Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: One More Chance


After subduing the rebellion, while Helene was taking care of the post-war and Delfina giving debts like a hard sale, I grabbed lottery tickets and went to the lottery place.

As soon as the lottery place staff saw me, said with a smile.


「Dear customer, you came at a very good timing. Today is the last day of the limited lottery. You wouldn’t believe it, all prizes will be doubled」



With the excitement, I couldn’t help raising a voice.


「That means, every jackpot there is twice the prize?」

「Yes, from participation prize to first prize, everything will be doubled」

「Isn’t that unfair to the people who drew until now」


Eleanor in her loli appearance was saying that behind me, but I ignored her.

Rather than that, it’s double, if it’s double lotteryーーI should draw with all my strength.


「Will you like to draw right now?」

「Of course. Count it」


I passed the lottery ticket to the staff.

It’s the lottery ticket I collected from hunting, loving everyone in the harem, and subjugation of the rebel army.


「Yes, 20 tickets it is. Well then, please draw 22 times」



I grabbed the lottery machine’s leverーーand turned it at once.


*GaraGaraGara*, the balls come out one next to the other.


Participation prize, participation prize, third prize, participation prize……

The result of drawing 22 times, 2 second prize, 6 third prize, and the rest participation prize.

All of those doubled, 4 second prize, 12 third prize, and the participation prize was a whopping 28.

I got a lot, and the result of drawing in reality, the “double” was more amazing than expected.

It was amazing, but……


「First prize didn’t come out after all huh」

「Customer-san has better luck you know. Normally, second prize or third prize, it won’t come out this much」

「Even if you say that, I wanted the first prize though」


I looked at the prizes list.


 ・First Prize  Ability Lending (1 hour)


I wanted to get the one that has the most effect duration.

It’s the last day and since it’s double, it was more so.


「……it would be double throughout today right」

「Yes, today is the last day, so until the day ends, it would be double」

「Until when is the lottery open?」

「Until the date changes」

「I got it」


I took Eleanor and left the lottery place.

I returned to the mansion. I asked Eleanor who returned to her sword form.


『You asked the time, so are you going to collect it right now?』

「Yeah, it’s only once, so if I can draw, I want to draw without regretting it」

『I see. But, what will you do? You collected 20 tickets using all the money you could use. More than that, where do you plan on collecting it?』

「I have one thing on my mind. It’s up to luck though」

『Where is that?』



After going to the guild once, I warped to the forest where the Undead Army was sealed.

It was the third time I came here. In the sealing point, there were a few adventurers. It looks like they’re the ones the guild sent to monitor it.


「Kakeru-san? What happened」


Within them, one young male talked to me.

It’s a face I don’t know, but it looks like his side knows about me.

There’s no time, so I immediately cut to the chase.


「You came here doing a quest from the guild right. So that when an accident happens, it could be resealed」

「Yes, that is me」

「I see. Then, not only sealing it, can you also release it?」

「Release on this side? Well, I can do it, though……」


Why? was written on his face.


「Can you release it right now」

「Ehhh? W-Why」

「Just something. Don’t worry, I won’t do bad things」

「Did you tell Andreu-san this?」

「I talked to him earlier」


I showed him the envelope I got from the guild.

With the help of Andreu in the guild, the conversation proceeded smoothly.

Since they’re recognition about it was, it was thanks to me that they were able to seal it, the talk was fast.


「I understand, please wait a minute」

「I’m counting on you」


The young male said, went to the seal’s place and released it.

And when I was waiting there for a second, zombies came out right away.

I cut that in two with one attack.

Skeletons came next, and I cut them into two just like earlier.


Monsters were emerging one next to the other, and as soon as they appeared I defeated them with one attack.

I feel like was hunting monsters with unlimited spawn. It was also like this when I first got the first lottery ticket, and at that time I defeated what Eleanor summoned one next to the other.

Until the day ends, since I had no cash on me, this was the way that I chose.

The efficiency is low, but I bet everything on that.



Before the date changes, I ran to the lottery place.


「Welcome. Only 5 minutes are remaining, Customer-san」

「I made it huh」


I was a little relieved.

There is one lottery ticket in my hand.

After that, I was endlessly hunting on the unlimited spawn, this was the most valuable one ticket that I picked up.


「Here, this」

「One ticket huh, is it okay not 10 pieces」

「I couldn’t collect that after all」

「Is that so. But well, at times that someone wins a prize, they win even with one ticket」


I was told that as lip service. Right now, even with that, I was thankful.


「Yeah, I came to win a prize」


I declared confidently.

My heart was throbbing.

The precious one ticket, the big game in its last-minute.

I placed my hand to the lottery machineーーand got petrified.



「What happened」


The staff and Eleanor asked at the same time.

I stared at Eleanor with her loli appearance intently, and asked.


「You, is your luck good?」

「Mine huh? I wonder, maybe it is very decent?」

「The prizes that came out when it was you were higher right. You also got the Warp Feather with one draw」

「When I think about it, that is right. ……don’t tell me, you plan to let me draw with that」



I thought that it might be better that way.

The thing called luck, there’s a flow in it. I had already drawn 22 times, so there’s the possibility that “flow” had not come to me.

If it’s Eleanor, she might get the prize……it’s completely occult to think that though.


「Stop it, even if it is me, I do not feel I could win with only one draw. I was just lucky that time」

「It’s fine even with that, please draw it」

「If you say it is fine, then I do not mind, but」

「Are you sure, Customer-san」


Even the staff was saying that.



「Then, I’ll draw it. Carry me up」


Eleanor who couldn’t reach with her height, demanded that from me.


「……wait a minute」


When I was about to carry Eleanor upーーa stopped her again.

I had an idea about something.

I got excited. I was so excited that my excitement before looks cute.


「Customer-san? If you don’t draw quickly it will end you know?」

「We’ll draw quickly. Before thatーー」


I started at Eleanor, and used what I got from the limited lottery to her.


【The Luck will be lent to Demon Sword Eleanor. Time Remaining 29 Seconds】


「It’s good with this. Well then, draw it now」


I carried Eleanor up, and with her small hand, she touched the lottery machine.

My heart was throbbing.

I lent my luck to Eleanor.

What will be lent is not my ability itself, but the multiplication.

Eleanor’s luck, multiplied by 777.




「Waaa, it’s jackpot!」


The hand bell rings.

What came out, was the golden ball I highly anticipated.









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