Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – The Meeting of Demon and Demon Sword



Deep within the night, inside a corpse collection camp.

One man appeared before Thioza’s corpse.

It’s a man wearing black clothes like an assassin.

The man is wearing his hood deeply hiding his head, and a dark mist was pouring out of that hood.

Anyone can tell the peculiarity of that with a glance, no, just being near it.

It’s an existence surrounded by such wicked thing that those who have a weak will might lose their minds just being near it.

That man reached out his hand towards Thioza.

A similar dark aura came out of Thioza’s body and was absorbed to the man’s hand.

Thioza’s appearance which was similar to that to a demon gradually returned to that of a human, and when that dark aura was completely sucked away, Thioza returned to a simple human corpse.

The man closed and opened his hand as if to check the thing that he collected right now.

The man whispered with a voice full of bitterness.


「That man that commands a Demon Sword, and brought upon a Demon Sword……how many times has this been」

「What times?」



The man was surprised to the other man that suddenly appeared.

He quickly turned around, and saw a man who had two Demon Swords crossing his hands while leaning his back against the entrance of the corpse collection camp.

That man had a sharp gaze and raises the corner of his lips that looked vicious with one glance.

The most heretic existence in this world, commanding a Demon Sword and brought upon another one.


「Demon Sword Wielder……Kakeru Yuuki」


「Why are you……here?」

「If those things that appear everywhereーー」


Kakeru pointed at Thioza’s corpse.


「ーーdemonic existences? Or things as such, even an idiot can tell. Calamba’s three ministers, Comotoria’s queen, and this guy」

「……where did you find out about Calamba」

「I have an informant within my women」


「If you appear one next to the other like that, even an idiot can tell that there’s something big connected behind it」

「……I’ll just say this, this time was an irregular」



Kakeru slightly widened his eyes and asked back while smiling.


「The seed that was sown from far before, it had just budded just now」

「Does that excuse have any meaning?」

「We don’t plan to be your enemy」

「Are you scared of me?」

「We are ones who live in time eternal. And, you are just a human」


「After tens of years, or a hundred years longest, you will disappear. That time is just a blink of an eye for us. We can just slowly resume our plan after that. That’s all out of it」

「I see. That’s convincingーーbut」


Kakeru drew Demon Sword Eleanor and pointed it towards the black man.


「There’s no assurance that you would really pull back」

「……then what will you do」

「That’s already decided」


The Demon Sword Hikari was also drawn.

The dark aura coming from the Demon Swordsーーthey seemed to be similar to that of the man’s, but it’s a dark aura that was completely different in essence.


「It’s irrelevant if I cut you off!」

「ーーso fast!!」


Kakeru’s charge had far exceeded the man’s expectation. He instantly let the Demon Sword Wielder close in to him, and the Demon Sword was just before his face.

The two shadows passed each other. Kakeru cuts off the man’s arm that he raised up to counterattack.


「Swords cannot cut our flesh. We are existences of this world but existences that are outside its laws. Even if you are the Demon Sword Wielder」

「He〜, is that so?」


Kakeru raised the corners of his mouth while he stabbed the man’s severed arm using Eleanor.


「In these cases, it’s usual that you’ll be『Fuhahaha, it doesn’t work!』and regenerate」



The man was clearly agitated.

He moved his sleeve trying to do something, but it moved with nothing happening.


「……what did you do」

「I didn’t do anything. I just charged with full strength and slashed. This girl said something like she has something special that might work against you guys, so I just let her do it」

「Demon Sword……Eleanor!」

「That’s right. Well now, leave that head behind」


Kakeru charged swinging the two Demon Swords.

The instant they passed each other, the man’s body were cut into four with a cross just like Thioza.


「Tch, got away huh」


The man suddenly disappeared, and the only thing that remained was the stained assassin clothes split into four.

Kakeru sheathed the Demon Swords.


「Ah! You’re here. Kakeru-san’s here huh」


Io passed by outside.


「What are you doing in this place?」

「No. It’s nothing. Rather than that, you seem to be looking for me, what’s up?」

「Un, you know, this is only if it’s fine, but, Kakeru-san fought a lot today right? That’s whyーー」


Kakeru kissed Io not letting her finish.

The thing that was shown in her faceーーit was expectations.

And Kakeru correctly understood what its target was.


「What about the bed?」



Io seemed very happy although a little embarrassed.

Kakeru put an arm around Io and secretly picked up the torn assassin clothes.

He casually put into his pocket the thing that might be a clue for the next time.





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