as well, and he used that earlier too.


「It’s a special made that would shine when a person from the royal family touches it」


「Didn’t you know that there’s such thing in Siracuza?」



Constan realized after looking at the silver spoon.

After meeting Delfina, I asked to prepare it in a hurry.

It’s to make sure whether he’s really from the royal family or not.


『Good job thinking of that. I shall praise you』


I ignored Eleanor’s words and said to Constan.


「Was it that your blood became very thin, or is it that there is a different reason. I don’t know about that, but」


I put down the spoon and glared at Constan.


「Either way, it means that it’s a mistake for you to have an arrogant face as a royalty」



Constan stood up with a red face and walked to leave the room.


「Just waitーーI’ll make you regret this」


Like that, he left with those words.


「How stupid」


I put down the spoon and said to him coldly.


「Going this far, do you really think I would leave something that would make me regret?」

『He probably has a brain that cannot realize that』


Eleanor said with an amazed, cold voice.

And without a week has passed, Constan was bankrupt after being cornered by Delfina.

After that, no one knew about his whereabouts.




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