Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – One who Exceeds A-Rank



Morning, Io who got up from bed prepared herself at a slow pace.

She wore her clothes, wore her witch’s hat, and held her magic wand.

Her appearance when she’s stripped naked is beautiful, but this is also not bad.

Looking at her, I noticed that she was preparing to go out.


「Are you going out?」

「Un, I have a quest that I took in the guild for today, so I’m going out for that」

「Guild huh. Come to think of it, you, you were going out for that frequently right」




I thought for a while.

Io who goes out for a quest from the guild.

I got curious of that.


「Yosh, I’ll also go」



Io’s eyes sparkled.



「Good morning! Ane-san」

「Onee-sama, please take care of us today okay」


When we arrived in front of the guild, two girls ran towards Io.

The ponytail swordsman-like girl that has a lot of skin exposure called Io 「Ane-san」, and the girl who seems a little gentle wearing Solon Church’s clerical dress called her「Onee-sama」.

……Ane-san and Onee-sama??


「Good morning. Let’s do our best today too」

「Yes! If Ane-san’s with us, we’re invincible!」

「Let’s look down on Alexis’s party today too okay」

「Julia, I’m always saying this right, you shouldn’t say something like that. Alexis-san is a more experienced senpai in the guild you know」



The clerical clothed girlーーJulia, got dispirited.


「But, Ane-san, the guild’s rank is only up to A so Ane-san is equal to them, but looking at achievement, I think that Ane-san had surpassed Alexis’s party a long time ago」

「Even so, Agnes. Senpai is a senpai, you need to respect them」


And, the swordsman’s called Agnes huh.


「The two of you, you got it?」


「I understood, Onee-sama」


The two who was scolded(?) by Io was not dispirited, but rather, they looked at Io with a spellbound expression.


「As I’ve thought, Onee-sama’s so cool」

「Well yeah, it’s Ane-san after all!」


She’s even being worshiped with reasons that can’t be understood.

I mean, with this instant right now, I had a lot of questions.


「Oh, the two of you, I’ll introduce him okay. He’s Kakeru-san who’s going to come with us today」


Io looked at me, and introduced me to the two.

In an instant, the two made a frowning face.

Uwa〜, they’re too blatant.

The two made a face「Where the heck did this guy come from」.

It’s somehow interesting now.


「It’s Yuuki Kakeru, nice to meet you」




The two glared at me. And there were no greetings either.


「Agnes? Julia?」

「I do not know where you came from, but」

「I’ll kill you if you if you drag down Ane-san」

「Ahh, I got it. I won’t be a burden」


And the four of us departed.

Io came to my side stealthily, and said with a small voice.


「I’m sorry, Kakeru-san. The two did a very rude thing」

「No, don’t mind it. Rather than that, you, you became A rank huh」

「Un……I did」

「A rank is the highest rank right」


I remembered their conversation earlier. From how Agnes and Julia spoke, that seems so.


「Un, it’s the highest one」

「I see, that’s amazing」

「No, not at all」

「You did your best huh. As expected of my woman」



When I praised her, Io got very happy.

After that, she got called by Agnes and Julia and went towards them.

I thought while following the three’s back.

I thought that I’d fight with them together, but rather than that, I’d rather look and see first.



Io, Agnes, and Julia’s party were quite a balanced party.


『That girl called Agnes, she’s a good swordsman huh. She’s not normal being able to swing around that large sword with that thin body』


『That Julia on the other hand, she’s looking at how the battle progresses well. The timing of her recovery magic and support magic is perfect』

「Ahh. Most of all, it’s Io, her lightning magic, it’s power and number of times she can shoot it has increased a lot compared to when she just met me」

『That’s true. With that, it’s agreeable that she’s an A ranker』

「Physical, magic, recovery. Their party is balanced in a high level」

『They’re a perfect hundred as adventurers』


While the three were fighting, I’m evaluating them with Eleanor from the back.

While folding my arms, I followed the three.

The quest from the guild is monster subjugation.

It’s a quest to「clean up」the place where high leveled monsters appear regularly.

From how I look, the monsters that are many times stronger than mountain cows were being defeated by the three as if they’re small fries.

They had a lot of ways of how they defeated them, but the most frequent pattern was Agnes stopping the monsters at bay, Io defeating them with magic, and Julia would cast her recovery magic.

That would happen about fifty percent……it shows how much the two trusts Io.

They defeat the monsters, and find the next one.

Agnes and Julia whispered at each other without letting Io know.


