Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – The Fledgling Queen, and Resolve



Late at night, in the bedroom where moonlight shines down to.

Fiona is in my arms.

She’s not asleep, she’s clearly awake.

She’s awake, but desperately keeping her breath, acting like she’s sleeping. Her presence clearly shows that.





She didn’t reply so I softly poked her back in a descending way to let her relax.



「Just relax, don’t be so nervous」


Is it because she raised a voice, Fiona gave up and looked up to me.

Her gaze was a little mixed with spite.



「If you’re not going to relax, I’ll do it forcefully」

「Eh, f-forcefully?」


Fiona’s face reddened. Not that one.

I reached out my dark aura’s arm.

A third arm, recently, I’m able to use it even without holding Eleanor.

Using that, I tickled Fiona.



「Aha, ahahahahah」


「Ahahahahahah, s-stop it, ahaha, K-Kakeru-san」

「You’d stop getting nervous then?」

「I will, I will, ahaha, so please」


Laughing too much, Fiona answered with teary eyes.




I pulled back the aura arm.

Fiona who was tickled got exhausted. Adding what I had told her, she leaned all of her to me.

I wiped her skin that was a little sweaty with my finger.

She wriggled in a tickling way, but in a different way from earlier.

She moved, making our bodies closer.


「Really, Kakeru-san’s so forceful」


And, she said with a sulking tone.

Look how cute she is.


「Is that so?」

「Yes, you’re so mean. Making me wait for so long, and suddenly like this……that’s so unfair」

「I’ll apologize about that. I didn’t think that I was making you wait. Adding to that, it’s me as usual after I knew about it」

「Kakeru-san as usual, is always this forceful?」


It’s probably not only about what happened right now. She’s probably talking about the situation starting from the wedding ceremony up to the wedding night.




I nodded, and combed Fiona’s hair softly, and slowly patted her head.


「I embrace good women. I’ll take care of them, make them satisfy them, and make them mine」


「I don’t know if that’s forceful or not, but that’s how I am usually」



Fiona let out a sigh, it was a little sexy, that my lower part almost reacted.


「Kakeru-san’s so unfair」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right, you’re so unfair〜」


In the end, I couldn’t understand what’s unfair, but since Fiona’s stopped getting nervous and stuck out bodies, that result is enough.





I replied while stroking her head.


「Is there anything that I can do for Kakeru-san?」

「Just do what you want」

「What I want?」

「Yeah, all of my women are living how they like to do so, and I’m letting them as well」

「Is that alright? If you say that I can do all that I want……I might get jealous of other girls you know?」

「I don’t mind」


「If you start saying something like that, I’ll just love and take care of you until you stopped thinking about something like jealousy」



Fiona buried her face in my chest.

I don’t know what kind of expression she’s having, but her face is warmer than her body.


「Kakeru-san’s so unfair」


She said that I’m unfair again.


「Is that so?」

「You’re so unfair……」

「I see」

「……I love you soo much」


Fiona embraced me tightly.

Until the night has ended, she continued to hug me tightly.



「Good morning」

「Good morning, Kakeru-san」


The next day, I woke up with the sisters’ voice.

I raised my body. Fiona already left my arms, wore clothes, and woke me up with her little sister Marie.


「We have prepared breakfast」

「I made it with Onee-chan」

「He〜? Then, it’s the taste of Purosu-tei huh」

「Yes. We prepared mountain cow fried rice」

「That’s somewhat nostalgic」


I started to look forward to it.

I stood up from the bed, the two helped me wear my clothes, and left the room together after taking Eleanor that I placed against the wall.

We walked together with the sisters sandwiching me from the side, with me in the middle.

While walking to the dining room, Fiona said.


「Ne〜, Kakeru-san, you said that I can do what I want, right」

「Yeah, I did」

「Does that mean, I can ask something from Kakeru-san as well」

「Just tell me」


Fiona and Marie looked at each other with me in the middle.


「Helene-sama, Rica-sama, Aura-sama」

「We want to talk to everyone」

「What, is that all, alright」


Since she said it formally, I thought that it would be some kind of a difficult thing, but that was all.


「I got it, I’ll take you right now」


I said that, and took out the Warp Feather.


「Thank goodness, with this, I can ask about what we shouldn’t do」

「Rather than that, Onee-chan, we should ask what kind of things Kakeru-san would get happy with」


I had heard the sisters’ conversation before we warped.


『Look, see how lovable these girls are』


The place where we warped to, in Calamba’s audience hall, Eleanor said half-jokingly.


「I’ll just make Rica and the others brainwash them. That they could just do what they want」

『It would be a disaster if one who had never had any authority were suddenly given one』

「Are you talking from experience?」

『That’s right, everyone that I have seen were like that』

「Then, there’s no problem. Even if it’s a disaster or whatever, I’ll take care of all the problems the two would bring. They’re my women after all」

『Kukuku, what a guy you are』

「I’ll take that as a compliment」

『I am complimenting you, receive it obediently』

「Is that so」

『Well then, if so, you need to get serious from now on. The two of them asking about what the mentality of a queen means……』



I nodded, and softly touched Eleanor’s handle.


「I will properly, make the two queens」


Once again, I declared.











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