Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Yuuki Hikari, 0-year-old desu


「Yuuki Hikari, 0-year-old desu」


Morning, at the mansion’s dining room.

Towards Delfina, Nana, and Miu, Hikari greeted politely.

Woke up in the morning, there was suddenly a little girl, so everyone was surprised.


「Yuuki……it means, Yuuki-sama?」


Delfina looked at me. “Don’t tell me”, she had that face.


「Yeah, she’s my daughter」


Everyone said “Ehhhhh” at the same time.


「D-Did you have a daughter?」

「I had, since yesterday」


「I see, an adopted daughter huh」


Nana said composedly. Delfina and Miu were convinced.

Well, saying that a child this big, “I had, since yesterday”, anybody would reach that conclusion.


「Well then, Master, uhmm……who is Hikari-sama’s, Okaa-sama is?」



I raised Eleanor up.



「This is the mother」


Everyone made a weird face. It was the face, “What the heck is he saying”.

And Delfina was even looking at me with eyes of pity.



「What is it, Otou-san」

「Can you change to a sword」

「Un, I got it!」


Hikari changed into her Demon Sword form as she was told.

Seeing the little girl change into a Demon Sword in front of them, the three was more and more surprised.

I aligned Eleanor by her side.

Demon Swords with the same appearance, two that had a difference in size.


「Do you believe me with this?」


I asked, but nobody answered, they were still caught unaware.

After a while, Delfina finally regained herself first.


「T-This was too unexpected. I have thought that you were someone who will do something great one day, but to think of impregnating a Demon Sword……that’s too unpredictable」


I agree with that.

I didn’t think that I would impregnate Eleanor.


「As expected of Master desu」

「Umu, that is why you are worthy of my Aruji」

「By the way, is Hikari-sama also, only Yuuki-sama can wield」

「Ahh, I wonder. You want to try?」



Delfina who had a bitter experience hesitated.


「I am with you」

「……well then」


Probably remembering something, she reached out to Hikari with a blushed face.

Cautiously touched with her hand, and tried to raise her hand, butーー


「I-It’s heavy desu wa」


「Yes, I cannot even raise it a little」

「I will try to do it」


Nana said that, and tried to raise her up the same way.

But, it didn’t even flinch. Hikari, as if she was rooted to the ground, wouldn’t even flinch.


「It’s too heavy, what’s with this weight」



I held Hikari instead. It’s not like it’s heavy or anything, it has the same weight as it looked.


「It looks like only Yuuki-sama could wield her」

「It seems to be that way」


Well, that is good just like that. I’m not thinking of letting Hikari be touched by anybody else in the first place, it’s convenient that she couldn’t be really wielded.

Hikari returned to her human form.

And once again, “Please take care of me”, lovely greeted.

The three who saw that.


「Yuuki-sama, can I borrow Hikari-sama later for a while. Since she is also a girl, I will have her measurements and prepare cute clothes for her」

「I-I can make pastry. Hikari-sama, do you like sweets?」

「I will……mumu, I’m troubled, what do I need to do to make a child happy?」


The three were planning on spoiling Hikari.

Looking from the side, it was clear that the end of their eyes was dropping.

Well, I know that feeling.

Because Hikari is the cutest in the world.



Lottery place.

Eleanor was sitting in the corner of the room hugging her knees. She was mumbling while she was hugging her knees.


「I was forcefully impregnated……a mother……a mother in this age……」


Whose age are you saying! You, you told me that you have lived a few hundred years the first time we met.

Isn’t it super late childbearing, in your case.

Beside that Eleanor who was mumbling, Hikari was standing timidly, as to see how she was.

What is it, when I was thinking of that.


「Uhm……Okaa-san, desu ka?」


In an instant, “n?” I thought, but when I think about it, I remembered that it was the first time Hikari saw Eleanor’s human version.

Eleanor raised her head, she had a very complicated expression.


「Hikari. Let Okaa-san hug you」



Receiving my guarantee, Hikari hugged Eleanor happily.

Honestly, their height was the same of two little girls, and rather than mother and daughter, I could only see them as friends in kindergarden.


「W-What are you doing」




Being hugged, and called, Eleanor was stuck on her words.

It felt that she was troubled, but it doesn’t seem she didn’t like it.


「You are really mother and daughter, huh, you really look alike」

「Un! I look like Okaa-san!」


Hikari smiled innocently.

And being moved by that, Eleanor’s face gradually softens.

When she patted Hikari who was hugging her, Hikari hugged stronger. And Hikari made her mother spoil her. Because of that, Eleanor patted Hikari’s head with a pleasant expression.

Circulation of happiness. Such words came to my mind.




The staff let out an astonished voice. Un, she was here all the time.


「I don’t know what is happening, but please do not come with an unexpected happy family circle」

「Sorry, sorry」


I lightly apologized, and went towards the table.


