Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – A Ridiculous Skill



Returning from the lottery place, I picked up Io using the Warp Feather, and came to the Orycuto’s valley.

The lord of the valley, the immortal monster Orycuto ran away the moment it saw me.

If it were a comical manga, it would be probably having springs of sweat.


「Oh〜, it’s running it’s running」

『Of course it would run, thinking of the things that you did to it up until now』

「Should I stop it?」


Io readied her magic staff, and asked while looking at Orycuto.


「It’s fine, I didn’t come for him today」

「Then why are we here?」

「Just wait a bit」


I casted the spell, and shot lightning magic on the wall.

It’s a magic that I learned from Io, and the Orydite wall broke into pieces with the explosion.


「Uu……Kakeru-san’s so unfair」


「That’s right, being able to use such a strong magic」

「Although it’s strong, it’s only 80% of Io’s right, in the first place, it’s a magic a learned from you」


There are two ways to learn magic in this world.

The first way is to learn it by training properly.

The other way is to receive magic attacks.

If one has the aptitude for the magic they received, and if they survive after that, they would be able to use it.

Coming to this world with all abilities multiplied 777 times, my life force and magical aptitude are also multiplied by 777 times.

I also had to defend, and survived after getting hit by Io. After that, I was able to use it.


「You’re not a magician though」

「Hmm. I don’t consider myself as a swordsman as well. I mean, what in the world am I」


I could use magic, but I main in melee battles and swords.


「Hero or Savior?」

『Both of them aren’t good ones huh』


Eleanor said while laughing out loud.

Those words were probably because she knows most of the heroes.

Well, that doesn’t matter.


「Well then, let’s start the test」

「Ah, yes. What do I need to do?」

「You only need to stand there」



I smiled at Io who was confused, and activated the ability.

『Copy Plus』that I got from the fixed lottery.


「Copy Io’s lightning magic powers」


【Lightning Magic Powers will be copied from Io Akos】


I designated the ability as Io’s lightning magic powers.

The next instant, I felt my magic powers heightening.


「Move back」



Although tilting her head, Io moved back as she was told.

After seeing that, I chanted the lightning magic once again.

The magic powers that I gathered exploded.

The magic was blasted nearly double the range compared to earlier.


「Ama〜zing〜! Were you holding back earlier, Kakeru-san」

「No, it’s not that」


I denied it, and looked straight to Io.


「It’s my new ability. I could copy the ability of the person in front of me, and add it to myself. Right now, I copied your lightning magic powers」

「It was like that! Ah! That’s why it’s about double」

「That’s right」


After thinking for a moment, I said to Io.


「Io, you use your magic too. I’ll use it together. I want to check if it’s really copying」


The one I got before was lending my ability, and while I’m lending the multiplier, I myself could not use the ability.

But this time, it’s a “copy” not “lending”.

That’s why I thought that Io could also use her ability while I copy it.


「I got it」


Io nodded, readied her magic staff, and heightened her magic powers.

I did the same think.

I made eye contact with her, and after we nodded to each other, we shot out magic.

The lightning magic explodes, and the shards of Orycudite had scattered all over the place.


「Did Io shot at full strength?」

「Un! Just as usual」

「I see. It’s really “copied” huh」

「Uwa……Kakeru-san’s amazing. That just means, it became twice as strong」

「Well, yeah」


It looks like it’s an ability that’s more than I expected.

It’s probably the higher class of the lending ability. The problem is that there’s only one of it, but even so, its performance is good enough.


『It’s an ability that is useless for you who is already strong from the start. Ones that has higher ability value than you, there are not a lot of those. Even if you copy and add the abilities of the humans weaker than you, it would be pointless. Also』


『Isn’t that an ability that would show its best performance with an enemy stronger than you. Such an opponent……do they exist?』

「……well, it’s not a minus ability so it’s fine as well」

『That is true』


I felt Eleanor’s presence shrugging her shoulders in my head.

It’s true that it’s powerful, but it doesn’t make me explosively stronger.

I thought that it was a good ability at first, but hearing Eleanor’s points, I felt that I got excited for nothing.


「Well then, let’s go home. Thanks for keeping me company」


I said thanks to Io and took out the Warp Feather.

Well then, Fiona and the other girl’s talk should be over by now.


『Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san』


The instant before I warped, Hikari who was keeping herself quiet opened her mouth.


「What is it」

『Why are you not copying the strong Io-oneechan?』

「Strong Io?」


“What does she mean”, I tilted my head.


『Un. It’s Io-oneechan who became stronger with Otou-san’s power?』

『……after lending her your ability huh』


Eleanor said, and I realized as well.


「Io, stand there for a moment」


「Lend Io lightning magic powers」


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos.  Time Remaining: 4 minutes 59 seconds】


「Copy Io’s lightning magic powers」


【Lightning Magic Powers will be copied from Io Akos】


「Io, shoot with all of your powers」



Io heightens her magic powers, I also chanted the same spell.

The two of us heightened our magic power .


「Hundred Lightning!!」



The magic exploded, the lightning magic multiplied 777 times with the two of us at the same time.

Countless lightning fell down on the stone mountain.

Explosion, ground shaking, and shockwave.

After all of that endedーー.


「The mountain’s……gone」


Io surprised.

There’s a hole that seemed to be opened by the magic hitting it. The stone mountain that was there just earlier disappeared completely.

And there, Orycuto regenerated.

It’s good that he ran away, but it looks like he got caught by the x2 wide range magic.

It rather seemed sorrowful because it regenerated due to its immortality.


『Waa〜, Otou-san’s so amazing〜. Io-oneechan, amazing〜』


Hikari innocently cheered.


『Hmm, I’ll take back my words』


Eleanor said with a serious face.


『It’s a ridiculous ability』


『And, you’re also finally entering a ridiculous level』



A synergy born from the skills gained from the lottery, and it created a ridiculous effect.









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