Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Magic Warrior Kakeru



I tried a lot of things with the mountain cow.

After stopping it from the front, I grabbed its head and smashed it to the ground.

Dropping my waist low, I  threw something like a straight punch.

Low kick, high kick, throwing a round kick. I tried possible combinations that would look decent.

I did a lot of things. Every move defeated the mountain cows in a second.

The result, I earned from capturing three heads of mountain cows, but learning a way how to use strength and how to use strength properly, that goal was not accomplished at all.

After all, not by technique, it felt like I was relying on physical strength only.

Using a strong character, pull out some great moves and win, it felt like that.

It’s not interesting like that, I want to move better.


「As I’ve thought, maybe I should learn techniques from somewhere. Like Swordsmanship, or Taijutsu. Should I enter those kinds of dojos」


After cashing out the third head, I strolled the town aimlessly, thought about such things.  

If it is like this I could throw a sloppy punch but be able to hunt, if it’s like, that it would be too embarrassing.

Thinking about a lot of things, I walked aimlessly.

Within the passers-by, there was a person that looks magician-like.

Wearing a long robe, holding a staff.

Magic huh, when I think of it I got hit by Almosso’s magic. That also can be technically called as a technique right.


「When I think of it」


……Is magic, something I could use?



「Starting at the conclusion, it IS possible」


Samaras who had completely become a familiar face.

I visited the Merchant Company, and that’s what he told me when I told him I want to use magic if possible.

He knows a lot of things that I do not know of, so getting straight to the point is helping.



「Yes. Basically, every human has magic power. It is either having a lot or few, and good on using magic or not, it’s that kind of thing」

「Everyone? Isn’t there any exceptions」

「Not at all. Weak enough that it doesn’t reach the level of practical use, that kind of cases happens though」

「I see」

「Have you gone diagnosis? It’s not like you can use it right away, but there’s a way to check how much magic power you have」

「Can you do it here?」

「Please, wait for a while」


Samaras went further inside the store. After a while, returned with a crystal ball.

He puts that on the counter, he said.


「This is the tool for that. Opening your palm like this and touchingーー」


The transparent crystal ball was, as soon as Samaras touched, it began to shine from the center.

Like the light of a small bulb, it shook weakly, a light that seems to disappear any moment.


「I’m sorry if I’m wrong but……does that mean that it’s weak?」


I instinctively felt that so I straightly asked.


「Yes it is. I have no talent for magic. Well, it is enough to use the magic that confirms the validity of the Royal House’s crest」

「Ahh, that huh」


I remembered what the soldier did when I came to this town.


「Do I only need to touch it? Is there anything else needed to do?」

「Not at all. It would be confirmed by touching. It’s that kind of thing」

「I got it」


I placed my palm on top of the crystal ball.

In an instance, it shone from the center just like before.

A white light, A bright light that is hard to look straight into.

It exploding spreadーーbut the crystal ball exploded.

The crystal ball that was broken to fine pieces. Its pieces was scattered all over the room.


「T-This is……」

「Uhmm……What does this thing mean?」

「Please wait a moment」


Saramas went back one more time, and took out a crystal ball that was one size larger.


「Please go on, once again with this」


Was it a breakdown or something, or was it a defective good?

While I was thinking of such things, I put my palm on the large crystal ball.

It shines from the center, a white blinding light spreadーーthe same happened earlier only up to this, but this time, it shone brightly but did not explode.


「This shade……maybe……」

「What does this mean?」

「A massive magic power it seems」


Samaras said with admiration.


「Roughly estimated, 100 times of that normal adult male……I can’t believe it」

「a 100 times huh, well I guessed that much」


It’s a result that somehow made me down.

Because, when I came here the skill I got was “All Abilities 777 Times” you know? and the result was 100 times normally means, it was really low originally.

……No, thinking about it carefully it’s convincing. A Japanese person like myself, having enough magic powers to be a magician normally, would be a lot stranger.

If it’s originally 0, even if you multiply by 777 and the result was 0, I would normally be convinced.

Un, Convincing.

When I was convinced like that, Samaras made a weird expression looking at me.

Surprised, respect? -ing like expression.


「As expected of Yuuki-sama, I am impressed. I didn’t think that when comes even to magic, is at the level of that of a Court Magician」

「It’s enough to use magic right? And then, what should I do to be actually able to use them?」

「There are two methods. One is applying for a proper master, test for the best magic, and learn that. That’s the proper way」

「I think so too.  The other one is?」

「Though it is limited attack magic, getting hit by a magic and catching that talent, it should be able to be used naturally. But this way is life-risking so, it is the worst of the wrong waysーー」


Samaras wrinkles his eyebrows while saying.

Uhm, being able to use after getting hit……then.

I reached out my hand, and did  “that” using my senses.


「The magic I got hit from Almosso was Flame Magic soーー」


A fireball came out from my palm.

Ooh, I used magic. I see I see, I needed to get only hit once.

That way, even if  I don’t go out my way learning, I will be able to use it sooner or later so, that is enough.

However, magic huhーー.

If I can use Flame Magic, then next time I want to learn about Freezing Magic then.

For example, releasing flame from my left hand like this, and freeze from my right handーー.


「Ooh!!  Freeze Magic too. As expected of Yuuki-sama」


Samaras was saying that, but I was also surprised.

I, why could I use Freeze Magic?





When I came home, Miu suddenly clung to me with teary eyes.


「What’s the problem, Miu?  The Welcome Back *Mofuーー」

「Master!! Master!!」


Miu clung to me like her life was at stake. Seeming very desperate, her body was also trembling.


「What’s the problem?」

「I-It came out」

「What did?」

「It came outtt!!」

「Like I said, what did?」



Burying her face, she clung to me.

What on earth are you saying that came out.

Is it mice? or is it C*ckr*ach?

She’s a girl so it can be either oneーー.

*Pachin!*  Something sounded like it popped.




Miu is frightened. Apparently, this sound was the cause.

I looked at the direction of the sound, it can be heard from the mansion.

A popping, dry soundーー rapping sound.


「Ahh, I get it. When I think about it, this was called a haunted mansion huh」

「Whaaaat!! Masterrr〜……」


Miu seemed to finally begin to cry.


「Sorry sorry, I forgot to tell you. Rather, I just simply forgot about it」


But right, it was a real haunted mansion huh. Because I was able to live in it, as usual, I forgot about that completely.

I’m fine (I cannot be harmed), but if Miu’s like this, I should do something about it.

I look towards the mansion, and thought. Well, “What should I do”, I thought.


「Hm? Did something shined right noーー」


Before I can say it, Freeze Magic was shot from the mansion.

Few arrows made of ice appeared, and flew towards me.

I slapped them to the ground.

Ice Arrows flew from the mansion.


「That’s amazing, it’s like a fortress」


It somehow becomes fun, and my tension went up.






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