Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Musou Declaration



The army of the Siracuza that launched their counterattack had won consecutive victories.

It looks like we were just treated as a “remnant army”, that’s why they would just send subjugation armies that doesn’t have enough numbers or proficiency, or would just take care of us with the guys they had in the area when we attacked.

Thanks to that, we easily won the battles.

And every time, the soldiers were taken to our lines, and when we had noticed it, the Siracuza army has already more than 5000 men, and my 200 slave soldiers are now treated just as a unit.



Siracuza army at night. In the base camp.

At the corner of the camp, my magic cottage and the slave soldiers’ tents are standing.

I’m inside the magic cottage.

In the living room’s corner, Hikari and Chibi Dragon is playing.

Nana returned to her tent saying it would set a bad example by staying here, and Io is also in their tent because she felt bad for Agnes and Julia.

Only our family is inside the cottage.

Me, Eleanor, and Hikari.

It doesn’t look like that physically, but it’s a moving scene of a family of three bonding with each other.

When I’m relaxing like that, I heard noises of people drinking from far away.


『They’re getting intoxicated』

「I guess so」

『Kukuku, these guys, they already think they had won』

「That also raises the morale, so it should be a good thing」

『Would you like to play tricks on them a bit?』

「What kind of tricks?」

『There’s a simple one and a complicated one』

「What’s the simple one?」

『You just leave now. With just that, all of this will end. They have 5000 in numbers, but I don’t think that they could do anything without you. If you leave, they will become a mere rabble nominally and virtually』


Then, it will end in an instant huh.


「What about the complicated one?」

『You will become the third force. Cut off all of those that would pull your feet back, and take your slave soldiers with you, participating in the battlefields here and there』

「What will happen then?」

『Who knows. That’s why it’s complicated. But, I can say one thing』

「What is it?」

『It will be fun』


I heard a proud voice inside my head.

I flicked that Eleanor with a finger.


「You say it’s fun, isn’t it only you who’d enjoy it」

『I’m happy as long as I’m with you』

「Don’t say random thing」


I flicked her again.

A clear sound echoed because I flicked the handle of the Demon Sword.


「Okaa-san, what are you having fun of?」


Hikari came while hugging Chibi Dragon.


『This guy’s life』

「Don’t make fun of someone’s life, just enjoy yours」

『Kukuku, did you forget? I am a Demon Sword that possesses people you know? Playing with people’s life is my original form』

「It’s annoying but I’m convinced now」


Hearing our conversation, Hikari let out an innocent laugh.




It’s cute……but what is it?


『What is it Hikari?』

「Un, you know, Otou-san and Okaa-san〜, they’re soo lovey-dovey〜」


『What are you saying?!』

「Hikari knows, Otou-san and Okaa-san’s conversation right now, it’s called a “lover’s quarrel” right〜」




Both Eleanor and I lost our words at the same time.

Lover’s quarrel……lovey-dovey.

To think that it could be interpreted like that.



「Ehehe〜. Thanks〜. O-chan also thinks so huh〜」



Hikari and Chibi Dragon went away.

They returned to the corner and was like “yay, yay〜” and “myu〜myu〜”.





Eleanor and I both got silent.

The damage dealt by the words lovey-dovey was too high.

Unable to endure the silence, I opened my mouth first.


「Say something」

『You say something』

「Why would I, you say something」

『I am the Legendary Demon Sword. You say something』




Eleanor and I got silent at the same time.

I slowly looked towards Hikari’s direction.




She looked at me with an expression that is full of innocence and smiles. So cute.

……she’s, so, cute. But.


『That expression』


Eleanor said as if to whisper.


「Yeah, that’s an expression saying, “see, they’re lovey-dovey”」



『Let’s, go outside』



Eleanor and I went outside

Hikari sent us off with all smiles.

The night breeze was cool, and it feels good.


「Haa……really, I didn’t think that Hikari would say something like that」

『I know right』


The two of us got silent again, and let out a sight at the same time.


『W-Well, it’s that』


『M-More or less, you’re Hikari’s father. So……o-only if it’s in front of Hikari』


Eleanor said bashfully.


