Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – The Second Time



I feel like it has been a while since I came to the lottery place.

Hikari and I, and Eleanor who could only turn into human form here.

Hikari embraces her mother Eleanor like “Here I am!”.






Hikari’s eyes shined.


「What is it」


Eleanor asked back. This girl, the corner of her eyes obviously drops, and her tone becomes gentle when she’s in contact with Hikari.

But she would get angry if I point that out, so I won’t.


「Look, look, Hikari’s hair」


「Un! Hikari’s hair, it’s now the same length with Okaa-san」


Hikari said that, and I looked at the two who were near each other carefully.

Eleanor’s human appearance is mostly like a child’s, although she’s very small, on the other hand, her hair was very long, it reaches the back of her knee.

And seemingly like that, Hikari’s hair also reaches the back of her knee.

Saying that their length was now the same, Hikari was very happy.


「Good for you」

「Un! I’ll make it like Okaa-san forever okay」

「Don’t mind me. Hikari should change into different hairstyles, and become more lovely」

「Being like Okaa-san is the best!」

「Is that so」


Eleanor’s gaze became more and more loving. She patted Hikari’s head who was embracing her kindly.

The Demon Sword mother and daughter, they were bonding there.


「Uhmm……how many times should I tell you」


I heard the staff’s voice from a little far away.

She rolled her eyes and stared at us across the lottery machine.


「Can you not bring your nonstandard family bonding here? We are really troubled with that」

「Can you please bear with us a little. This is the only place Hikari could meet this」

「Don’t call me “this”」


Eleanor protested……but, her gaze was very soft.

And Hikari who was hugging that Eleanor was making a face full of smile. Honestly, she’s 777 times cuter than Eleanor.

Does the staff also understand that part, she looked at Hikari’s smile, and then.


「Oh really, it can’t be helped. Just a little okay」

「My bad」

「Rather than thatーー*Gohon*. Today will be the last day for the limited lottery」


The staff regained herself and said that.


「It’s already the last day, so quick huh」

「Yes it is already. Dear Customer, you haven’t come recently, were you busy」

「Well, yeah, somewhat」

「This will be the last day to gain this skill, so please do you best to get it okay」


I feel pumped up hearing that it’s the last day; just like what the staff said, I now wanted to really get it.

The number of lottery tickets I have is 20.

20 pieces I collected from buying a lot of things, and making the slave soldiers fight against the undead army.

I will be able to draw 22 times with this.

I looked at the prizes list once again.

I said that, and thought with the mother and daughter on my side having a heart warming scene.

I have 20 lottery tickets, and that means 22 draws.


  • Participation Prize  Magic Ball(White)
  • Fifth Prize  Magic Ball(Black)
  • Fourth Prize  Additional Attack 1%   3 Times
  • Third Prize  Additional Attack 3%   3 Times
  • Second Prize  Additional Attack 10%   3 Times
  • First Prize「—」  Additional Attack 100%  not included in the 3 times

(TL: there are 3 times more chances of winning in the other prizes)


There is a 「—」sign in the first prize that I drew out last time.

That first prize, it probably means that there was only one stock, and there was none left since I already got it.

If so, the one I should aim for is the second prize.

I already experience the strength of the additional attack. That has more effects than what the percentage shows.

I really want to give one to Nana who attacks using numbers.

100% would be for the best, but it can’t be helped since there’s nothing left. I should probably pump up here, and draw 10 huh.

I thought of that, and when I was about to give the lottery tickets.


「I have come again!」


The tentacles man from before appeared.


「Yo, it’s been a while」


「You’re gonna draw too?」

「It’s the last day after all. You seem like you’re going to draw a lot this time too huh?」

「Yeah, I prepared 300 tickets」


Saying that, the man took out the bundled lottery tickets. Rather than a bundle of paper, it was already like a block of paper.

Just as usual, this guy’s amazing.


「Who’s gonna draw first?」


The man asked.

I took a glance at Eleanor and Hikari who was having a heart warming scene.


「Go on first if you like. It’s better for me being last」


I said that, and pointed at Eleanor and Hikari.

They would be able to have a longer heartwarming scene if I drew later.

The man understood that, and the staff had a bitter expression again.


「Well then, without holding back」


The man passed the 300 lottery tickets.

It took time for the staff to count them all.


「Yes, exactly 300 tickets. Well then, please draw 330 times if you will」



The man turned the lottery machine very quickly.

The balls also came out very quickly.

Most of them are white magic balls, and there were third price and fourth price mixed within sometimes.




When he had passed through a hundred, for some reason, the man’s turning speed increased.


「Awawawawa, D-Dear Customer, I can’t count it if it’s like that」

「Don’t worry! I’m counting properly. I haven’t drawn so much for show」


The man said thatーーand increased the speed to another level.

The balls continuously came outーーand his hand finally stopped.


「It’s 329 times with this, what do you think」



The staff counted the balls.


「Yes……it is exactly 329」

「You, you’re amazing huh」

「I had just got used to it.  But, well, it really doesn’t come out huh, second prize」

「I guess so」

「Yosh, the last drawーーUOOO!」


The man pulled the lottery machine to a turn.




「Congratulations! It’s the second prize!!」

「UOOOOOOO!! I got it!!!!」


The man was very happy, and left the lottery place after receiving the prizes from the staff.

Come to think of it, this may be the first time that I saw him purely happy.

There was something wrong happening every time up until now after all.

After the man had left, the staff wrote in the prizes list.


Second Prize「—」  Additional Attack 10%   3 Times


「There’s no more of that too」

「Yes, the one right now was the last one」

「I see」


Well, it can’t be helped. Third prize is fine too.

For Nana, the most important part is the “additional” part after all.

20 lottery tickets, and 22 times to draw the lottery.

Looking at how the 330 times of the man went, there was a time that magic balls came out tens of times consecutively, so I prayed that it won’t be like that.


「Hikari, Eleanor, you want to draw?」

「What do you think?」

「I will〜」


Hikari said with an innocent smile.

The staff casually prepared a small stepping ladder just as usual, then Eleanor and Hikari held the lottery machine’s handle together.

And then, they turned it.




The ballーーdid not come out.



「What happened with this」


The two said that, and looked at the staff.

The staff checked the inside of the lottery machine in a hurry.

And then, with a surprised face.


「I am sorry, it is empty inside.」

「Eh? Then that means, that guy from earlier drew all of it?」


「Oi, oi……well, that should be the case if he’d draw 330 times huh」

「I am very sorry, I will replenish it quickly alright」



The staff said that, and replenished the balls.

After she had replenished it, once again, Eleanor and Hikari turned the lottery machine.


A ball came out, the hand bell rang.


「Congratulations, it’s first prize」



I got surprised, then looked at the prizes list.

The first prize that was「—」came out.

……was it because, it was replenished?

With me confused on the side, Hikari was very happy for drawing the first prize.









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