Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Hero



We left the lottery place, and came to my property on the side my mansion.

There, Nana is training the 200 slave soldiers.

Following Nana’s commands, they had uniformed movements.

Compared to before, they really seem like it decently. With this, I could probably take them to a battlefield in the near future.

Well, I didn’t come for that reason today though.



「Aruji, is it. What happened」

「I want to test something, come with me for a bit」



Nana answered immediately.

Ordering the slave soldiers to take a break in their place, she drew her longsword and faced me.

I like this part of Nana.


The part when I only said “I want to test something”, but she immediately knew that it’s about fighting.

I drew Eleanor; Hikari is also on my waist, but to test, it should be with Eleanor first.

I used the【Additional Attack 100%】that was drawn in the lottery place.

According to the staff’s explanation, it’s not a weapon or an equipment, but something that is used on humans.


「Let’s go」



I swung Eleanor from above, and collides with Nana’s long sword.

The sound of clashing echoes, and sparks flew.

While guarding with her sword, Nana took a step back.

She blocked the attack; it was the same up until there.


The strange change happened in the next instant.


Similar sword sounds came out once again. A completely different sound when her long sword collides with Eleanor.

Za! Za! Za!

Did she relaxed after blocking the attack, Nana took three steps backwards with the impact.

I could see the surprise on her face.


「Aruji, right now」

「It’s the thing that I wanted to test. Let’s do some more」



Nana’s face became serious.

Surprise within an instant, and understanding is also within an instant.

And, adjusting is also within an instant.

I continuously attacked, Nana received continuously. She understood that there was an additional attack after the attack, and adjusted according to that.

I slashed, and Nana blocked.


I figured out the effects of『Additional Attack 100%』pretty much.

After about a second after attacking, an attack that was completely the same would appear.

If it’s a slash, a slash that has the same strength would appear in the place where the slash hits after a second.


「Next is Hikari. Block it」



Exchanging with Eleanor, this time, I attacked using Hikari.

It was also the same with Hikari. As I’ve thought, the additional attack appears after one second.

I withdrew Hikari.


「With magic, let’s go!」



I used the flame magic that I remembered from getting hit by Almosso, and ball of flames flew towards Nana.

Nana swung her long sword, and slashes off the ball of flames.

The ball of flames that was slashed splits open. A second after that, the same ball of flames appeared, but it was also split open.

I lowered my hand, and stopped.


「Yosh, this much is enough」


「I figured it out pretty much. Thanks, Nana. If it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have been able to test this much」

「Thankful words」

「I disturbed you. Continue the training」



Being sent out by Nana who lowered her head a little, I left that place.

I thought while walking.

『Additional Attacks 100%』, when I saw its name at first, I thought that I would simply double my strength, but when I actually used it, its effects were more than I expected.

If attacks that were completely the same would appear after a second, using it with tactics, the strength added is more than twice.

It’s simple. While the additional attacks appear, it means that I could take a breath while attacking continuously.

The fire power is doubled, but the things I could do increased.

It was like that.


「……additional attacks appeared?」


I stopped on my feet; it’s because a thought was born in my head.


「Does “that”……can also be added?」



Inside the bedroom at night, Melissa was moaning under my body.

While attacking Melissa who was naked, I asked persistently.


「How is it, Melissa, how is it?」

「I-I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s weird」

「What’s weird」

「It’s weird, I don’t know, but is strangeee」


Half-frenzied, Melissa says out “weird”.  

I could feel “vibrations” from her body that I entangled.

It were the same when I swung a sword.

There’s also【Additional Attacks 100%】with the movements of my hips.

Double impacts attacks Melissa, making her “weird”, “I don’t know”.

An answer didn’t come back, but I understood it with experience.



After two hours, Melissa was drenched and exhausted.


She was spent on top of the bed.

It’s only two hours.

Melissa has the nickname of Immortal Saint; a woman whose endurance and recovery are ridiculous.

In short, she wouldn’t die.

When I dropped her before, it took a whole day.

This time, it only took me two hours.


Probably, this kind of use wasn’t expected, but……『Additional Attacks 100%』, how scary.

I wonder if there’s also other things that『Additional Attacks 100%』can be used with.

I should organize my ideas, and try them one by one.

While I was thinking of that, Melissa draws her body to me.

She’s exhausted and pretty much couldn’t move, but she crawled on top of the bed and drew her body to me somehow.

The remaining fire of her body feels good.



「Yeah. Is your body alright」

「I’ll recover soon, so wait for a while」


There’s no power in her words, it even feels that her voice was coarse.

Even so, Melissa says defiantly, it looks like she’s really trying to recover soon, and tries to be my company.


「You, you’re really cute」

「W-What is it suddenly」


Melissa blushed. I thought of her cute more and more.


「But, don’t force yourself. You don’t need to do that much」


「It’s alright. If I really want to do more, I’d do this」


I opened my different dimension warehouse, took out a white magic ball, and used it to Melissa.

It’s a prize from lottery; a magic item that has the effects of complete recovery.

The magic ball shines and melts, enveloping Melissa’s body.


「Wa! My bodyーーmy stamina in an instant?!」


Melissa got surprised, and at the same time, the strength came back in her voice.

The magic ball completely recovered her stamina.


「The reason that I didn’t do this, it’s because of that」

「I see……un, I got it」


Melissa draws her body to me nearer, but this time, she said as if to whisper to me.


「Ne〜, Kakeru, it’s still night huh」

「Yeah, it’s night」

「It’s not that a day passed, and it’s night again, right」



I remembered what happened before and laughed.

It took a whole day before.


「It’s really still night time normally」



Melissa laughed happily for some reason.

She brought her body nearer to me while naked, and brushes her cheeks to me happily.


「What happened」

「I’m happy」

「I know that, but why?」

「Right now, you know, the time that I was downed, isn’t it the same with normal couples right?」

「Well, pretty much.」

「I’m happy with that. I, if it’s with Kakeru, I can become a normal girl. I thought, that it’s good being a normal girl」

「That’s why you’re happy, huh」


「I don’t get it」


I thought like that, but Melissa seemed happy so, whatever.




Melissa groaned, she made a difficult face.


「What happened」

「I’m searching for a word to describe Kakeru now」

「A word to describe me?」

「Un! Undefeatable in battlefields, solving various huge incidents, have countless women. There’s a word that describes that kind of man, but I couldn’t think of it, it’s on the tip of my tongue」

「Ahh, there are times like that huh, word that are stuck in the throat」


Melissa thought while groaning and tilting her head.

After a while, she remembered with a face full of smile.


「It’s hero!」



The Immortal Saint that people admire, said that I’m a hero.










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