Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – *MofuMofu*



「Saying this after bringing her out but」


Samaras said.


「Are you sure that it is alright. Thatーー」

「Yes!! This girl is good!!」


I declared clearly.


「How much? What are the necessary procedures?? When does she come to us???」

「Ha〜, no, if Yuuki-sama says it’s good, it is then」


Samaras cleared his throat, returned his expression.


「At this moment, that will be Yuuki-sama’s property from now on. Please take her home. The details will be processed by us. The bill will be delivered later, so payment will be whenever you’re convenient」

「Really! Thanks!!」


I was in great joy, and brought her back.

I learned about it afterwards, but in this time Samaras was making me have a good time.

Trying to sell gratitude. To me, who is connected to a princess.

But, at that time I was so happy, I didn’t notice at all.



Returning home, entered the living room was the beast-man girl and me.

I saw her properly again.

First of all, cute, very very cute. If she were an idol she would have made her co-stars embarrassed one next to the other, that’s how much she’s cute.

Not mentioning her cuteness, above all that, are the things attached to her head and hips are gooood.

A pair of ears, and tail.

Soft ears, and tail.

I want to *mofumofu* her, I want to *MofuMofuMofu* her.




「Ha!!! In a snowy day, I flew to a vacant lot!!」


To the girl’s voice, I returned to reality safety.

Once again, I looked at her.

The girl was looking a little frightened, looking at me.

This is bad, maybe I made her frightened to me.

Making a soft smile, I told her.


「First of all, let’s start with an introduction.  I’m Yuuki Kakeru, you are」

「My name is Miu・Mi・Myuu」

「Miu huh, un, that’s a good name. I’ll call you Miu, you should call me your master」

「I-I understand」


Miyu nodded timidly.


「Well then Master, What am I supposed to do」

「Un? What do you mean by supposed to do?」



As I’ve thought, she looks frightened a little, she was trying to make me in a good mood.


「Un, Well then……」


I thought.

There are many things that I want a Maid-san to do for me, a dream from a long time, several things.

Picking my ear, massage, *Make it delicious〜*, things like that.

There are a lot of things, the are a lot butーーthose thoughts disappeared.


「Its *MofuMofu*

*M-MofuMofu* desuka?!!」

「That’s right, it’s *Mofumofu*


I said it. Gripping my fist I stressed.

Miyu covered her earsーーhiding her beast-ears, putting her hands on them.

Ka・wa・i・i !!

Cute, SO cute, what is cute is this living thing.

I want to *MofuMofu* her!!  I want to *MofuMofu* her a LOT!!


「Yosh, let’s go to the bed!!」



I took Miyu’s hand and walked. A little forceful, swinging them.

The goal is, of course, the bedroom, that room with a large bed.


「M-Master, please wait a minute」


「Why is it the bed? I-If it is *MofuMofu* then the room before is fine too」

「What are you saying」


I said loudly.


「After *MofuMofu* is sleeping together has been decided」

「S-Sleeping together?」

「That’s right, sleeping together. After *MofuMofu* then it’s sleeping together. It’s the BASIC, but the FINAL MOVE, the STRONGEST!」

「I have never heard of that……」


While chatting like that we reached the bedroom.

While pulling Miyu’s hand, together we dived to the bed.





On the top of the bed that I was *Mofumofu*-ing, Miyu let out weird sounds.

Not caring about that, I *Mofumofu*-d her thoroughly.





When I woke up it’s already in the evening.

The sunlight of the evening sun that went through the wide window was dazzling, I covered my eyes with my hand.

Though it was still dazzling after doing that, I saw Miu’s appearance.  

With my arms and legs outstretched, beside me, Miu was curling her body smaller while sleeping.  

“A human’s body can be small as this much!!” that much could be said when she curled her body smaller while sleeping.


「Cat pot……」


It’s not like that exactly, but I associated it with that somehow.

It was just that cute.




Hearing her sleep talk, her tail shook the above the bed sheets. *BaSa*

It was cute, so I poked her ears. *TsunTsun*

She twisted her body a moment but, she curled her body more and more.

After *Mofumofu*-ing, I enjoyed by *TsunTsun*-ing her.



At the dining room, evening.


「Un!! Delicious!!」


I was eating the dishes Miu made.

By the way, Miu changed to maid’s clothes.

Ones that weren’t in this house, but the maid outfit that she brought with her. It is a maid outfit that has a special hole for her tail.

The dish she made while wearing a maid’s clothes was delicious.



「Yeah, it’s very delicious」

「Thank god……I, am good at cooking, but I was always scolded that there were too many seasonings so, I wondered if it’s okay. Because this was the normal with my tastebuds……」

「Ahh, being told that, maybe that does taste strong, but this much is okay」


Compared what I’ve eaten before that was seasoned by soy sauce・ketchup・mayonnaise and etc, this dish doesn’t come to tasting strong. Rather, the stronger flavor just makes it exactly to that of what I preferred.


「Un, it’s really delicious. The taste doesn’t have a problem, so I can rely on Miu in cooking. Ahh, I’ll give you money later. Shopping would also be up to Miu」

「I Understood! I’ll cook, many delicious dishes okay」


Miu said happily.

Her tail was swinging left and right.




「Ahh, also can you do the household work. When you need a hand tell me. I do something about it」

「Yes!! I understand」

「Also, *Mofumofu* too」


「For the time being……I guess」


I thought.


「Good morning-*Mofumofu* and Please Take Care-*MofuMofu*, also Welcome Back-*MofuMofu*. You are obligated to these three so, you got it」

「I-I understand……」


Unlike talking about cooking and housework, Miu’s eyes were a little teary.

That also looked cute, so I *Mofumofu*-ed her a little more.



The next day, the mountain cow’s grasslands.

While finding around mountain cows, I was thinking about something.

Mountain cow hunting, and the time when I defeated Almosso and his subordinates.

Everything was an easy win if you’d tell me, but it’s just, the way of winning doesn’t look smart.

I won only using brute force, literally.

How can I say this, like on action RPGs, reaching the maximum level so everything is an easy win but unskilled at controlling the character.

It feels like that.


「I should remember how to use my strength properly」


I thought, a lot of things, things that I could probably do came to my head.

After walking a while, I encountered a mountain cow.


「Well then……shall we do it」


Cracking my knuckles, I walk towards the mountain cow.










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