Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Wealthy Merchant (Choroi)


Delfina who was grooming herself looks erotic.

Fixing her messy hair, gathering the clothes that became only rags, and hides her body.

She shudders after seeing the piece of cloth that has blood stains.

It was like that after all.

I mean……if feels bad leaving her like this.


「Wait a minute」


I moved to my room in the mansion using the Warp Feather, and pulled out sheets.


「Miu! I’m taking the sheets」


I called out with a loud voice to be sure, and returned to where Delfina was using the Warp Feather.

That time, it was only 10 seconds.

*KyoroKyoro* when I returned, Delfina was looking around.


「Right nowーー」

「Rather than that, here」


I put the sheets over Delfina.

She was covered with the sheets, so the violated-like look disappeared.

She was grasping the sheets that covered her, but her back was straight.

Delfina said, with the expression when we first met.


「I will say gratitude」

「Ah, no, it’s me who broke itーー」

「No, not that……you saved me, right」


「My head……or maybe my heart. That black ominous feeling disappeared」


It’s about Eleanor huh.


「If I recall the beginning and end of the situation, I can guess what happened and why did it came to this」

「Yeah. I think it’s how you’ve imagined it」

「I will give gratitude for saving my life in the near future」

「Life, you say」

「Demon Sword Eleanor, it seems it’s the real thing」


She said that while looking at Eleanor that I had in my waist.


「It’s seems like that」

『What do you mean by “seems”, huh』


Eleanor protested inside my head. She was noisy so I left her like that right now.


「Demon Sword Wielder……unprecedented, the first and probably the last」


I don’t know if I were to be the last though.


「If that is the real thing, then all the things that Helene-denka was saying are true」

「I am curious of what she talked about」

「Trampling a thousand soldiers alone, stopping the Orycuto without using magic」

「Ahh, that huh」


The latter is a bit suspicious though. It’s like running at full strength without taking a breath, it wouldn’t last long.

But well, it’s true at least.


「That is also a great feat, but that is trifle compared to be able to wield Demon Sword Eleanor」

「It it that amazing, this」

『If you think like that, respect me more』


It’s impossible because I know your little girl look. That was very cute.


「If that is the case, I should reevaluate my thoughts」


「From Helene-denka, I was told to give convenience to Kakeru-sama. I will back you up on everything, so please tell me whatever you need」

「That would be nice」


「And, as I’ve told earlier, as the contact……I will send a person as the representative, so please ask their help」

「I got it」


Just like that, it was all business-like things that she was talking about.

It feels that she has a cheat paper, and just reading that out loud.

There isn’t the sexiness or shyness that she had when she was grooming herself, but she also didn’t have the confidence she had in the mansion.

Just, feels like business.

That felt disappointing, so I threw a pick off a ball to collapse that.


「What should I do so I can meet you」

「Meet with me?」

「Yeah. I want to talk about other things than trade」

「……Yuuki-sama is the seventh person. That told they “want” me, or said things that are similar to that」


She said that while sighing.

I didn’t tell I “want” her at all, but yeah that’s true.

I thought that I want Delfina at the first time we met.

Right now, I’m thinking that I want her more and more because she became my “first”.


「To refuse those kinds of things, I set a price for myself」


「Whoever it is, if they would pay the price, I would become that person’s」

「If you want it, buy it huh」



「……And the price is?」

「My whole fortune」


「If I am bought with my whole fortune, I will be that person’s, I mean」

「That means……」


Something like merger and acquisition? No, is it a little different?

But I understand it somehow, to buy Delfina, I need at least more assets than her.

An asset is more than her’s, more than that of equal to a kingdom.

That……will take too much time.


What should I do? If I earn little by little, I wouldn’t make it on time.

Isn’t there a way.

I thought about it.


「I will also take on consultations」



What is she telling suddenly, when I looked at her while thinking of that, Delfina was looking to the side for some reason.

It’s after taking out Eleanor’s poison, but it’s just like when she was on heat earlier, she was red up to her ears.


「Consultations, you say, about things like earning money?」

「I-If it’s consultations and cooperation to buy me, I can help you if you want」


She said that, and blushes furthermore.

That reaction, I somehow get it. It’s like the reaction after telling a story about your “failure” and being embarrassed by it.

It’s always like that when you remember the past’s “dark history”.


Delfina was that.

She wanted to be mine, but her pride doesn’t let her.

The thing she decided in the past, but is not something to be withdrawn.

She is stubborn, but that stubbornness was also cute.


「I decided」

「W-What of?」

「Delfina said it earlier right? That you are placing a representative」


「That, I don’t need it」



Lost her words, and received a shock.

Just like a puppy being thrown away.


「I don’t need representatives. Delfina should live in my mansion. If it’s like that, I can consult and contact you with more details」


When I said that, Delfina who was embarrassed and had a shock, returned to normal in an instant.

She returned to the firm Delfina that I met for the first time in the mansion.


「I cannot do that much. If I am not presentーー」

「The business wouldn’t get around huh」



She said that with a composed expression. But she felt a shame for it.

Composed where it is needed to be, and able to see it as the reality.

That part of her is good too.

As I’ve thought, she’s a great woman, a woman who is beautiful and can do her job.


I wanted her more and more.


「If that’s the case」


I took Delfina, and returned to the mansion using Warp.




She should’ve seen me warp before once, but it’s the first time she experienced warp when she is conscious.

Delfina was very surprised.


「Where is this?」

「My mansion, it’s the bedroom」

「W-We came here in an instant?」

「By the way, it will take an hour to go to the place earlier」

「That……is it magic? No, I that kind of magic shouldn’t exist……」


「I will see you off」


「I will see off Delfina everyday, so that you could do your work easily. There’s no problem then, even if live in my mansion」

「That is……correct. Butーー」


「Shut up and be on my side」



When I told her in a strong way, Delfina replied with a clap.

After replying, she seemed like she was about to say “but” again, so I stopped her with a kiss.

After kissing for a while, I let her go.


「You got it」

「I-It cannot be helped」


When I told her softly, this time, she said it like that.

She is still stubborn, but this isn’t that bad too.

It was rather, very cute. I almost pushed her down.

That’s why, I pushed her down.


「Y-You can’t……you haven’t bought」

「Then, for free trial, you’re fine with that right」

「I-It cannot be helped」


She was easier than I thought.

But that was also cute, so I loved Delfina until the morning.

With this, the mansion’s residents increased.


Delfina Homer Lamanry.


The wealthy merchant that has fortune equal to that of a kingdom, became my woman.









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