Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: You’re Also Weak You Know

I left the building together with Melissa. Her subordinates were taking treatment altogether, so they wouldn’t die, but they were told that they wouldn’t be able to move for a while.

And because of that, Melissa was making a troubled face.

「What is it」

「U〜un, it’s nothing」

「Is that the face with nothing happened. What is it, tell me」


Melissa’s face wasn’t the “It’s hard to tell” face, but the “I’m troubled” face.

Seeing her face, I knew it. By remembering what happened until now, I really knew it.

「You, are still planning to go save someone huh」


With her troubled face, she answered promptly.

I was astonished.

「You, how many requests do you have」


「You can stop」

When Melissa started to count by folding her fingers, I immediately stopped her. You’re having so much that you’d count like that huh.

「……where is the next one」


「Where are you going next? You’re troubled because your subordinates had collapsed right, I’ll go and do it with you」

「But……doing something like that」

「Enough of that」

I made her follow me forcibly.

Because there’s a wolf pack that was having a rampage at a town called Oryun, we immediately went there on horseback with a fast horse to exterminate it.

Letos and Ryukai

And to Euboi

「Ugaa! How many is there!」

「There’s still……」

「You don’t need to count with your fingers」

「I answered because you asked……」

I’m not asking how many there is but I’m just so irritated.

Following Melissa to resolve the problems here and there, there is one thing that I found out.

It was that she was really, doing service for no cost.

Resolving what was being asked, almost all of them ends just by being said: “Thank You”.

Well, I know that most of them are poor villages that there isn’t much of a reward to be expected, but this is, really terrible.

And if I were to say which one was the most terrible.

「Uhmm……next is……」

After resolving the request in Euboi, Melissa took a paper from around her waist, and confirms the contents that were written. That’s probably the contents of the request.

Confirming that, Melissa’s complexion worsened.

Because I was with her, she didn’t have any injuries, but even I couldn’t cover up her fatigue.

Fatigue was visible in Melissa’s face because we moved here and there to resolve difficult problems.

「You should rest already」

「But, there’s stillーー」

「AHH! Whatever!」

I took Melissa with me, and warped to the bedroom of my mansion.

「W-Where is this」

「Inside my mansion, and inside my room」


Melissa looked at me and the bed alternately, and her complexion changed for a different meaning.

「That’s not it! You, sleep for the mean time!」

「Eh! But」

「I don’t need buts, shut up and sleep」

I said that, and pushed Melissa to the top of the bed.

She tried to raise her body but I pushed her down, she tried to raise her body again but I pushed her down.

After repeating that for several times, Melissa wasn’t able to wake up any longer.

「For…god’s sake. This isn’t……the time……doing……this」

While being laid down on the top of the bed, Melissa’s eyelids gradually closed.

She started to sound asleep instantly.

Even though I wasn’t doing anything, she immediately fell asleep.

「Look, I told you, weren’t you tired」

I was astonished.

Melissa’s waist, uniformーーvestment? I groped within them.

『Are you going to attack her asleep? As expected of a devil huh』

「That’s not it! ーーhere it is」

I found the paper that Melissa was confirming earlier.

Written in small letters, the paper was filled with requests.

I put that in my pocket, and shouted with a loud voice.

「Nana? Is Nana here?」

Nana appeared immediately.

「Is there something you need for my, Aruji」

「I’ll count on you to keep an eye on her. Don’t let her go out of the bed whatever happens, let her sleep anyways」

「I understand」

I left Nana beside the sleeping Melissa and left the room.

I thought of clearing it up from where I could clear it.

「……A, re」

Melissa slowly woke up.

I, who was reading a book on the side of the window, stood up and went towards her.

「You woke up」

「This is……ah!」

She remembered what happened in the instance before, and raised her body very quickly.

Her complexion has become much better, and there’s also sharpness in her movements.

I didn’t stop her from waking up.

「How long have I, have been asleep?」

「A whole day」


「You we’re asleep for a whole day. You, you were so tired」

「A whole day, you say……no way」

Melissa’s complexion changed in a different meaning. She became paler and paler.

「The requests……the people waiting for help」

「……here you go」

I threw the paper in front of her.

It was the paper where request was written, and I crossed on top of that.

The request written, I made a cross on most of it.

「This is……ah!」

「I did everything」


「I was able to clear it up within a day」

「J-Just wait a minute, within that, there’s gathering ingredients for medicine. A lot of Arcudo is needed to be defeated, it’s the one that I postponed because I was waiting for the support of the punitive corps to arrive」

「That huh, that’s really troublesome you know. The part that could be used as medicine was the inverted heart that grew on the right side, I finally found it after defeating ten of them. It’s one level stronger than the mountain cows so it was simply troublesome」

「Simply, you say……that isn’t, something done alone……」

“I can’t believe it”, that was written on Melissa’s face.

She was looking at my face and the paper on her hands alternatively.

「This, was for about a week. Alone……in one day?」

Melissa was mumbling something.

It’s about her, she probably had planned to do that two weeks nonstop.

「If you can’t believe it, you should just confirm it later all you want. I told them my name and resolved all of it appropriately so there shouldn’t be a problem」



「Thank you. Doing something like this for me, I don’t know how to thank you」

「I don’t need that」

「But still……thank you」

She stood up from the bed, stood firmly, then bows her head.


Something fell from around Melissa’s waist.

That, fluttering in the air while falling, was a paper that was similar to the one I passed her earlier.

Melissa was in a hurry trying to pick that up, but I picked it up as if to steal it.

With a glance, I looked at Melissa with cold eyes.

「You……there’s still some」


「Are you planning to die」

「Uhm, I will not die, so」


I was so irritated, for some reason, I was super irritated.

「Is this all, is there something left?」


「I’m asking if this was all the request that you have」

「Un, that’s all」

「I got it. I’ll go and clear it up」

「But, those people are asking for my helpーー」

「Shut up」

I flicked a finger to Melissa’s forehead. She lost her balance and dropped from her hips to the top of the bed.

「I’ll also do this, so you should rest a little bit more. I mean, you’re weaker than me, receive my help honestly」

Melissa widened her eyes so much, and stared intently at me.

And finally looking down, “Un” she nodded.


I gripped the paper, and left the mansion.

Because I was so irritated, didn’t notice that Melissa’s face was blushing.







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