Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – A King’s Dignity



Inside the mansion, I called Nana, Io, and Delfina in my room.

I sat with my whole body on the sofa, and the three is facing me.


「And, because of that, I’m going to take the slave soldiers with me. Nana, how much could the slave soldiers be used right now?」

「From last time, after being “taken care” of Aruji, their strength increased by much. Especially the ten-man captain’s growth is great. Even if Aruji does not lead them, they could be used to a certain extent」

「I got it, you did a good job. Normally, Nana will lead them to battle, that would change in any case according to plan, but normally, I will send you to the next dangerous place I will go」



Nana nodded. Having a strong will as a martial artist, she’s the type who’d get happy being relied on like that.

The instant she understood the meaning of the words “the next dangerous place”, her eyes shined.

And after tapping her shoulder, this time, I looked towards Delfina.


「I’ll leave the collection of supplies to you. Especially the rations. Is advance payment good? Or paying after better?」

「If it’s Kakeru-sama, paying later on is alright. Rather than that, by rations you mean, the guards for the transport corps will be provided by me?」


Transport corps……supply troops huh.


「No, there’s no need for that」


I shook my head.


「The slave soldiers would always bring only the minimum amount of things with them. Let me think……to be sure, rations for three days. After that, you will supply, and I’ll take them using warp」


Delfina’s eyes widened looking at me, then smiled coquettishly.


「What a crafty person. To do something that no one else could do so easily. A corps that doesn’t need supply troops, that’s unprecedented desu wa」

「It would a bit of an advantage right」

「It would not be only “a bit”」


She said that with a mischievous smile, and leans on me.

Her gestures are the sexiest and mature within my women.


「I could only feel bad to those who become your enemy」

「Come to think of it, you, you were doing business with them right?」

「Yes, I did」

「Past tense? Why」


Delfina looked up to me, and made a coquettish smile again.


「I have pulled off at the same time that Fiona and Marie’s identity was proven to be like that. It was obvious that Kakeru-sama would interfere after all」

「Even so, you pulled out so easily. Didn’t you say that before that the best time is just before the tree falls down」

「Yes, that is why. At that point, I have sold very well. I have already taken all the good parts」

「You, what a good woman」

「I am fortunate, desu wa」


As expected of a woman who has raised wealth equal of that of a kingdom.

Her shrewdness is quite good.

That is why, I could leave things to her without worries.


「I’ll leave everything to you. I’m the one who would carry it, so you don’t need to think of preserved foods. It should be fresh, and would give us strength」

「I understood」


Delfina nodded.

After I got away from her, this time, I looked towards Io.


「Io, that two, did they have humans as opponents before?」

「They do. We sometimes accept bandits subjugation quests together after all」

「Then, come with me. There might be a turn for your great magic. I’ll take you with me as an option」

「Un, I got it. But, a turn for my magic, would there be such a thing」

「You, what’s the casting range of your lightning magic? How far would it reach?」

「Eh? Probably……around that tree over there, I think?」


Io pointed.

At a far away place, a tree. The distance from here is about a kilometer.


「That’s enough. It will be up to you during points where a focused attack is needed, you’d come with us while reserving your magic powers normally」

「Un, I got it!」


Io said that, and linked her arms with mine.

She clings her body towards me with a different way with Delfina. It was like a small animal that plays, she’s the type who would come with all that she have.


「I, I will do my best for Kakeru-san okay!」


She’s like a puppy.

Thinking of that, she came to me like pushing herself onto me, becoming my disciple or something.

Compared to those times, she had become very reliable, but this part of hers haven’t changed.


「Yeah, you can. That’s why I’ll bring you with me」

「ーーun! I’ll do my best!」


Io was delighted.

Lastly, I turned towards Miu who have entered the room late.


「Come here, Miu」

「Yes, Master」


I hugged the animal-eared maid bringing her on the top of my lap, and *MofuMofu*-d her.

I *MofuMofu*-d her as much as I could. I’d become busy from now on, so as an advance, I *MofuMofu*-d her.




Anyways, *MofuMofu*.




「I’ll leave everything to you while I’m not in the mansion」

「E〜to, how much of it, Master?」



I answered immediately.


「The mansion’s maintenance of course, things like, merchants, nobles, or messengers coming from other countries. I’ll leave everything to you except about Siracuza. Do it well」

「Including messengers from other countries?」


Miu was surprised.


「Yeah. I’ll leave it to you」

「Will I be able to do that……」


Miu said that, but I know.

She’s someone who’s very skilled.

Originally, my order when I bought Miu was “a good maid”.

And Miu who come then, wasn’t “good”, she was a “super good” maid.

How good she is if you ask, I intentionally didn’t hire a new maid to keep a watch on her, but she’s an amazing maid, that up until now, she was able to do the things in the mansion by herself.

The more amazing part there, is that she doesn’t notice it herself.

Just like now, she would worry like “can I really do it”.

It’s amazing that she haven’t noticed that she’s amazing.


「Anyways, I’ll leave it to you. If you do good enough, I’ll *MofuMofu* you all you want when I come back」

「ーー! I understood!」


Her ears raised like *Pikon!*, and answered very strongly.

With this, the preparation for departing is finished.



The next day, I left the town of Roizen.

The carriage carries the two leading part, Fiona and Marie, and the slave soldiers and Io’s party surrounds them to protect.

And, first, I will take the two to the base of the retaliation army.


『This should be the world’s safest place』

「What’s that suddenly, Eleanor」

『What, don’t mind me, I just thought that inside that carriage is the safest place in this world. There is me and Hikari. Nana Kanou is also present. The level would fall very much, but there is also Io and her friends. If something happens, the slave soldiers could be used』

「I see」

『A-re? What about Otou-san?』


Hikari who became a Demon Sword, thought about it strangely that Eleanor didn’t mention my name.


『If I call out this guy’s name, it would be already over after all』


『I mean that, just with this guy, it’s already the world’s safest place』

『ーーI see! Un, that’s right, it’s super safe with Otou-san around』


We marched while I’m hearing the heartwarming conversation of the mother and daughter, Eleanor and Hikari, inside my head.

In fact, just as Eleanor has said, I made it as safe as I could.

Suddenly, the slave soldiers got noisy.


「W-What happened, Kakeru-sanーーah!!」


Hearing the noise, Fiona raised the carriage’s curtain, and took a peek.

And just as she did that, there was smoke rising from faraway, and a group was heading towards us.

From how they look from afar, they seem to be a band of thieves.

Their numbers are also quite a lot. On top of that, they look like they’re planning to attack us.


「W-What should we do, Kakeru-san」

「Don’t mind it?」


I took a glance at the thieves, and answered as if it was nothing.


「D-Don’t mind it, you say, no matter how you look at them, they’re thieves right, we should do something」

「With that much, there’s no need for me to move」



Fiona got surprised.

From a little far away distance, I heard Nana’s dignified voice.


「Slave soldiers. The first platoon to the fourth platoon, head with me to the front. Fifth to the tenth, surround them to the sides. The remaining, protect the carriage with your life」


She ordered without panicking, and Nana strikes.

From the start till the end, I didn’t need to say anything to Nana. Nana also didn’t ask anything.

A situation of this much, there’s no need for me to take partーーor rather, it’s a situation where I don’t even need to take command.

Half of the slave soldiers annihilated the thieves, and the remaining half of the slave soldiers protected the carriage while advancing.





Fiona, and Marie who peeks by her side.

The two looked at me with eyes full of admiration more and more.










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