Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – The Cheat Man



In the town of Kirenect.

There are two men in the command tower that were made at the center of the town.

The two of them are wearing armor, and from how the position they are standing at seems, one of them is the commander and the other is his subordinate.

The man who is the commander is named Herodotos, a skilled person who follows just after Tanashi within the army.

He is using a telescope and watching the battle being held across the outside wall.


「We’re lucky」



The adjutant replied.


「There is information that says the Thousand Blades appeared in Genesare, and “Him” in Kirenect」

「I see, if so, the one who is coming here is」

「The Hundred Lightning Io, we presume」


The instant the adjutant said that, lightning fell at the front lights.

That was not a natural phenomenon. Lightning clouds appeared in the clear skies in an instant, and numerous lightning fell from there.

It is a wide scale lightning magic.


「It looks like you’re right」

「Yes. We are very lucky. After all, our opponent is the weakest within the Siracuza Army」


The adjutant said, and Herodotos grinned and nodded.


「Notify the whole army. Tell them to fight with all of their abilities. We can win with that as an opponent」

「We will win?」

「Just here, though」


Herodotos grinned and looked at the adjutant.


「The ‘barbarian army’ has ended, you know. I need to think of my next way of living」

「Are you saying that it is this battle?」

「If one would want to surrender, they would want to surrender with good conditions, don’t you think so? We can surrender with good conditions after we win in this opportunity and immediately surrender」

「I see」

「We have continued to lose since ‘he’ appeared, we can have the only victory mark if we win here. And, it is the weakest Hundred Lighting within his subordinates. We can only throw in our chips here. It’s what they say about when the Oni is not around」

「As expected」


「Fu」, Herodotos laughed.


「Well then, let’s finish it quickly. We have 3000 soldiers. Go and crush that magician girl quickly」



Herodotos watched the battle situation from the tower.

He is not the type of commander that comes to the front lines. He is a type of man that commands in the command center like this placeーーthe safest place.

And from there, he sends commands one next to the other.

The battle reports that returned were all about his army being in an advantage.

And finally, a soldier rushes in with a face full of delight.


「Report! The enemy army has retreated!」

「We won huh」



「Should we send a pursue attack……it is alright like this, but I want more achievements」


Herodotos hesitated.

The opponent is the Hundred Lightning Io.

She is one of the heavyweights of the enemy army. She can also be described as one of the strongest ones as a magician.

However, just like this, she is not much when it comes to the battlefield.

If it was possible to capture that Io? Wouldn’t that make the negotiations more advantageous?

Thinking of that, Herodotos decided.


「Yosh, notify the whole armyーー」



A different soldier rushed in with a pale face.


「What happened?」

「T-There is enemy reinforcement」

「Reinforcement huh, what’s its scale?」

「I-It’s the Demon Sword Wielder」


A reply that does not fit as an answer.


「What did you say!」

「Please calm down, Herodotos-sama」


Herodotos was surprised, and his adjutant made him calm down.


「There is information that ‘he’ appeared in Kinerect. Thinking of the ‘battle results’ there, the one there is the real one. And, Kirenect is far from this Tiberia. Even if he flew in the sky like a bird, there is no way that he would reach this place this fast」

「T-That is true」


Herodotos became relieved.

The distance between each places that the adjutant made him notice brought him relief.


「If so, it is a fake or a bluff huh」

「Yes. It is probably someone who is holding the Demon Sword Replicas that is in trend recently」

「If so, clean it up. Crush that troops that that fake Demon Sword Wielder leads」


Herodotos gave the order. However, the soldier would not move.


「What is it, go send the message」

「T-That is……」

「What is it?」

「There are no……troops」


「He is alone. The Demon Sword Wielder is moving towards us alone」



Herodotos was stunned.

He quickly took his telescope and looked at the front lines.

Ahead of the lens, a single man holding two Demon Swords is moving towards them while raising a dark aura.


「He is alone……? Don’t tell me」

「The real thing……?」


Herodotos paled with his adjutant’s words.

The man was not leading troops, but advancing alone head-on.

The man that exceeded tactics and started to become a strategic-class existence.

The man who controlled the real Eleanor and brought forth a new Demon Sword.

The master of the Demon Sword, the Great General with five peerages.

Herodotos paled to the man that appeared but immediately regained his composure.


「Make the whole army concentrate to the front」


「You idiot, coming here all alone. There is no way that a single person can win against an army no matter how strong you are. Make the whole army charge, crush him」



The soldier ran to send the message quickly.

After a while, the soldiers swarmed towards the opponent.

After staring at that for a while, Herodotos opened his mouth.


「Well then, let’s go」

「Please wait, if Herodotos-sama goes to the front lines」

「Who said I’m going to the front lines?」

「Eh? However, you said『let’s go』」

「That’s right, I’m going. I’m going to run right now」



The adjutant was stunned. His face shows that he could not believe his ears.


「We have nothing more to do since the Demon Sword Wielder appeared. We can only run away while the soldiers buy us some time」


「Go and hesitate if you want to die. I don’t want to die. I’m going to run away while 3000 soldiers buy me some time」


Herodotos went off the tower, pulled his horse that was tied, and jumped into it.

And, after taking a glance at his hesitating adjutant, he made his horse ran to the back direction.

The town seems very empty. The citizens were ordered to stay in their houses during the battle.

He quickly sprinted through the empty town.


「I need to think of another way. A way that would let me survive」


Herodotos muttered. He is thinking of how to protect himself.

He is that kind of man.

He is a famous man who has risen up to his position now, surviving with quick judgments and fast decisions.

And, that judgment is correct. He had judged with the information he got about the Demon Sword Wielder’s power right now, he would be able to run away easily if he sacrifices 3000 men.

That judgmentーーit was broken for the first time.

By a man that cannot be measured by common sense.

Soon after he went out of the town on the opposite side, a man was waiting for him just right ahead.

A man holding a Demon Sword, wearing black clothes.

It’s the man that he saw through the telescope earlier.


「Ridiculous! Why are you here!」


「Eii! I’ll pass you like this」


When they passed each other, the man swung his Demon Sword without a word.

Herodotos’s vision rolled.

He was not able to understand until the end that his head was cut with once slash.




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