Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Nana-Hime Captured


I want a new girl in my harem.

When I said that to everyone.


「That is natural, why did you not do it until now?」

「As Kakeru-sama wishes to」

「Master is a devil, so」

「Please let me enter the haremーーeh?! I’m already in it?!」


I was told a lot, but there wasn’t an opposition. Instead, I was told to do it a lot more. Delfina even said, if there isn’t a hundred, it wouldn’t be enough.

Just like that, I started to find girls to put in my harem.



At lunch at Purosu-Tei. After the hunting and mining work, together with Io, I went.




The poster girl Fiona welcomed me with a wide smile.


「It’s been a while, Kakeru-san!」

「Yeah, it’s been a while. Is Marie-chan alright already?」

「Yes, thanks to you. Ah! Please come here」


Io and I were guided to a seat.


「Marie was saying that she wanted to go to Kakeru-san’s place and say thanks, but, is it not an inconvenience?」

「Inconvenience? Why?」


They’re going to say thanks, why would it be an inconvenience?


「Is that so, then, we will be coming soon」


「By the way, Kakeru-sama has recently have amazing success right. There’s a lot of rumors you know」


「Yes. Like defeating an army alone, like defeating a monster bigger than a house with one attack, and things like defeating that famous Orycuto, ignoring its weakness, with only a sword. A lot of rumors that were a bit exaggerated is flying around. Those who only heard the rumors  “What kind of monster is that?” they exclaimed, the rumors are exaggerated just like that」


The truth is, it wasn’t exaggerated, they are all true. The army was about Kiril’s 1000 troops, the monster bigger than a house was about Hell’s Emperor, and about the Orycutoーー.

I looked at Io, she looked away for a bit.


「I’m sorry, I bragged to my friends」

「Bragging huh」


I don’t know how she bragged about it, but well, I don’t feel bad about it.


「But……you really are holding the Demon Sword huh」


Fiona looked at Eleanor.

Marie was really possessed by Eleanor, so she had deep emotions about it.


「I’ll properly take care of this. I won’t let anything like what happened to Marie-chan happen again, so don’t worry」



I might do something like what I did to Delfina though, that was convenient if I just choose where to use it.


『Don’t treat me as a convenient thing!』


I heard some objection, but pretend I couldn’t hear it at all.

After having a small talk with Fiona, I ordered.

Fiona returned to her work, and this time, I talked to Io.


「But, it had become rumors like that huh」

「Based on what I’ve heard, it seems it had reached the nearby country. A knight with a dark sword that protects a princess, they said. At first, I didn’t know what was that about though」

「That’s because I saved Helene」


Somehow, in places that I’m not aware of, it was being rumored a lot.

As I’ve thought, I don’t feel bad about it.


「Oi, did you hear it. The subjugation war against the barbarians, it looks like they pushed back」

「What did you say? Are you saying what Helene-sama did was all for nothing」



My ears picked up a voice.

It was a pair of men who was sitting on the opposite side of the store. They were gossiping.

Because Helene’s name came out, I focused and hear their voices.


「Because Helen-sama’s direct subordinate had a great win, wasn’t it a clean-up war after that」

「This is just rumors though, it seems like when the princess of the barbarians went to the front lines, they pushed back with momentum again. The battlefields where that came out, there was a succession of victories, it was with an irresistible force. Right now, it looks like she’s being called like goddess of victory or hakua no seijo」

「He〜. Princess of the barbarians and a warrior huh, that’s surely a gorilla-like woman huh」

「They say though」


One of the men smirks. His voice suddenly became naughty.


「They say it’s an amazing beauty」

「That’s only rumors right」

「No, this side’s soldier……I heard this from someone who ran away, but it was an incredible beauty he said」

「No way」

「This is, maybe, only maybe, but. If their momentum staysーー」


When it became, expecting the loss of the kingdom, and what they would do after that, I stopped hearing their voice.

But……I heard something good.

Beautiful, and strong princess,

If it’s really true, I need to confirm it with my own eyes.



At the mansion at night, when I asked about it to Helene that came, she answered as usual.


「It is about Nana Kanou right」

「That’s a name easy to call huh」


At least for me, who is Japanese.


「I was just being worried about that」

「I heard in the rumors, she was very strong and had continuous victories though?」

「That is a fact. First battleーーprobably her first battle, she defeated our army of 2000 people with only a small group of 30 people. The soldiers who got out alive at that time is still trembling with fear, and still could not talk properly」

「Is that true」

「With that first fight they got the momentum, and soldiers started to gather on their side. And their numbers increased, and started to get a lot more momentum. To not let them increase their momentum any longer, instead of the troops from that area, it is being talked about that a proper pacified army would be sent there」

「It has become that big of a thing huh」


Is it that important.

I thought about it a little.


「What should I do to join that pacified army?」

「Kakeru-sama will?」

「Yeah. I’m interested about that princess」


“I see”, Helene nodded.

I just told her that I wanted to increase the harem members, so she understood it very quickly. 「Joining itself is very easy, if you enter as a soldier. But, with that, Kakeru-sama’s goal would not be achieved」



「It is decided in the kingdom’s policy, that it would be public execution after capturing her. If she is left alive,  there is a possibility of a comeback, and if she was killed unclearly, rumors will run wild, and it will be troublesome after that」

「Ah〜, I see I see」


There’s a lot of things like that right.

Toyotomi survived after the Osaka no Jin, there was also that theory.

It’s true that if that happens, it would be very troublesome to the kingdom’s side.

But public execution……if it was like that I would be troubled.


