Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – Taking Everyone Along



I returned to the magic cottage.

Nana and the slave soldiers were outside.


「I’m back. Did anything happen」

「No, there was none」


Nana who’s warrior-ish as usual.

And that is good.


「It looks like their talks had ended, and Her Highness Helene had shown us her face once earlier」

「I see. Continue to be on guard for a while」



I left Nana and the rest like that, and tried to enter inside.

When I placed my hand on the doorknob, I heard voices from inside.


「It’s the first time that we gathered like this」


It’s Rica’s voice.


「I have heard about it from Kakeru-sama. As a woman」


This time it was Helene.


「That’s the same with me. I did not hear what he did for the other though」


This time it was Aura.

I heightened my hearing with my hand on the door knob.

It looks like only the three of them were in the living room of the cottage.


「You haven’t heard anything at all?」

「I do not speak about things like that with Kakeru-sama. However, from the information that I have gained, I can roughly imagine what he is doing」

「That’s the same with me」

「Likewise, the problem is……」


Leaving a breath, the three’s voices overlapped.


「「「How many percent of it is the truth」」」


After their voice had overlapped, the three giggled with a laugh.


「I can grasp to some extent from the information that was officially announced and the information from spies and agents. What Kakeru-sama has done for us……around 50%」


「About that much」

「And about that?」

「Not at all」

「I did not hear at all」

「Is that so…… Yes, that is right, Kakeru-sama is that kind of person」

「I think that I never saw him brag about anything」

「There is one thing though」

「Yes, there is one thing」


The three laughed again.

Un? What’s funny about that right now?

Something that I bragged with? I don’t have any clues about that.


『You haven’t noticed』

「Do you know about it, Eleanor?」


I asked Eleanor with a small voice.


『Of course. All of your women has noticed it』


Everyone? Is it that easy to tell?

……I don’t get it.


『Otou-san, Hikari knows』

「Oh, what is it?」

『Otou-san’s getting along very well with Okaa-san. Everyone’s saying it, the only one who could be with Otou-san is Okaa-san』

「I see」


I don’t remember boasting about that at all.


「You remembered what everyone said huh. Hikari’s very bright」


「Yeah, you’re both lovely and smart. You should become a woman that surpasses Althea in the future」

『Will Hikari become that pretty』

「Yes, of course」



Hikari’s happiness and excitement flows to me.




For some reason, I could feel Eleanor rolling her eyes.


「What is it」



She said that, but that feeling got stronger.

I don’t get it at all, but it looks like she isn’t planning on saying it.

And while we were like that, the conversation inside has paused, so I knocked and entered inside.




Helene who was nearest to the door stood up.

Following her, Rica and Aura also stood up.

Helene and Aura are both wearing their princess’ dress, and Rica was dressed in a queen’s dress that is one rank up.

The three of them who I forcefully brought here by warping is (in some sense) in their casual wear.


「Have you finished talking」

「Yes, we have. Especially, Rica-sama and Aura-sama has given advice from their hearts」

「I just said usual things. Queen Rica has taught them the most」

「They were only things as a queen, and most of them are similar to what I taught them before」


Ahh, I brought them to Rica before huh.

Thinking about it, I brought Fiona and Marie to her to make them relieved.


「I see. Helene, Rica, Aura. Thank you」


When I said that, the three smiled.

Helene made a peaceful smile, Rica made a cheerful smile, and although she was trying to hide her expression, the corners of Aura’s lips were raised.

The three of them are so cute. I should take good care of them later.




「About the soldiers」


Helene who was the first one to “return” said.



「I have sent them to the designated place. They are disguised, and there are 1500 of them」

「I got it」


I looked at Aura.


「I have sent 1000 men, they are also from the regular army. Nominally, I have sent them to inspect Kakeru’s territory. Ask Lanmari later and pick them up」

「Ahh, come to think of it, I asked Delfina to take care of the territory I got from Comotoria huh」


After the case with Aura, I received very large territory, but I left all of that to Delfina.


「I got it, I’ll pick them up later」


Lastly, I looked at Rica.


「I will send 100 royal guards. 2000 people with ruffians as the core. Use the royal guards mostly to protect the two. They’re all women so they can also take care of the two’s needs」

「I get the royal guards, but why the ruffians?」

「They were left behind by the three eunuchs, they’re guys who are strong, but not easy to command. I’ll be very happy if Kakeru would “fix” them on the side」

「It’s only on the side huh」

「I do not mind if you send them to the most dangerous battlefield and let them be annihilated」

「That’s quite honest of you」

「They are the ones who are very useful for Kakeru right now」


I see.

In short, they’re guys who’re strong but doesn’t matter whether they live or die.

As she has said, they would be very useful.

I mean.


「You’re really thinking of what I need as usual huh」


Rica who was intelligent from the first time we met. That has not changed right now.

She is a step ahead compared to the other two when doing things for me.


「Actually, I wanted to go to the battlefield with Kakeru」

「With me?」

「That’s right, I will become a subordinate below Kakeru’s flag. The two of them probably thinks like that as well」


Rica mentioned them, and Helene and Aura nodded.


「Each of us leading soldiers below Kakeru’s flag, and fight together. An overambitious dream. But, since I can’t do that, I can only think of other things」


I see.

It’s true that that’s impossible.


Mercouri Kingdom.


Calamba Kingdom.


Comtoria Kingdom.


Politically speaking, leading the head of the three kingdoms to war is impossible, and if we do that, it would systematically be an overkill.

It’s something that cannot be realized, so Rica described it as an overambitious dream.

Both Helene and Aura made a similar face.

They face showed that they were holding back their feelings with their reason.

……it’s something that cannot be helped, huh.




I stared straight to them.


「Disguise yourselves」




I called out to outside the cottage.

Nana who’s in her white knight armor entered.


「Did you call for me, Aruji」

「Reorganize the slave soldiers immediately, divide them into three」


「And also, similar clothes with Delfina……ah, no, I’ll do that myself. You go and reorganize them. Can you do it?」

「Within half a day」



When I nodded, Nana went out.

When I turned around, the Queen and Princesses has not yet regained themselves from their surprise.

I don’t care anything about politics or system or whatever.

It’s something that my woman wishes for, that’s why I’ll do it.


「What, you don’t want to?」


I asked, and the three shook their head, they eyes shined with a feverish glow.









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