「Julia, what the heck is that man」

「That’s true. He’s just making a smug face and follows us, he won’t even fight」

「He seems like a swordsman, but, that’s the Demon Sword’s replica right」

「To think that someone would hold something like that as if he’s proud of it. Onee-sama, I wonder why she’d take a man like that with us」


The two intended to whisper to themselves, but I could completely hear them.

Ears amplified 777 times is good after all.

Io who’s near me couldn’t hear it, but I could hear all of it.


「You’re a fake they said」

『I’m already used to it』


Eleanor in my consciousness snorted.

We advanced again, and I felt an intimidating air that can’t be compared up to now.

A goat’s head, a human’s body, black wings, and holds a huge scythe.

Its size is not different from a human, but it’s full of intimidating air and presence.


「It came out! Julia, I’ll count on you!」

「Un, Onee-sama, while we’re at it」


Julia casted support magic, and Agnes attacks the goat head.

The goat head received it with its scythe.




It didn’t sound like metal hitting each other, but an explosion.

Shockwaves were also created. My clothes fluttered from the gust.


『She’s good』


『Otou-san, don’t you need to held Io-oneechan?』


Hikari who was silent up until now asked.


「Let me think」


I approached Io who started to prepare to cast her spells, and asked with a small voice.


「Is there no problem, Io. Lightning magic, should I lend it to you?」


Io looked at me, and made a deeply moved expression.

But, that disappeared after a moment, and she shook her head.


「U〜un, Kakeru-san, just look」


And she looked ahead.


「Just look at me right now」

「I got it」


I stepped back.

I returned to where I was before.

Io started to cast her magic.

Her magic powers heightened, her clothes shined from the light of the magic powers.

And at the same time, Agnes and Julia were stopping the goat head in the vanguard.

Unlike up until now, they’re having a hard time. They got wounds, but even so, the two were somehow stood their grounds, desperately stopping its feet for Io.

It even made me think that I should help their side.


「Agnes, Julia」


「I understood」


Getting called by Io, the two stepped back.

They took distance from the got head as much as they could.

In the next instant, lightning fell from the sky.

It fell, it fell, and still falls.

One, two, tree……four, five, six.

It still continues, the raging lightning attacks the goat head.

The lightning magic consecutively shot, half-way, I couldn’t count how many there was.


『Fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight……』


On my stead, Hikari was still counting.



『One hundred』


With that, it was the end.

It’s exactly a hundred. One hundred lightning fell from the sky, and all of them hit the goat head.

The goat head that was burnt black collapsed and didn’t move anymore.






To Io who got lethargic and almost fell down, Agnes and Julia ran

They supported her, and helped her not fall down.


「Thank you」

「No! Rather than that, it also reached one hundred today too huh!」

「Looking at Onee-sama’s Lightning Hundred, it’s always fascinating……」

「Please stop that embarrassing name」


Io said that, and looked at me.

It’s a face saying, “How was it, how did I do”.

The one she showed the two was her face as an「Onee-sama」.

The one she showed me was a「Puppy」-like face.

How cuteーー




Julia called out Io’s name as if to scream.


「W-What the?」


It was Agnes next.

The surprised two; I followed their sights.

And then, a goat head was there.

Unlike earlier, the subtlety face became heinous, and it was a muscular goat head.



「Why……why are there this many appearing」

「There’s even twenty of them……something like this, this never happened」


The two girls got shocked.

It looks like an accident appeared.


「Onee-sama, let’s run away from here」

「I’ll be the rear guard, so, Ane-san, hurry」


I drew Eleanor and Hikari, and went in front clad in dark aura.


『You’re finally going huh』

『Hikari will do her best. One two〜, three four〜』


Both Eleanor and Hikari, their tones were excited.


「W-What are you planning to do」

「It’s just right on time. Onee-sama, let’s leave that man as a sacrifice and run away」


What a good way of saying huh.


「Run away? Why?」


On the other hand, Io was dumbfounded.

When I took a glance, Io was smiling pleasantly.


「There’s no need to run away you know」


Agnes and Julia lost their words.

Full trust that was being directed from Io.

I received that on my back, and clad in aura, I stepped forward naturally.


「Twenty, huh」

『You want to compete?』

「With what?」

『If you could defeat them faster than them or not』

「……I’m in」


I grinned.

I felt presence holding their breath from behind, but for the meantime, I’ll ignore it.

I readied Eleanor and Hikari, and slashed towards them.

Twenty goat heads.


The time that I defeated all of them, was barely shorter than when Io and the girls defeated one.










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