Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Patient Musou



「Geho! Geho, geho!」


On the top of the bed, I coughed vigorously.

I feel cold even though it’s hot, my head hurts and my through is dry, and my nose is clogged up and I can only breath through my mouth.

It’s like the cold’s full course attacked at once.


「This is……」


The doctor on my side was making a difficult face.

The doctor that Miu called the instant she knew I caught a cold.


「H-How is it, Sensei」

「It is Euboi Cold, get absolute rest for a while, get warm and take nutrients properly」

「Absolute rest……is it alright with that」

「It is rare to die from Euboi Cold, however, when you catch it, your endurance would fall drastically, and you might catch a different disease with that. That is why, he should have a complete rest」

「I understood」


After the check up, the doctor left my room, and Miu went out together to sent him out.


『To catch a cold, how pathetic』


Eleanor’s voice echoed in my head.


「Shut up……anyone can catch a cold」

『What about the magic balls? Can’t you heal using that』

「Thatーーgeho, geho!ーーI gave all of them to Nana. There was a lot who were wounded in the hard training after all」


That’s right, I’ll out of white magic balls right now.

Eleanor who heard that got silent.

I don’t know why she got suddenly silent, but my head is hurting, so I’m thankful that she is quiet.


『……if I only have a body』

「Did you same something?」


Although it’s inside my head, I heard a whispering voice.


『It’s nothing. Anyways, go rest. ……I-If Hikari catches a cold from you I’ll possess you and kill you』

「Okay, okay」


I replied half-heartedly and sunk deeply into my bed.

She doesn’t need to say that, I won’t let Hikari catch something from me.

Something like this, I can recover it with my will.




Miu timidly entered the room.


「What is it……」



Miu was stuttering. Did something happen.


「Uhmm……it’s a hard time for Master right now, but there was a message from Helene-sama’s messenger」

「A message? Say it」

「Yes. “Paper notes are made, so I will escort the transport team to Roizen.” desu」

「He〜, paper notes are……wait a minute!」


I stood up from the bed abruptly, but I was so feeling so weak that I fell to my side.

I fell on top of the bed, and Miu approached me worryingly.


「Are you alright, Master」




「Get me clothes……ones for going out」


「Let’s go……Eleanor」

『Go rest! I mean, where do would you go』

「No, I need to go」


My vision is hurting, and my head feels dizzy.

Even so, I know, I clearly know it.


「Escorting money……there’s no way they wouldn’t get attacked」


While staggering, I let Miu change my clothes, and I grabbed Eleanor.

I used the warp feather.


I had passed through the road from the capital to Roizen once, so I can warp anywhere there.

Along the way, I warped a kilometer each time to not pass by the transport team.

After warping tens of times, I finally saw Helene’s transport team.

I warped next to Helene who’s sending commands.


「Kakeru-sama! Why are you in thisーーKakeru-sama?」


She got surprised to my appearance first, and in the next second, Helene noticed my condition and got surprised.


「What happened, Kakeru-sama, you’re so hot……」

「It’s just a cold, nothing much」


I’m feeling dizzy though.


「I-If so, you need to rest. Why are you here?」

「That’s my line」


I looked around. Some of the soldiers that noticed me got surprised.

I ignored them, and asked the number of soldiers.


「How many are there?」


「How much paper notes are there」

「In silver coins, there are five hundred coins」

「How many soldiers did you bring to transport that」

「That is……it is within the kingdom, so a hundredーー」

「……it’s good that I came」


「Uhh, you know, you’re transporting money right. Paper notes that would be officially circulating around next month. Isn’t a hundred guards too few for that?」

「That is……no, within the kingdom, that will」

「E-Enemy attack!」


A panicking voice from the soldiers in the front could be heard.

Immediately after, sounds of swords clashing, and the sounds of magic being shot could be heard.

They’re pretty much getting pushed, and the battle situation is clearly not good.


「……I told you」



Helene’s face got blue. I held Eleanor and stood up.



「I’ll do something about it」

「B-But your body」

「Something like thisーーgeho geho!」


Because I stood up quickly, I coughed vigorously.

I waited until my cough goes away, and said to Helene.


「Compared to this hundred, geho, geho! I’m more useful」


I said that, drew Eleanor and jumped into the front lines.

My head was so dizzy, I don’t know what happened from there.

I can’t remember anything other than exterminating all of the ones who attacked.










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