『I-I can do that lovey-dovey thing if you really insist』


『D-Don’t get me wrong. I-I’ll only do it when we’re in front of Hikari. I’m just saying that, if it’s for my daughter, I could act as good parents with you』



I was both speechless and wanted to roll my eyes.

That, how she said it……no matter how I think of it.

Isn’t that the legendaryーーtsundere.

……this girl.


『W-Why did you got silent. Hey, say something』

「Ahh, no, my bad, I was just thinking」

『Thinking? 』

「Yup, that’s right, we should be parents that get along with each other in front of Hikari huh. For Hikari, right」

『U-Umu. It’s fine as long as you get it』

「……hey, Eleanor」


「Let’s find a way, to make you turn into your human form even on this side. A way to make you a human other than going to the lottery place」

『What are you saying so suddenly』

「No, it’s just, I just thought of it……」




The conversation stopped again.

After a while, Eleanor replied.


『I do not really mind, even without something like that』



I got surprised.

It’s not because she said that she doesn’t want it.

It’s because Eleanor’s tone when she said that she doesn’t need it was too normal, that I would really think that she doesn’t want it.


『Did you not said it before? I am the only one that would not get destroyed with all that you have』


『That is the same with me. In this long, long life that I had……it is the first time that a human could control my powers that much. The strength more than the heroes and conquerors up until now』


『Aside from about Hikari, I’ll confess this. Being wielded by you with full force is pleasant, no, it could even be described as ecstasy. I think that is the reason why Hikari was born』


I’m not that dense that I could not understand what she is saying.

Rather, it’s because of that that I wanted her to feel it with a human body.

Knowing all of that, Eleanor said that she didn’t need it.


「Is that so」

『Umu, that is so』


……I see.


「I got it, I won’t talk about this anymore」


「From now on, I will use you with all that I have. I will use you so much that you would forget all of the memories of those that used you before me」

『There are those of the dragon race and demon race that used me though』

「I’ll make you forget all of them, I will overwrite all of those memories with just me」

『I see』


I somewhat felt that Eleanor made a pleasant smile.


『I’ll look forward to it』

「That’s right, you should look forward to it」

『I will』


Somehow, I feel that right now, my connection with her is incomparable to what we had up until now.

I sat down together with Eleanor that I could understand me the way that I could with her.

Feeling the night breeze, I looked up to the sky.

I feel good.

The night deepened. The drunkards that were noisy gradually disappeared.

Most of them probably got drunk into a stuporーーI thought, but.




The tone of Eleanor’s voice, it changed into a low one.


「Yeah, you noticed too huh」

『This isn’t good……this isn’t on the level of a thousand or two』

「On top of that, they’re coming from three directionsーーwe’re probably surrounded」


My hearing that is multiplied 777 times, and Eleanor’s senses as a Demon Sword.

The two of us found them almost at the same time.

ーーsurprise attack.

An army looming towards our base camp.

They are not our ally. From how it sounds, they’re clearly full of killing intent.


『What will you do』

「A surprise attack towards five thousand soldiers in a drunk stupor, they really got us this time」

『What do you think, are you going to warp away with all of the 5000 soldiers?』

「That’s impossible, they’re probably so drunk that they’re barely able to move. We will not make it since they need to be gathered and divided in batches」


The situation progressed while Eleanor and I were speaking.

Although it’s too late, I could hear gongs being pounded, and shouts saying “Enemy attack!” from here and there.





Nana and Io came.

The two of them both had stiff faces.


「Nana, lead the slave soldiers to a retreat. Go to the town search for Fiona and Marie, take them to a safe place」


「What should I do?」

「Io should hide somewhere and start chanting. Shoot after you get my signal」

「Got it!」


Nana led the slave soldiers and Io took Agnes and Julia with her, and went away.




Hikari came out from the magic cottage.


「We’re gonna fight, Hikari」



Hikari turned to her Demon Sword form.


『You’re not running away?』



I nodded, and listen to the sounds of battle that gradually spread.


『I got it, let’s do what we can do』



I shook my head. I felt Eleanor’s surprise.


「I’ll do something that none of the ones that used before you had done」


I declared.

I felt myself that the corner of my lips were raised to a grin.










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