Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Yuuki’s Slave Collection



Afternoon inside the mansion.

Althea who’s in her youthful mode, and I who is *MofuMofu*-ing Miu while in sage mode because of my vigor being sucked out.


「Capturing Saria was troublesome. They were soldiers that I’m not familiar, so excluding me, the movements of the soldiers were one tempo late. They even got confused when we warped」

「Ones who are familiar with you should not be mentioned, but it cannot be helped with common soldiers」

「Can’t something be done with it?」


I asked Althea. I want the sage’s wisdom.


「Are you asking for advice?」


「You should have elite guards」


Althea who answered promptly said it with a teacher’s tone.

It’s Althea’s way of talking when she is teaching something to me.

While *MofuMofu*-ing Miu, I lend her my ears.


「You should make a corps that you usually know, not soldiers that are lent to you every time something happens, you should create a corps that knows about you」


Althea said that, stood up, and looked outside of the window.


「Around there is your land right」

「Yeah, I somehow bought it」


To use money to get lottery tickets, I have been buying the land around the mansion recently.

It’s good that I bought it, but land that honestly, I’m not using, land that I thought that I’d use for crops.


「Build barracks there, and make them live there. When something happens, you only need to bring them with you using warp」


I thought about Althea’s advice.

My own corps, my own corps that I own myself.

Somehow, that really sounds good.



I warped to Delfina’s merchant company.

Delfina took a glance at me who suddenly appeared in front of her, and continued to write something in the papers at her hand.

Business first, work first, she’s a woman like that.

There’s a lot of times like this when I come to get her, and it’s not the first time she ignored me.

I leaned my back against the wall, and waited for Delfina’s hands to be free.



「Did you call us」

「Process this. If it’s finished collecting, send it to Calamba’s palace. Urgently」

「I understood」


The man that was called took the papers from Delfina, and immediately left.

As if he had not seen me.


「Welcome. It’s still early for you to pick me up」


Did her work finish for some parts, Delfina talked to me.


「I had something to ask. Rather than that, I heard the name, Calamba?」

「Yes, Calamba and Comotoria. It’s near the end of the war, so I thought I would profit for the last time. These kinds of thing, one can profit best around the end」

「You’re really good at it huh」


As expected of the woman who had named herself one of the richest merchants in the world.


「But, you should do it moderately okay」


If she does it too much, Calamba will, no, Rica might get troubled.


「I only arranged the things needed for their prices」

「There’s no problem then」

「And then, what did you come for?」

「Ahh, actuallyーー」


To Delfina, I talked the things I heard from Althea.


「If that is so, the corps that I had lent you before, do you want to buy it as it is?」

「No, I want to raise them from the start」


Doing that, Althea said that the soldier’s loyalty would be higher.


「You are saying you want to collect a new one huh」

「That’s right. So, I want you to collect slaves. From 200 to 300 of them」

「You are going to make a corps with only slaves」


Delfina got a little bit surprised.


「That’s right」

「I understand. I will bring the list by evening」

「Evening? That’s fast」

「Speed is the basics of business after all」


Delfina smiled pleasantly.

Honestly, it’s a smile that’s a little scary, but it’s reliable.


「And also, I want to make a building where the corps can live in. I have the land around the mansion, so around there」

「I will prepare for it」

「Equipments also. I want ones that stand out in the battlefields. Uniform and standing out」

「I understood」


This much is good huh.


「How much will that be」

「Honestly, it depends on the slaves. Are battle slaves that are trained good」

「No, I want to train them myself so that they can get used to me. As long as they’re healthy, then there’s no problem」

「If that is so, I can sell them cheap. If there are 15000 silver coins then there would be change」


Delfina answered promptly. She probably calculated it inside her head in an instant.


「I’m counting on you then」

「I understood」


My deal with Delfina finished.




I remembered something important, and before I warped, I said to Delfina.


「All of the slaves should be girls」

「……I understood」


Delfina’s eyes widened for an instant, but she immediately regained herself and said.

Just like that, I am going to raise my own direct corps.











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