Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Rumors and Fashion


One head of mountain cows, I killed it with bare hands.


Io who came with me to my daily routine quota asked strangely.


「Kakeru-san, what happened to Eleanor-san?」


「Hikari was still sleeping so I left her. Right now, they’re probably sleeping as parent and child without bother」


「Haa〜……is it okay?」




「Uhm, is it okay even if you don’t have a weapon」


I thought for a bit, I got it.


When I think about it, when I met Io, I already had Eleanor huh.


And ever since, I always brought Eleanor when I’m going to fight, and what Io said “Amazing” most, crushing Orycuto into pieces, I did it using Eleanor.


I defeated mountain cows with bare hands at first, but Io doesn’t know that.


「Orycuto is too much with bare hands so, I’ll count on you today」





Mountain cows and Orycudite, I delivered both of them, left ways with Io, and walked around the town.


When I was walking nonchalantly, I noticed that something is weird.


No, saying something is weird is different too, there’s liveliness somehow.


There’s liveliness, and if I think about it, I feel like the people in this town had increased.  


Is there a festival or something?




I was bumped by someone from the side. It was a girl’s voice.


She almost fell down to her thighs, so pulled her hand and stopped her.


「Are you okayーーI mean, isn’t Marie」


「Eh? Ah, Kakeru-san」


「Why are you hurrying like that, and those luggage」


Marie had a big bag, and food ingredients were inside.


「There were no more ingredients in the store, so I was shopping」


「There’s no more? This early?」


I somehow looked up to the sky, the sun is still high.


「Yes. Recently, the people in town is increasing. There were many people that moved from other towns. And because of that, our customers have increased, and sometimes, something like this」


「Is that so. You’re booming huh」


「Thank you very much!」


「I’ll go eat there again soon」


「Yes! I’ll be waiting」


I waved at Marie and saw her off, and looked around once again properly.


The reason why it felt like the people increased was like that huh.


But, why? Is it usual for food stores to be sold out faster, or to see people increase very clear even to me?


I got curious of that.



「That is thanks to Yuuki-sama」


I came to Samaras Merchant Company, and when I told Samaras about that as a topic, he said that to me.


「Thanks to me?」


「Yes, this Roizen, do you know what name is it being called recently. They said, it is the town of the Demon Sword Wielder」




「Yes, that is correct. A town where a hero that wields something like a Demon Sword, a town where whenever something happens, he would protect. Kiril War, Olivia’s Tragedy. Because of the accidents that happened consecutively, there’s a rumor that had spread saying that this Roizen is the safest place right now」




There’s something that got me with the way of saying, something like a Demon Sword.


「That, how much is it being rumored?」


「Let me think」


Samaras thought for a while, and said.


「There is a big weaponry shop after crossing one street, I will suggest for you to go there」


「Weaponry Shop?」


Why is it a weaponry shop?


I thought it was strange, but I decided to go for the mean time.


I left the Samaras Merchant Company, and walked through the town that became vigorous.


I traced the memory when I took a walk before, and reached the weaponry shop Samaras told me.


I entered insideーーI was surprised.


「Welcome, is it the first time for customer-san?」


A woman clerk greeted me with a business smile.


「Is that so. What are you looking for today? We have all major kinds of weapons」


「Rather than that……that」


Where I pointed to, there was a ton of weapons that looked like the same lined up on the weaponry shop’s wall.


That is, said in one word, Eleanor.


There was a ton of swords that looked completely the same as Eleanor.


「Ahh, is Customer-san looking for Demon Sword Replica?」


「Demon Sword Replica?」


「Oh? Having a question about means? Customer-san is someone who just came to this town right」


「……what is it?」


「Do you know that recently, this town is being called the town of the Demon Sword Wielder? Recently, that Demon Sword that was the same as what the Demon Sword Wielder uses, the replica of the Demon Sword sells like hotcakes」


「They sell?! And even like hotcakes」


「They really sell. Honestly, one replica of the Demon Sword, has the same profit from selling those other weapons」


「No way……」


I was speechless. I didn’t think that something like that was happening.


「How about it Customer-san, do you want one? They are still selling, so it’s going to be sold out soon and it’s going to get harder to buy them you know?」




More and more, I got lost on what I should say.



I left the weaponry shop, and walked around the town nonchalantly.


And when I looked at it carefully, it’s true, there were swordsmen that had Eleanor-like things hanging from their waists sometimes.


It’s not only in their waists, there are even those who were carrying them on their shoulders.


Even though they know very well that it really feels like it’s a “Demon Sword”, nobody says anything. Even if they were carrying it openly, nobody thought of it strangely.


「……when did it became like this」


I mumbled.


At the same time, it felt a little ticklish.


More than being told that I was being rumored by someone somewhere, this was far more ticklish.


「Okaa-san! I also want a Demon Sword」


「Swords are dangerous, so when you grow up okay」


The conversation of the mother and child that passed in front of me made it more and more ticklish.


This is……that, someday an imitation sword of Eleanor, or even a toy Eleanor might be sold?




I went around the town with a quick pace. I looked around focusing on toy stores or grocery stores, places like that.


They might already exist. Merchants that saw how it was, might already have started making them and selling them.


I thought of that and looked around, I even went to the corners of the city where there were few people, but I couldn’t find toy-like Eleanors.


I had a weird feeling, but I was relieved for a little.  


If it really became a toy, I wouldn’t know what face I should make.


「I should go home huh」


I’ll talk about it to everyone today. It’s a very good story for teasing Eleanor.


No, maybe I should even buy at least one before going home. It really looks like Eleanor itself, so Hikari might get happy.


I thought of that, and when I was going to the weaponry store.


「You’re the Demon Sword Wielder」


I heard a low voice from behind, and a blade was pointed at the back of my neck.


I was surprised clueless to the sudden thing.


I moved only my eyes, and confirmed them.


There were no people around me……other than five men who was releasing their hostility.


「Who are you?」


「There are many people who have a grudge on you, I’m one of them」


「……what are you planning to do with me?」


「Foolish question. I will kill you here」


The man said with a low voice mixed with hatred.


「I have been waiting for this time. The time to kill you, the time when the Demon Sword is not in your hands」




「How does it feel without your last hope? Are you scared? Are you frustrated? That, we willーー」


I used the Warp Feather.


From the situation of being pointed with a blade on the back of my neck, I warped to a place five meters away from them.


I looked at the men. They were all surprised.


「My bad. It’s not like I’m strong because I have the Demon Sword」




「Well then, bring it on」




The men, all of them ran away. ーーbut I won’t let them.


I made full use of warp to chase them, and killed them for sure.


Because if I let them go away, they might change their targets to my women the next time.


「Y-You monster……」


The last man mumbled that at the end, I received it as a flattery.

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