Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Hands Down



In the corner of the camp, on the south side, there was extreme confusion.

One of the soldiers returned, and reported to the male captain.



「How was it!」

「The enemy soldiers are just below our eyes!」

「Ridiculous! What happened to the Customas Troops that was in front of us!」

「The Customas Troops is almost wiped out! The enemy is coming soon!」

「What’s the orders from the headquarters!」

「There is none! The one that went to ask for orders has not returned!」


「Oi, what are we gonna do!」


Another man shouted at the male captain.


「What the heck is happening, I came here because you bastards said it’s a winning war」

「That’s right, that’s right. How will you repay us for this」


The report that the soldier brought back accelerated the confusion.

Letting out a sigh was almost unbearable.

Seeing all of that, I approached the male captain.



「What is it now! Y-You areーー」


The captain saw me and hold his breath.

He probably knows my face.


「We’re going to counterattack, follow me」

「But, w-we’re already surroundedーー」


Not letting him say it all, I held Eleanor and Hikari.

I clad myself with the dark aura just as usual.

Ever since I was able to control it, I gradually changed its shape.

Right now, it should look like an armor of aura, or a cloak.

The soldiers clamors. I ignored them and start walking.


「I’ll stand in front, just follow me」

「I-I got it」


The male captain nodded, organized the soldiers, and followed me.

The enemy soldiers attacked first.

They’re the guys whose morale is very high, full of momentum.


「Let’s go」




The mother and daughter, Eleanor and Hikari replied.

The spear weapons were broken, and I sliced them off together with their armor.

I slashed through the enemy soldiers one next to the other, and a drizzle of blood danced in my surroundings.


「UOOOOO!!! Follow the Demon Sword Wielder!!!!!!」


The allies’ morale which was in a mourning mood was raised.

The troops that attacked was more or less a hundred people. And they were quickly trampled.


「We’re saved, thank you so much」


The captain said, from how it seems, he looks very full of himself.


「I’ll leave this place to you」

「What about you?」

「I’m going to the next place」


Without waiting for his reply, I warped to the west side using the Warp Feather.


It was in the middle of the battle there.

The enemy soldiers were pushing, and more than half of our soldiers had already been killed.




An enemy soldier stabbed with his spear.

I parried the spear and cut off his head.

And then, the surrounding soldiers gathered like ants.

I cut the soldiers that came.

I cut, slashed, and sliced them into two continuously.


「W-Who the hell is this guy」

「Is he a monster」


The enemy soldiers got agitated.

And there, the ally soldiers attacked.

They were being pushed, but while I was pulling the enemy soldiers, they reorganized and pushed back the enemy lines.

I found the male captain that seemed to be the commander.


「I’ll leave this place to you. I’ll go to the next place」

「I gotーー」


Without waiting for his reply, this time, I warped to the north side.

And after that, I also warped to the east side.

All of them were the same, they were getting ragged by the surprise night attack.

With me killing most of the enemies, the battle front was rebuilt.

Repeating all of that, I returned to the south side.




I lost my words.

The guys that I saved earlier were now prisoners.

Surrounded by enemy soldiers they were desperately begging for their lives.


『How pathetic』

「S-Save me」


The male captain saw me, and desperately shouted.

The enemy soldiers found me. They quickly turned towards me.

I fixed my grip on the Demon Swords.


『You’re going to do it』



I slashed through the enemy soldiers.

I left it to them because they started to get an advantage, but now, I began to think that I should’ve just killed all of the enemies.

And when I was cutting the enemies like that.


「Everyone, pull back」


A man shouted, and the enemy soldiers stopped because of that.

They took some distance, and started to retreat from me.

And opening a way between those enemy soldiers, one man stepped in front.

A man that is carrying a large sword on his back, with a different air compared to those small fries.


「Tell me your name」

「Yuuki Kakeru」

「As I’ve thought」


He’s probably someone that knows about me.


「Demon Sword Wielderーーhmph!」


He snorted.


「I am Miltos. I heard that a Demon Sword Wielder had appeared in this war, so I wanted to meet you」

「Wanted to meet me?」

「That’s right」


Miltos nodded, pulled out the large sword in his back, and held it with both his hands.

The next instant when he held it like that, *Kiiiin*, a sharp sound echoed.

It’s not just me who heard it, the surrounding soldiersーーboth ally and enemy covered their ears.


「I came, show who is the better Demon Sword Wielder」

「Demon Sword Wielder, you?」

『Hmm, Telemia huh』

「You know about it」


I asked Eleanor.


『Well, yeah』

「Let’s go, HAAAAAA!!」


Miltos charged, and swung down his large sword.

I blocked using Eleanor.

A shrill echoed again.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Miltos raised his gear and continued to slash forward.


「Fuhahahahaha, what, is that all you have!」


「Is that all you have, Demon Sword Wielder!!」


Miltos heightens his spirits.


「Annoying guy」


Using Eleanor, I cut the large sword that was swung horizontally into two, and slashed Miltos using Hikari.


Miltos pulled back.


「W-What the……」

「Isn’t that too brittle for a Demon Sword」

『That, a Demon Sword? Don’t make me laugh. Something like Telemia, it’s good enough to call it a Magic Sword. Don’t compare me to something like that』

「I see」


I felt that Eleanor was seriously looking down on it.




Miltos roared.

An aura started to wrap around Telemia, and it became its blade.


「It regenerates」

『It is something like that』

「Too bad huh, Demon Sword Wielder. It’s useless even if you destroy this Telemia!!」

「Is that so」



Miltos charged again while holding Telemia.

I blocked the slash that creates a shrill using Eleanor once again, and slashed towards him using Hikari.


「It’s useless, even if my Telemia breaksーー」

「If so, I’ll just cut you together」


I declared silently, and split the sword together with its owner into two.

The enemy soldiers got agitated, and ran away one by one.


「It should be alright already with this」

『If it’s not, you can just come again right』

「I guess so」


I nodded, and warped.

Just like how I did it earlier, from west to east, pass through the north and return to the south.

They were at a disadvantage again in here and there, but I carried them again when I came.

Eleanor complained while fighting.


『Really, to think that they are this weak. If you were not around, they were already defeated a long time ago』

「I guess so」

『If it’s this terrible, anyone would want to throw their towel. Maybe, asking the enemy for help and annihilating them would be for the best』

「That is, well」


In fact, Eleanor’s words were very attractive, that I started wanting to follow it.

I carried them through all of it, but it was really a terrible battle.

Finally, the gongs were sounded.

It’s the enemy’s signal for retreat.

The enemy soldiers pulled back like the waves.

I lowered Eleanor and Hikari.


『Otou-san, you aren’t going to chase them?』


『You’re going to stop halfway huh. If you pursue them with attacks right now, it would be a piece of cake』

「I said that I won’t chase after them, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t pursue them」

『Umu? What do you mean by that?』

「I mean it like thisーーlend the lightning magic powers to Io」


【Magic Powers of Lightning will be lent to Io Akos.  Time Remaining: 29 seconds】


I used the ability that I got from the lottery.

It’s an ability that lends my powers to the person I designated.

I used that to Io who was on stand by.

This is the signal.

A moment later, a hundred lightning strikes fell on the group of enemy soldiers who were running away.










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