Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – A Man’s Reliability



In the night, outdoors.

After we have marched for the day, we camped in an appropriate place Nana decided.

All of the slave soldiers erected the tents, and Nana and Io, Fiona and Marie, and Hikari and me, spent the night inside my magic cottage.

I went outside the magic cottage, and stretched.


「Well then, what should we do now」

『What do you mean by “what should we do”? Are you not going to sleep inside?』

「There’s Fiona and Marie. I think it’s inappropriate」

『What are you holding back to』

「Post paid, rather than pre paid. It was like that up until now right」

『I see』


Eleanor got convinced.

Helene, Rica, Aura.

All of the women that I have been with, all of them are “post paid”.

And it’s just the same right now.

She might’ve had doubts if it was only with words, but I have already shown it with my actions, so Eleanor got convinced immediately.


『Come to think of it, I didn’t have the right time to ask this, but, which one will you make a queen』


『The elder sister or the younger sister, I’m asking which of them you’re going to make as a queen』

「You’re quite in a hurry huh. Already talking about after we had won」

『I am』


The voice that I could hear inside my head, I heard Eleanor scoffed.


『I am not letting a man that does not have that little confidence use me after all』

「That’s quite some words」


But, well, I’m don’t think that I’m going to lose.

I’ll slash through all of the hindrances, I will restore those sisters’ country.

I have decided that I’ll do that, I decided that I will do that, surely.


「Well, thinking about it normally, it would be Fiona, I guess」

『I am thinking that Marie would be the better one』


『Although it was only for a short time, she has held me. It’s, the Demon Sword Eleanor’s blessing』

「Blessing, you say」


*Pi〜n*, I flicked Eleanor’s handle with a finger.


「You almost killed her, how shameless for you to say that」

『That’s what a Demon Sword is, right?』

「Alright, alright」


While joking with Eleanor, I walked around the camping site at random.

The slave soldiers’ tent is large ones that a small platoon of 20 people could go inside, and some of the lights are still up.

And when I passed through one of the tents that was a little bit away from the others, women came out from there.

Twenty of them, they went out one next to the other, and lined up in front of me.

And one of them stepped forward, and saluted me.


「Good evening! Your Excellency」

「Yeah, good evening. ……you are?」


I remembered that I didn’t know her name, so since it’s a good opportunity, I asked.


「Sir, I am the First Platoon Captain, Nikki Cephalis, sir!」

「I see. You haven’t rested yet huh」

「Yes sir! We were waiting for Your Excellency」

「Waiting for me?」


Do they need something from me.


「All of the First Platoon, we shall take care of Your Excellency for tonight. We have been waiting for that, sir!」



For an instant, I didn’t understand what it was about.

Being told, something like “take care” or “tonight”, I thought she means to do it, but I denied those thoughts.

However, the meaning that I could only think of with “taking care for the night” was the sexual meaning.

After all, the ones who would “take care” of me are all slaves, and women.


「I’ll confirm it」

「Yes sir!」

「By taking care of me, you mean it as “doing it” with me right」

「Sir yes sir!」


「Because our First Platoon was the first one among the platoons to completely agree, sir!」

「No, that’s not what I meant, it’s……」

「Sir, It’s because all of us are longing for Your Excellency!」


Nikki said without pausing.

And as if to show that there were no lies with her words, the 19 women behind her had the same eyes.

They were staring at me, they stared with feverish eyes.

Their eyes were similar to the eyes of the women I embraced just before we did it.


『What a huge difference to the time when they were just bought』


I also think so.

The 200 slave soldiers.

Was it because of their fate, after I asked Delfina has collected them and they sent to me, they looked at me with eyes of hatred.

And now, it’s completely different, their faces show longing.

And the cause for thatーーit doesn’t matter.

There are women who want to be embraced in front of me, that is already enough.


「I got it. Should we do it inside the tent?」

「Sir yes sir!」


Nikki answered as a representative, and all of the slave soldiers made a happy face.

I entered the tent, and Nikki and the others followed me inside.


