Lottery Grand Prize: Musou Harem Rights – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Cheat Skill x Cheat Item


I can’t keep looking after the little girl(Demon Sword), so I looked toward the staff, and took out 10 lottery tickets.


「11 times, please」


I said, but the staff had a troubled face and was looking behind me.

Now that I think about earlier, she was saying that he’s troubled by non-affiliated persons or something.


「Uhm, I’m sorry」


I apologized for the meantime.


「Just as I’ve thought, was it bad?」

「Uhmm, if you properly tell her to not speak about this place, it’s not that much of a problem」

「Ah! If that’s the case I think it’s okay」


I remembered earlier. When it echoed her voice in my mind, Fiona couldn’t hear it.

At the time Marie was also possessed, I couldn’t hear her voice.

It seems like the person that could hear her is only the person who wields her.

There was also what happened to Marie, before I can do something about it, I should keep wielding her, I thought.

So, there’s no way she could tell anybody, I think.


「I would keep it that she won’t tell anybody」

「I understand. Let’s draw the lots then」


The staff said, took the lottery tickets, and counted them.


「Yes, it’s exactly 10 pieces. Well, 11 times, please go on」



I cheered, and turned the lottery machine.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.


A black ball came out.


「Yes, it’s participation prize. Ah! Please keep the ball」

「Keep it, you say, then is thisーー」


I saw the prize’s list.


「Magic Ball(Black), the real thing huh」

「Yes. If you throw that to the target you want to attack, it has great features that will detect the target’s weakest attribute and attack it」

「That’s convenient, although it’s participation prize」

「It’s because it’s a one-use magic」

「Treated the same a tissue huh」


I grabbed the ball, and looked behind.

I looked the little girl who was tired and catching her breath *ZehaZeha*, after punching.

I wonder what will happen to her if I threw her this.

……With that appearance there would be too much sense of guilt, so I’ll try it in her Demon Sword form.


「By the way, that can be used by anyone. Giving it as a self-defence item would be a good idea」


「Fumufumu. I think I’ll give it to Miu」


I put the ball in my pocket, and turned the lottery machine furthermore.


*GaraGaraGara*, a black ball.


*GaraGaraGara*, a black ball.


*GaraGaraGara*, a black ball.


I missed continuously.


「It’s hard to hit a prize huh」

「I am sorry. But having the most of them participation prizes……」


The staff, feeling sorry smiled wryly. Well that’s true, I guess.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.


The fifth time, this time a white ball came out.


*KaranKaran*, the hand bell rung.


「Congratulations!! It’s the fifth prize」

「Magic Ball(White) huh」

「Yes. Like the black one, it is for one-time use item, but this one is for recovery. You can use it like the same with the black one, but the effect is “Besides death, about anything can be healed somehow”, you can think of it like that」


That sounds like an elixir. Being reluctant of its value, I’ll be careful that I wouldn’t be using it.

I turned the lottery machine furthermore.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.




From the Sixth to the Tenth ones, they were all black balls.


「Uhmm, is my luck bad?」


The last turn, I took a deep breath while holding the handle.

“Heryaaaaa!!” cheering myself I started to turn it, it was that time.


「Hey, what were you doing since earlier」


The little girl(Demon Sword) came to my side, and looked me up.


「I’m drawing lots」

「Drawing lots?」

「Right, drawing a lot with this, and take whatever comes out」

「Like that ball?」

「Ball normally comes out, but if your luck’s really good, you can receive and amazing prize」


I looked at the prizes list. Other than the last lowest two, everything was amazing no matter how you looked at it.


「That sounds fun. Let me do it too」

「You, huh?」


It’s the last turn so I didn’t mind.

But “Is it okay?”, I looked at the staff.


「It is okay, but you guys decide the ownership whatever comes out」

「I got it」


If it’s only one turn, it could only be fifth prize or participation prize, so there should be no problem with ownership or whatsoever.


「Well then, hold this and turn it」


I said to the little girl(Demon Sword), but I was glared at.



「I can’t reach」


「My hands can’t reach. Can’t you see that!!」


The little girl raised up both her hands, it was raised upwards but it couldn’t reach the lottery machine’s handle.


「It can’t be helped」


I put my hands on the little girl’s sides, and held her up.




She for some reason blushed. I only held her up, what’s up.

It would troublesome so I urged her.


「Come now come now, you’re too heavy so start turning it」

「Don’t tell stupid things!! I shouldn’t be heavy right now」

「I know I know」


I replied carelessly.

The little girl was mumbling some things, but turned the lottery machine.


*GaraGaraGara*, *Poton*.


What came out wasーーa red ball!!


「Congratulations!! It’s the second prize」


「No way!!」


I was surprised, I didn’t think she’d hit it with only once.

When I played social games before, I used the stones I had, and let my cat draw the last turn. I remembered those times.

The staff took out the prize.


「Here you go, this will be the prize for drawing the second prize, it is the Warp Feather. If you use this, you can teleport to any place you had gone before, in an instant. You can also bring a few people with you. By the way, it is not a consumable item, so even if you use it, it wouldn’t be lost. Ah! Only the person who takes it right now can use it so be careful」


After we got back to the forest, it was already evening.

I was holding in my left hand the feather, in my right hand the Demon Sword.

I took out the Warp Feather.

If I am correct, I should be able to go to the place where I’ve gone to before.

I held the feather, imagined the mansion, and used it.

And then, the scenery in front of me suddenly changed.

It was like changing a channel on television, the things I was seeing changed in an instant.

The scenery that came out was, my mansion.




I knew the word “Warp”, but using it in reality I was like “Wow”.

I jumped to the Samaras Merchant Company.

I jumped to the entrance of the town, Roizen.

A bit far away, I jumped to the mountain cow’s hunting ground.

The scenery changed one next to the other, I jumped to the places I thought of.

Awesome, this is awesome!!

Honestly, this might be far stronger than “All Abilities 777 Times”?

No, it’s not like that one’s weak though. But the things I could do with it are limited.

But with this, I can do a lot of things.

I thought of the things I could do with a warp.

For example, I can be something like a peddler. After going to a far town once, I can bring merchandise between two towns.

I looked around, and saw a boulder that was a little far.

I used the Warp Feather. To the back of the boulder (to the place I was looking before) and moved.

Just like this, I can teleport to the enemy’s back while fighting.

Combining the skills, the things I could do increased at once.


The next day.

Using the Warp Feather to hunt mountain cows, I could hunt 10 heads.

The record until now, I updated it to twice at once. The person at the Andreu Merchant Company was surprised.


「The truth was, you were commanding a mercenary squad, it wasn’t like that, right. Considering that, this is a work for a hundred people you know」


He said. So that day I was like “Warp, Awesome”. But the next day I realized that I was wrong.

The Warp Feather is certainly awesome, but I got that from “drawing lottery”.

The things I could get from drawing lots, there’s still a lot of them.

Let’s gather them!! Gather the lottery tickets, more and more.








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