Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Return of the Queen



「Baron Yuuki……how insolent! Where did you come from」


Oros winced for an instant, but immediately regained himself and shouted at me.

There’s no need to answer.

I ignored him, approached Rica, and stood in front of the throne.



「I heard it. What were you about to say?」


「The one stopped by that. What you were about to say, the thing you were trying to say?」

「That is……」


Rica looked behind me, and looked at Oros.

As if to confirm it to him, with eyes as if they were frightened.

I reached out my hand to the side, and blocked that. I made it that she wouldn’t meet her eyes with Oros.


Don’t worry about that. What were you trying to say」



Rica held her breath, decided, and said to me.


「I want to see more of outside」


Rica made a resolute expression.


「I want to see more of outside, know, and learn」

「I see」

「That cannot be done, Your Highness. Baron Yuuki, what in the world are you planning. You will not be left off according to that」


Oros threatened me.

It was a petty threat.

I looked at Oros with cold eyes, and said.


「Hey, what are you?」

「What are you saying」

「You, you’re just a eunuch right. Why the heck are you saying your opinion to the Queen?」

「I am not saying an opinion. I am just, Her Highnessーー」

「Restricting the Queen’s actions, isn’t that strange in the first place?」

「That is Her Highness’sーー」

「I mean, why the hell is a eunuch in the Queen’s palace?」



Rica got surprised.


「The thing called eunuch……it’s the person who cut off their reproductive organs to protect the King’s inner palace, the harem right? With the reason that if it’s cut off, they can’t lay a hand to the King’s harem. Is that, needed for the Queen?」


「Is that so?」


I nodded at Rica.

It’s also something I just knew hearing from Althea, but Althea said it to me with a teacher’s tone, so it should be correct.

Oros’s wincing reaction also, proves that correct.


「……anyone! Is anyone there」


After Oros grinded his teeth, he shouted with a loud voice.

Soon after, soldiers crowded and entered.


「That’s a scoundrel harming Her Highness the Queen. Catch him」


When Oros ordered, the soldiers sent hostility.


「Wait. KakeruーーBaron Yuuki is not harmingーー」

「Do it」


Rica’s words don’t reach them, the soldiers were only following Oros’s orders.

I kicked off the charging soldiers.


「They wouldn’t hear the Queen’s orders huh」

「……an order, it is something that needs both stature and power to do it after all」


Rica frustratingly said. It was filled with real feelings.

Up until now, she really had real feelings that she had been captured because she didn’t have the powers and strength.


「Meaning, only strength is needed huh?」


「Eleanor, Hikari」


I drew the two Demon Swords from my waist.

I cut down the soldiers that were charging with Oros’s orders one next to the other.


「Is this much strength enough?」

「That is……」

「Well, I’ll cut all of those that go against your orders, and just not let them go against it huh」


I don’t know what Rica’s saying about she has no powers and strength, but I’ll just show my strength.

Rica’sーーthe Queen’s power, I will show the Baron’s power.


「Come! Come!!!」


When I’d finished off most of the soldiers, Oros shouted again. It’s with a desperate voice.

Soldiers crowded in again.


「Capture them」


He said that, and Oros ran away.

I tried to chase after him using warp, but when I was worried about Rica, he ran towards the direction where I didn’t come before.

I can only chase by foot.


「Rica, for the meantime, I’ll send you to my mansion」

「……no, I will be with you」


Rica said with eyes full of resolution.


「With me?」

「Yes, with you」



Rica nodded.

Looking at her carefully, her hands were trembling, and she’s clenching her teeth.

It’s the same reaction with the time with the mountain cow, she seemed to be afraid to look at the blood.

But her face, she was looking straight at me.

It’s the eyes of someone who is resolute.


「I got it. Then, Rica should walk in front of me

「In front of Kakeru?」

「It’s fine even diagonally, you should take a step further than me anyways. You remained here with your own will, and chase after Oros right」


『Isn’t that dangerous』


Eleanor said inside my head. It’s true, it’s dangerous to let Rica be in front.

Thinking about it normally, it’s better that I would stand in the front, and literally open the way.



「Don’t worry」


I held Eleanor and Hikari, and fearlessly smiled.

The soldiers wavered.


「I only need to cut everyone」


That’s right, I only need to cut everyone.

Rica who’s resolute. Rica’s path that she reached by herself, I only need to cut off the ones that blocks her way.

Rica took a step in front of me.


「You only need to walk normally. There’s no need to stop your feet」



Rica nodded very firmly. There wasn’t hesitation in her face, I could see that she trusts me.

Rica started to walk. I followed her.

I swung the two Demon Swords, and opened the way.

I cut off the soldiers that attacked with the fastest way, and opened the way.

Rica continued to advance. She continued to advance without stopping even for a second.

The strong resistance at first, gradually weakened.


「Your Majesty……」


It’s because Rica is standing in front of me.

The Queen that walks ahead with her own will, and the sword(me) that follows that.

I can understand why they would hesitate to attack.

The resistance decreased, and finally, there was almost none.

Rica gracefully, left the palace.

And then, there were a lot of soldiers waiting beforehand.

There was a disturbance within the soldiers.


「D-Do it」


Oros said, but the soldiers won’t move. It was clear that they were confused.

I took a step forward.

Holding the two Demon Swords, I clad my whole body with dark aura for intimidation.


「You Majesty. Do I only need to also cut everyone here」


With an obvious tone, I emphasized “also”.

Rica’s smart, she should notice my intention for sure.


「Yes, cut off everyone who will not surrender」


She said.

In that instant, the soldiers surrendered one next to the other.

The difference between strength is clear, and the one who holds that is this kingdom’s Queen.

Surrendering, was a natural flow.



「I also caught Sukuneris and Rarouka. The Rarouka guy, he tried to run away throwing away his family and servants when I came to his mansion, but I chased after him and caught him」


Audience hall.

Rica who sits on the throne and me reporting.

Different from before, there’s guards standing inside the room.


「What should I do next?」

「I also do not know very well. I need to study from now on」

「Then, you should come to my mansion if you want to study. Althea’s there, you should let her teach you about her knowledge」

「The Great Sage Althea……if that is really possible」


Rica’s eyes sparkled.


「I’ll tell her later」


If it’s in exchange for my life force, it’s very possible. I can’t do it with Althea if she absorbed too much, but as far as I’ve heard, Althea should be troubled without my life force.

Probably to at the least like she wouldn’t be able to eat delicious food and she can’t fill her hunger with bad food, so it should be alright.


「Really……really, how should I give my gratitude to Kakeru. Is there something I can do?」

「There is」

「What is it? Say anything that you want」


Rica’s eyes sparkled looking at me.

I glanced at the surrounding soldiers.

The smart her, understood with that.


「Leave the room」


After she ordered that, unlike before, the soldiers followed the Queen’s orders.

We became alone by the to of us, she said.

Just a little, worried.


「Is it alright with me?」


The smart her, understood two steps ahead.

That I wanted the soldiers to leave, and the reason why.

On top of that, her eyes were full of expectation.

Such a woman, I wanted her more and more.

That’s why, I declared.


「I want you」












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