Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 98

Chapter 98 – Copy and Plus



I came out of the magic cottage.

There are five people inside right now.

Helene, Aura, Rica, Fiona, and Marie.

Princesses and Queens, and girls that are planned to be ones as well.

Heads of four out of the five great kingdoms had gathered here.

It’s like a little summit.


『Kukuku, if a meteor falls there, the world would be in chaos』

「Even if it falls, I’m here, and you’re also here. That’s nothing」

『Hmm, come to think of it, just a meteor would be useless huh』


『That thought of yours of protecting your women is really spiteful』

「Do you really hate it」

『Yes, I do. Umu, I really hate it』


Although she said that, her voice was cheerful.

I don’t get it.


「Well, what should we do before they finish talking」

『How about asking about “that” lottery ticket that you got?』

「”That”? Ahh, this huh」


I took out the lottery ticket.

A shining golden lottery ticket that is different to up until now.

It’s something that appeared after my wedding night with Fiona.

It’s something that one could easily tell as different, but I don’t know how is it different.


「I guess so, let’s go ask what this is」




I brought the strongest military power that I have, Nana and the slave soldiers to the magic cottage, picked up Hikari by warping, and came to the lottery place.

Just as usual, Hikari hugs her mother Eleanor who turned into a human.


「This is for Okaa-san」

「This……is this a flower?」

「Un! It’s a ring made from flowers」

「Is this the same thing with that in the dragon lass’s horn」

「That’s right〜. It’s matching with O-chan and Hikari〜」

「……I see」


While looking at the heartwarming scene of the mother and daughter in the corner of my eyes, I went to the staff.



「You’re not saying “don’t bring that strange family bonding scene” anymore huh」

「I have given up. Even if say it, you’re going to do it right?」

「That’s exactly right. This is the only place the mother and daughter could touch each other after all」

「If so, just do what you want」


「Rather than that, which lottery will you draw today?」

「Before that, look at this」


I showed the golden lottery ticket to the staff.


「What is this?」

「Ah! It’s the fixed lottery ticket」

「Fixed lottery ticket?」

「Yes. Please wait for a moment」


The staff said that, and took out a different lottery machine from the back.

Just like the lottery ticket, it was a golden lottery machine.


「That is a ticket for this lottery machine」

「He〜. What will come out?」

「That is a secret」


She placed a finger on her lips and winked.

It was a mischievous smile, and it was a little cute.


「A secret huh」

「Yes. Ah! But, maybe I can say this Everything that would come out of this would be equal or more than the second prize. Surprisingly, it’s all a hit! It’s a fixed lottery that doesn’t have a missing draw」

「He〜, that’s amazing」

「You’re reaction’s too dull. It’s really amazing you know」

「Even if you tell me that, I don’t know how to react if I don’t know what’s the prize right」

「U〜n, then, I’ll tell you one. All of them are a hit, but I’ll tell you the one that could be considered as the worst draw」

「Hou, what is it」



「Yes! It’s an ability that would make everything you touch invisible. This is amazing you now」

「……well, if you ask me if it’s amazing, it is」


I don’t know where and when to use it though. It’s an ability that middle school boys would really like to have though.


「Your reaction’s somewhat dull. It’s really amazing you know? The worst draw is this amazing you know」

「I get that it’s amazing……it means that every other thing that could be drawn is better than that right」


「I see」


Well, anyways, I have a ticket so I should just try and draw.

But, when I thought of that, I remembered something.


「By the way, that man……I don’t know his name huh. That man that got tentacles as skill」

「What about him?」

「What did he draw?」


I asked about that man.


「He’s always drawing with lots of tickets, but what did he get from the fixed lottery?」

「He has not drawn this lottery」

「Is that so?」


That’s a little surprising.

With my experience up until now, I completely thought that he had also drawn with this.


「There are several ways to get a fixed lottery ticket andーーah! Of course, I cannot tell it to you」


Well, of course.


「All of the conditions are impossible for that person. He has a completely different way of living with you」

「We’re different huh」

「Yes, you’re different」


She nodded to me clearly.

I’m curious about those conditions though.


「I won’t tell it to you」


The staff said with a serious face. “I won’t say it whatever happens” was written on her face.

She won’t leak it with just leading questions huh.

Well, whatever.


「I got it, then, let’s drawーーHikari」


I turned around, and called Hikari.

Hikari went towards me while dragging Eleanor with her.


「What is it Otou-san?」

「The lottery, do you want to draw?」


「It’s only once for today」

「I got it! Let’s do it, Okaa-san」



The mother and daughter nodded to each other.

As usual, the staff prepared the stool from the side.

I felt funny about itーーbut I didn’t say it out.

Eleanor and Hikari, the two of them held the handle, and turned the lottery machine.


*GaranGaran*, the hand bell rung.


「Congratulations, it’s Jackpot」

「Isn’t it a fixed lottery」

「Well, that is true, but anyways, it’s Jackpot!!」

「I see. So, what’s the prize?」

「Uhmm……it’s an ability called『Copy Plus』」

「Copy Plus? I can’t imagine what kind of ability it is」

「It’s a simple ability. Limited to one person in front of you, it’s an ability that copies the ability value and adds your own ability. For example, your ability value is 777 and your daughter-san is 223」

「What’s with that half-baked numbers」


I get that I’m 777 thought.


「When Copy Plus is activated, it would become 1000」


Ahh, she means 777 + 223 = 1000 huh.

I understood the ability, I understood it, but.


「That……although it’s simple, wouldn’t you get the strongest with that?」


Being able to add what you have copied to your self, doesn’t that mean that you will always be at an advantage?

Well, theoretically, no matter what kind of ability it is, it would be the strongest.




The staff smiled pleasantly, it’s the proudest smile that she had today.


「That’s why I told you it’s Jackpot」


……I got convinced.











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