Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Gentle Lottery



To get refreshed after a while, I left the town taking everyone.

Hikari, Nana, Io, and Miu, the four of them.

Hikari was holding my hand, and the three are following from behind.

Recently, the way Hikari held my hand was very cute.

She makes me take out only my pointing finger, and *Gyutto*, she holds it.

It was very cute, it was unbearably cute.


『What a doting parent』


Shut up. You’re the one who’s bad giving birth to such a cute girl.


「Otou-san, what’s that?」

「Un? Ahh, cotton candy huh」


What caught Hikari’s eyes was a stall selling cotton candies.


「Cotton candy?」

「Ahh, it’s something that is made out of sugar, so it’s fluffy and sweet」

「I want to eat it!」


Hikari’s eyes sparkled. It’s something that children likes after all.

I took Hikari, and approached the stall.


「Do you want some too?」


I turned around, and asked the three.


「I don’t like, sweet things that much……」

「I want to eat some」


Nana and Io answered promptly.


「E〜to, I……」


Miu was somehow holding back. If she doesn’t want it, she would probably immediately say that she doesn’t want it, so she probably wants to eat some.


「Store owner, give me three of those」

「Coming up」

「Miu, pay the bill」


Miu went in front in a hurry, and paid the bill.

Recently, just like this, I try to not hold a wallet when going out.

Althea said, that it was noble-like to take slaves with me and make them pay.

I received the cotton candy, and handed it to Hikari.


「Waaaa, so sweet〜」

「It’s sweet right, it’s fluffy and melts immediately in your mouth」


「There’s this animal called Rinsing Bear, every time it eats something, it places it into the water to wash it. And when I gave that rinsing bear cotton candy, as I’ve thought, it actually washed it so it melted and disappeared, the rinsing bear makes a really sad face」

「Rinsing bear, how poor……」


Hikari got disheartened.

I expected a reaction like, “Ahahaha, how weird〜”, but she unexpectedly got emotionally involved with the rinsing bear.


『It’s because you’re talkative』


Shut up……I know that.


「But rinsing bear also washes fruits before it eats it, so it doesn’t have a stomach ache, and it’s always healthy you know」


I tried to follow up on it.


「Waa〜, rinsing bear is amazing」

「Ahh, it’s amazing」


My follow successes.

Hikari ate the cotton candy. The way that around her mouth got sticky was also cute.




「Uhm, Master」


Miu talked to me.

When I turned around, there was the cotton candy on Miu’s right hand, and there was something like a paper in her left hand.


「This, I asked for it」

「That is?」

「It seems like there’s an event in the town. If we have this, they say that we can draw the lottery」



I was dumbfounded.


「We can draw the lots!」


Hikari snatched at that.



After they finished eating the cotton candy, we came to the center of the town with all of us.

There was a tent there, and there was a lottery machine that I was used to seeing in that tent.

I didn’t think that it was really the lottery.


「Otou-san! Let’s draw lots?」



I took Hikari with me, and went to the tent.

I handed the one lottery ticket we received.


「Yes, one draw it is. Who will draw it」

「Hikari, you want to?」



With a full smile, Hikari put her hand on the handle, and turned it.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.


What came out was a white ball.


「Too bad, it’s a miss」


It was a miss. Well, with only one chance it would be like this huh.




I took Hikari and tried to return where everyone was. Along the way, Hikari stopped, and stared at the tent.

Does she want to draw more……she probably do.

Even in the lottery before, she had much fun drawing it after all.


「Nana, Io, Miu」


While holding Hikari’s hand, I told the three.


「Go and gather lottery tickets. I don’t care how much it would cost. Buy everything if you see something you want」



「I-I understand」


Nana and Io received money from Miu, and the three scattered.

That lottery can’t increase the drawing times a lot. There’s finally one piece after using a huge sum, can be drawn once a day, and drawing about 10 times was the limit.

But it’s different here, town……it’s a shopping district level lottery, the chances can be increased easily.

After a while, I received the lottery ticket from the three that returned.


「Thank you, Nana」

「As Aruji commands」

「Thank you, Io」

「There was something I wanted to buy, so it’s just right on time」

「what did Miu buy?」

「Uhm, meat, vegetables, andーー」

「It’s very Miu-like huh」


The tickets that the three gathered after shopping here and there, easily exceeded 200.


「Hikari, let’s go draw once more. You can draw for about 200 times this time」

「Really! Wa〜i」


Together with Hikari, we entered the tent again.

I handed the lottery ticket, and made Hikari draw the lottery.


「Wa〜, amazing〜」


Hikari turned the handle very happily.

In the middle, she stopped once.


「It’s over?」

「You can still draw a lot more」


She was said with a smile.

And then, she joyfully drew.

Unlike that lottery, it looks like she’s happy that she can draw as much as she wants.

Most of it’s a miss (participation prize), but she didn’t mind and continued to draw.


『Isn’t the miss too many. Shouldn’t she be able to get something for once in a hundred times』

「Isn’t it fine, Hikari is having very much fun after all」

「Aruji, wouldn’t it be better if we gather more tickets」

「Un, I guess so. Until Hikari gets tired ofーー」


When I was about to ask to gather lottery tickets again, *GaranGaran*, the hand bell rang.


「Congratulations, first prize, it’s a huge hit」



Surprisingly, a huge hit came out, on top of that, it’s the first prize.

I approached Hikari.

The lottery person took out the goods from the back, and gave it to Hikari.


「There you go, first prize. It’s the latest Demon Sword replica」

「Wa〜, it’s Okaa-san〜」

「Does little girl’s Okaa-san have one too? Ahh, it looks like Otou-san have one too. They are being made recently, and it was being sold here and there after all」


The lottery person saw Eleanor in my waist and said. There was somehow, a misunderstanding, but I ignored it.


「However, this is the latest version. Little girl, hold that and put magic powers on it」

「Magic powers? Like this」


Hikari held the Demon Sword replica, and *GuGuGu*, closed her eyes and put powers on it.

How cute.

And then, there was a dark aura coming out of the Demon Sword replica.



「Just like that, it’s the latest one that releases a dark aura when magic powers are poured on it. Of course, it’s something that is not harmful to humans so use it as much as you want」


Eleanor’s fake was really evolving so much huh.

Hikari held the Demon Sword replica that has aura coming out of it, and asked me.


「Otou-san, is Hikari cool?」

「Master’s usual stance it is」


Miu said. It’s true, it’s the stance that I usually use.

It’s exactly like it, but…….




Rather than cool, it was very cute.



『You doting parent』


Say what you want.

Hikari who had a stance with the Demon Sword, it was so cute that I wanted to take a picture and display it.











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