「Good movements」


I didn’t miss it.

All of the women that followed me inside are in high spirits, but they did not have negligence.

As if each of them has their own work to do, ones that would enter first, ones that would close the tent, and lastly, ones that would stand in guard.

Their movements show they were trained well as a group.

The women that were praised showed expressions of happiness.


「It is the result of Nana-sama’s training, sir!」


Nikki as the platoon leader, answered as a representative.


「I see. I should praise Nana later then」


I said that, and looked at the women once again.


「I don’t know what training you had with Nana, but the main part of it, she should’ve taught you to obey my orders」

「Sir yes sir!」

「Then, I shall order this, this is an order that you should follow as long as you’re alive」


When I said that, the women flinched.

It looks like, they would still be on guard, because I told them it’s an order they should follow as long as they’re alive.


「Stop that way of speaking while I’m embracing you. I don’t want to embrace you as soldiers, I want you as a woman」



All of them were stunned. They had faces that they did not expect that order at all.


「What? Are you disobeying my order?」

「S-Sir no sir. Not at all sーー」


At the middle of her words, Nikki realized.


「ーーwe do not. We will happily obey」


After an instant, she changed her tone and way of speaking to a soft, feminine one.


「Good girl. I’ll embrace you first」



I pulled Nikki who was delighted to my body to an embrace.




「Tell me what you want me to do」

「What I want……」

「I’ll grant your wish. Tell me」


Nikki thought for a while, flushed her cheeks, and answered while covering her face.


「I-I want to be like a girl……p-please be gentle」

「Leave it to me」


I touched all of Nikki.

Sweetly, gently. I pushed Nikki as if she was a frail, weak girl.

The other women who saw their captain like that had their eyes sparkling with expectations.



Outside the tent, I wore my pants, and went out with my upper body naked.


『This is a new record』

「n? Ahh, you mean by the number of people huh」


I nodded, well, it’s the first time for me to take care of 20 people at once.

20 of them with different types, on top of that, I made them say their wishes, and granted them.

It’s a little different to how I did it usually.


『This is also a first for me. A man who would take care of 20 women at once』

「Didn’t those Conqueror or Heroes did it」

『They couldn’t. You are number one, rejoice』

「I see」

『Even so, aren’t you so kind, to think that you have granted all of their wishes』

「I just felt like doing it. Since they have asked for it that much, I just thought, I should give them good memories」

『You didn’t hesitate as well』

「Why would I hesitate?」

『Normally, one would, though』


Eleanor said that, but I don’t understand it really.


There’s a woman who wants it, and I have 777 times vigor that could answer them.

There shouldn’t be any reason to hesitate.


『Well, whatever. If that is so, how about you treat me gentler and kindly? You are the only one in this world that would treat me cynically』

「That, you should give up」



I felt Eleanor’s dissatisfaction.


「You’re the only one who would not get destroyed when I bring out all that I have. The other women would be quickly destroyed if I do not treat them kindly」


I really think like that.

A cheat that I received when I teleported to this world, an ability that would multiply everything by 777 times.

And if I use the power that I gained because of that cheat, various weapons would immediately get destroyed.

It’s the same with women.

Even Nana, even Melissa, in the end, they couldn’t resist my whole strength.

The only thing that could endure it is in my waist, it is only the Legendary Demon Sword, Eleanor.


『H-Hmph. Of course. I am the Legendary Demon Sword Eleanor. I am not an existence that would be broken by a human weakling』


Reluctantly but, Eleanor understood me.

She was only reluctant for an instant, her voice immediately returned to as usual.


『Alright. Show me that you can use me greater than this. Within the humans, it is only you who can completely use me』

「We’re both only ones, huh」

『I guess so』

「Then, I’ll make it so. First, let’s bring back Siracuza」

『Umu. With you and me, and the two hundred soldiers』


Eleanor’s happy laughing voice echoed inside my head.

I do not feel bad.

Together with Eleanor, with the small strength of 200, we will revive a country.

It is challenging, I got fired up.











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