「That is why, there is a need for Kakeru-sama to attack separate from the army, and capture her yourself. Or, Kakeru-sama himself would lead troops as a general, and capture her」

「I see」


I looked at Helene, and asked.


「Is it okay with Helene? Even if I capture her」


Of course, this is a question for “princess” Helene.

There’s also the kingdom’s policy.

But Helene answered without hesitation.


「As Kakeru-sama wishes」


She answered as usual.




I had already came here before, to the town that is currently the frontlines of the war against the barbarians right now, I took Delfina with me and jumped using Warp.

Compared to the last time I came to this town, it had a more strict atmosphere.


「Euboi’s current soldiers is 500, if I am correct, there are 3000 on the other side. I heard that it they were gathering, but they gathered more than expected」

「The powerful clans nearby came to her place at once. They are probably planning to use her as an idol. If they lend their powers right now and gain their favor, they would have an authority on the distribution of rewards after the kingdom is defeated」

「I see」

「That is why, if they are left alone, they will increase a lot more. This time not only the powerful clans, but also civilians will join. She was very charismatic according to the rumors」

「I see」

「And then, what shall we do」



I thought about it.

The opponent is 3000 people.

Defeating them head-on will be difficult.

My side’s forces is me and the harem’s four, and the ghost maid Tanya that I can summon.

Even if I lend powers to everyone, it would still be difficult.


「It would be the best to let the both sides collide, and get the trophy from the side」

「I agree desuwa. By the way, there is this kind of information」


「Yes. It looks like Nana Kanou went to backlines for once. There was a fight between both powerful clans, and she is going to mediate that, they say」

「That’s the fate of troops suddenly gathered, no order huh」


It’s the kind of talk that I can feel its difficulty in it.


「And, the soldiers that are accompanying her is 500. I also have the route they are going to use desuwa」

「It’s impressing you know that information」

「That’s because information is the life of a merchant」


Delfina said that without being proud of it.

I see, I am convinced.


「That information……that’s probably expensive right」

「I can accept payment after success, if you want」

「Sold then」



Using the information I got from Delfina, I was hiding on top of that route.

Alone, I am standing in the middle of the road while striking a daunting pose.

By the way, I left behind the women of the harem.

I can also let them fight together by lending my ability, but it would be dangerous if the time limit of 5 minutes comes with the single-use, so I let them pass this time.


After waiting a while, the target came by itself.

As what the information said, it was a 500-man troops.


「Who are you, stoーー」


I slashed down the soldier in the lead without mercy.

My target is Nana Kanou, only one. There is no need for useless questions.

I swung Eleanor and started slashing at the soldiers.

Because it suddenly happened, the soldiers were overwhelmed, but.


「Do not panic, maintain formation, deal with it calmly」


I heard a voice. It was a beautiful voice with core in it.

When I looked at the direction of the voice, I saw a woman wearing white armor between the soldiers.

As the rumors had said, she was a beauty.


I was almost mesmerized, but noticed the change.

The pressureーーgot stronger.

I was thinking of running through where Nana was, but I was stopped on my feet.

Just like, a feeling of charging into a thick wall.

It was far stronger than the soldiers that Kiril had led.


「Her leading ability huh」

『They are well-trained』

「I should do it seriously huh」


I backed off with one step, and fix my grip to Eleanor.

Eleanor with a horizontal stance. Dark aura started to come out from its blade.


「Demon Sword」

「Demon Sword……is it the rumored Eleanor」

「Knight of dark sword……」


The soldiers were distressed.

I charged into that, and slashed at the soldiers that was on my way one next to the other.

After cutting about a hundred people, I reached Nana.


「Eleanor’s watch dog huh!」

「I’m being thought like that huh. I came to capture you」

「I won’t let you do it, I’ll defeat you instead!!」


Nana unsheathed her sword.

It was somehow a regular long sword, but the tail? that was on the end of its handle was fluttering, and combined with her style, it was very cool.


「Here I come!!」


She swung the long sword at me.

I received it with Eleanor, with metal sounds, sparks were flying out.

She’s strong. At least I can say, she was the strongest among the opponents that I had fought until now.

Beautiful, strong, and have style.

“I see” I thought she was as the rumors had told.


I exchanged swords with Nana. Before I knew it, the soldiers was looking from afar, entered observation mode, and it became a one on one with Nana.

The soldiers are making a composed faces. “There’s no way our Nana-Hime would lose.” they were those kind of faces. The exchange of blows also makes them feel more like that.

It’s fun exchanging slashes with Nana like this, but I decided to do the goal in the first place, and capture her.





I released my full strength, and while being careful not to wound Nana, I parried away her long sword. The long sword makes a few turns, and pierced the ground.

I thrust Eleanor to Nana’s throat.


「Khu! Kill Me!」

「Don’t worry, because I won’t kill you」


I picked up Nana’s sword, took her with me and warped to the mansion.

Nana was surprised with the warp.

Well then, I captured her with this.

This is where the real part starts.








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Translator Notes:

姫を守る黒刀の騎士(Hime wo Mamoru Kokutou no Kishi) = 姫(Princess) を(the) 守る(Protect) 黒刀(Dark blade) の(of) 騎士(Knight)
勝利の女神(Shouri no Megami) = 勝利(Victory) の(of) 女神(Goddess)
白亜の聖女(Hakua no Seijo) = 白亜(Chalk?) の(of) 聖女(Lady Saint?)
黒剣の騎士(Kokuken no Kishi) 黒剣(Dark Sword) の(of ) 騎士(Knight)
連戦連勝(Rensen Renshou) = Succession of victories
破竹の勢い(Datou no Ikioi) = irresistible force

My left hand that had a black dragon in it was aching so I couldn’t help but write this.

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