「Yes, then, from the start again. Welcome, Customer-san」

「By the way I’d like to ask, isn’t the lottery machine became two」


I asked the staff who returned back to usual. The lottery machine on the top of the table became two.

The one was the not limited lottery anymore, the lottery machine that I drew from a few times.

The other one was a lottery machine that felt more modest.


「Yes, we started a new lottery」


Just like a chinese cold noodle huh.


「Is this also limited lottery?」

「No, this is continuous. It’s just, there is a different way to draw it」


「Once for every day, you will be given the right to draw every time you come here. You can use that immediately to draw, and you can also stack them to draw all at once」

「Do I only need to come here」

「Yes. But, Customer-san himself needs to come here」


Something like a login bonus huh.


「And, what are the prizes? Looks like they aren’t written anywhere」

「This one can be drawn for free, so it would be only humble items. They’re not written means, please look forward drawing them」

「I see」

「By the way, when you get a miss with this one, it would be one silver for participation prize」

「It’s really a miss huh」

「Well then, what will you do? The count right now is one time, will you draw?」

「Let me think」


I thought for a while

It’s not bad drawing once, but stacking them and drawing at once is also good.

Well, what should I do.


「Otou-san, what’s this?」


Hikari came with cute steps.


「Un? This is what you call a lottery. When you turn this, you can receive what comes out as a present」



Eleanor who was behind laughed out.


「What is it」

「Present, you say……you changed how to say it finely」


「You also called me earlier, as Okaa-san」


Being pointed that out, I got a little embarrassed.

I wonder why, the words I use to talk to Hikari, changes depending from its point of view.

I wonder what this is.

Hikari saw the lottery machine for a bit, and asked.


「Is that so〜. ……if I turn it, can I get a prize?」

「Un? Yeah, of course you can」


It’s my right to use it, but I had confirmed that I can get what comes out before when I tried it with Eleanor.

Because Hikari was making an excited face, I asked her.


「You want to try?」


「I see. Then, only once. Is it okay」


I asked the staff to make sure. And then, Hikari bows her head to the staff.


「Onee-chan, please」



The staff groaned for a bit. What is it?




「Ha! I-It’s nothing」


The staff tried to hide it in a hurry. Why did she try to hide it? It’s alright even if she thought she was cute.

While wondering why was that, I left that for a while and explained the lottery to Hikari.


「You hold this handle and turn it once. And, the one that comes out……everything’s a hit other than the black one」

「Is the black one not good?」

「It’s because it’s a miss. It’s a shabby one」

「I see……un! I’ll do my best to not let it go black」


She made a small guts pose, it’s cute.


「P-Please wait a minute」


The staff stopped before we turned it.


「It’s the first time right, lottery. Uhm, for that girl」

「Well yeah」


She was only born yesterday so everything for her is the first time.


「T-Then……I will especially make it a hit only once for the first time. To something other than a miss」

「Oi oi, is it alright doing that」

「It’s only once for the first time, it’s not like it would be jackpot for sure」


Well, it’s true that there are a lot of things like that.

It a usual pattern that happens in a lot of places making the first draw only a hit.

It was a usual pattern, but. Un, well.

I looked at the staff, and then said to Hikari.


「Hikari. Say thanks to Onee-chan」

「Thank you, Onee-chan」


Hikari made a face that didn’t understand anything, but she cutely bowed her head and said thanks.

And again, she mumbled “cute”, but I ignored it this time.

Hikari held the handle and turned it with an excited face.

I also became excited.  

The first draw that is sure to hit, I wonder what will come out.

The lottery machine turned once, and *GaranGaran* the handle bell rung.



Grasslands in the afternoon, the three of us, Eleanor, Hikari(human form) and I.

In Hikari’s hands, a miniature size house, it was like a toy house.

She left that in the ground and said to me.


「Otou-san, I left it」



I nodded, and had strong thoughts to use the magic, Cottage, that we got from the lottery.

And then, the toy house gradually got bigger, and became to a size that people can enter normally.


「Wa〜, Amazing〜!」

「It really is amazing」

『Can you return it back』

「I’ll try」


I returned the magic cottage, and picked it up.

I left that, and made it bigger.


「It’s as I wanted huh」

『Is that not a very useful tool』

「Ne〜ne〜, Otou-san, can we enter inside?」



I entered inside with Hikari.

Inside the cottage, was very empty.

The voice also really echoes, it felt like an apartment before moving in.


「Wa〜, it’s wide inside〜」


Hikari horsed around, and laid around.


「If I’m correct, she was saying that special furniture, and the room can also be expanded through lottery」

『She said that. Normal furniture can be placed inside, but she also said that it would be destroyed when returned back. But she also said that the clothes and accessories would be alright when it was kept inside the drawers』

「And that drawer is also from the lottery huh」


It was not flashy, but a convenient, and fun item.

Draw the lots, gradually gather the furniture, and expand the space.

Un, it’s good.

The things that I can look forward from the lottery had increased.









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