Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Demon Sword Little Girl




Helene, Delfina, Io, Nana, and Miu was strained.

Everyone in my harem was like thick and milky, because I loved them until even the sheets were drenched……but it wasn’t enough at all.

The count is around a hundred, but it’s not enough at all.

I’m more hungry than usual.

I know the cause.

Because I used my powers to go here and there to help Melissa, it’s the recoil from that.

The result of being tired physically, and getting irritated because of the strong self-sacrifice of Melissa, it got stronger.

It’s the type of libido strengthens when irritated.

The result, regardless of it unable to be suppressed usually, it felt that it was more impossible to be suppressed today.


『If you do more than this, they are going to be crushed』

「I know that」


I know all about that, and I really know that everyone’s stamina are at their limits.

I cannot let them push them more than this.


『How about you release it through a different thing?』

「A different thing?」

『Release it by moving your body. Hitting something or running with all your strength, something like that』


I see, release it through sports huh.

Maybe that is also one kind of way.

It is boring, but I decided to go with that.

After covering everyone with sheets, I held Eleanor and warped.

Where I came to, was a rocky mountain. After walking for a while, I saw the Orycuto.

The rock monster saw me, and subtly backs off.


『It looks like it’s afraid』


My bad, but I’m not going to let you run away.

I made a stance with Eleanor, and slashed at the Orycuto.

I smashed it into pieces.

As soon as it recovers, I smashed it into pieces. Not allowing it to run away other than the first time, I continued to smash it into pieces.

The heat of my body, my quell.

Through Eleanor, I hit it towards the Orycuto.



「What is it」

『Somehow……it’s strange』


『Powers that are different than usual is flowing into me. It is somehow hot』

「Is it something bad?」

『There is no problem, but……』

「Then, bear with it」


I said that, and swung Eleanor continuously.

At the middle of doing that, a strange voice was released in my head, but I ignored it.

Anyways, I released it continuously towards the Orycuto.

It was about five hours in time. After smashing it continuously until dawn, I finally suppressed it, and warped to the mansion, entered an empty room, and collapsed into a bed just like that.

Probably because I was able to release all of it, I was able to sleep comfortably.



When I woke up, a little girl was mounting me.

It was a cute little girl who was about in her kindergarden, was mounting me who was sleeping faced up, staring at me very intently.

I thought it was a dream.

But I can feel her weight properly, and the feeling of the bed that I was lying on was real.


「You, who are you?」


「My bad, but I can’t see you as a man」

「Not that」


The little girl pointed at me.


「Otou-san. My, Otou-san」

「Are you talking about me?」



There’s no way, I thought.

It’s true that I did things that can make a child, the number of times I did it was ridiculous, but it hasn’t been a month since I started doing that.

There’s no way that a child could be made, in addition to that, the one in front of me looks about 3-4 years old, a little girl who’s around her kindergarden.  

There’s no doubting it’s not my child.

But she’s cute, somehow, she’s super cute.

She was so cute that I’d probably look back at her if I saw her inside the town.

It’s probably a game, so I thought I could go with it for a bit.


「Your name is?」

「I still don’t have, name me, Otou-san」

「I see. And, where did you come from?」

「Inside Otou-san」


What an explicit way of saying it, well that’s probably true though.


「Then, where is your Okaa-san?」



The little girl pointed straightly. There was no one in the direction she pointed to.

Specifically, there is no human, is more correct.

There was, Demon Sword Eleanor.

The little girl is pointing straightly at Eleanor.



「That’s a sword you know」

「Un, I know. Because, I’m also a sword」



Not minding me who was surprised, the little girl went off me.

And “nnnnnnn” made a pose as if to charge powers by gripping her fists.

Soon after, a change happened.

The little girl’s body was enveloped by a dark light.

When the light dissipates, a short sword was there.

If I said it with a few words, it’s the miniature version of Eleanor.

It was as if Eleanor was minimized!



The little girl who returned to her human form, and Eleanor.

The two people……both of them aren’t human though……in front of them, I had my hands in my head.


「It means, I am the father, and Eleanor is the mother huh」



The little girl nodded greatly. Damn it, so cute.


「……I will accept that Eleanor is the mother. I mean, it is more difficult saying that’s not true after seeing that」


After all, her appearance was almost the same in a miniature size.


「And, what happened with this」

『H-How will I know!』


Eleanor was extremely panicking. It means it was also unexpected for her.


『I-In the first place, something for a child to be born. I had never done anyーーah!』


Her words stopped. It looks like she had something on her mind.


『Last night’s』

「Last night’s」

『Because you used me to release it terribly……』

「It was with that huh. But, I had been fighting using you ever since right? Why is it right now」

『Is yesterday special, or the stacking up to now』



I couldn’t say anything.

Because if I were told one of them is, I would probably believe it.

It’s true that I released my heightened libido and anger yesterday, and thinking that Eleanor isn’t human, and saying it stacked up until now, I would probably think of it as it is.


「Is it really true?」

「Otou-san……do you hate me?」




She asked me while glancing upwards.

I was knocked out.



I came in the afternoon in the rocky mountains.

The Orycuto that I saw immediately backed off with a faster speed than yesterday.

I feel bad, two days consecutively, but……please be the sacrifice for the mother and daughter get-together.


「Then, let’s go」




The voice in my head became a stereo.

Eleanor in one hand, and daughter in the other.

I’m holding them with both of my hands.

Eleanor in my right hand, and daughter in the left.

Their sizes were different, so it feels like dual wielding with a Kodachi.

I caught up with the Orycuto, and slashed at it.

It was no doubt Eleanor’s daughter, and……no doubt my daughter.

The feeling of cutting Orycuto was almost the same with Eleanor, and she fits my hand more than Eleanor.

It wasn’t reason, I don’t know how this happened.

But, I am now sure that she is my daughter.

There wasn’t a need to do more than this, so I warped back to the mansion’s garden.

And there, daughter returns in her human form.


「How was it, Otou-san」

「Yeah, I’ll believe you. You are my daughter」


I dropped on my knees, and patted her head.

“Ehehe” daughter laughed sweetly.

Damn it, she’s super cute, isn’t she number one in the world?

I continued to pat daughter.



「Un, what is it?」


Even I knew myself that my voice was kind.


「And Okaa-san also」

『W-What is it?』


Eleanor seemed like she was still confused.


「My name, I’ll be happy if you name me」

「That’s right!」



I looked at Eleanor. If I’m correct, she said earlier that she still don’t have a name.

I know it, it’s my daughter, I have to give her a proper name.

I looked at Eleanor, and said.




「Right, Hikari」


Eleanor, and Hikari.

That name came out instantly.


「Is that okay」


I asked Eleanor.


『……I have no objections』


It was a more obedient voice than usual.

Daughter repeatedly mumbled that name, and finally, she nodded.


「Un! I am Hikari!」


That smile……damn it, it was number one in the world after all.










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