Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Encounter with the Princess.



「Are you sure with that skill」



I nodded.

The result of turning the lottery machine a few hundred times, and with its content.

There would be, no better choice than choosing this.


「I understand. Well then, the teleportation starts now. and, there’s one last thing that I have to explain」


「It is possible to return to this world anytime if you really wished to return, but when you return once, you can never go back there again, so be careful」

「I got it」

「Well then」


When the staff said that, light flashes below my feet, and a magic circle appears.

Like man a while ago, it’s was the same scene with the man who hit the first prize.

Light wraps me around, and the scene before my eyes became pure-white.



When my sight returns, I was outdoors, in a place I have never seen before.

Sunlight leaks from the trees, in the middle of the forest.


「Uhm……Is this already the fantasy world?」


I looked around. It was suddenly outdoors so I was surprised, but if I was asked that this is the fantasy world, I wouldn’t know.

At the past when I went to an excursion, it looks the same as the picnic course of the sightseeing spot.


「Right, by the way, the skill. wasn’t it All Abilities 777 Times」


I wonder what went up. Because it says All Abilities, probably everything has gone up.

I decided to try it, for the time being.

Squatting down, I charged power to my feet then jumped.




Instinctively, I let out a voice. Even though I jumped lightly, I flew like I was launched by something.

The top of my head hit the trees, goes through it, and flew up.

The ground is that far, I probably at least flew by 20 meters.


「The power really isーーMu!」


From far away, I noticed something. (I noticed later on that even my eyesight improved)

Outside the forest, I saw a carriage.

Surrounding the carriage was knight-like men that are protecting it, and a group who wore different clothes were attacking them.

There was three people on the defending side, but two already was knocked down.

They were lying on the ground so it’s hard to tell but, beneath their bodies was a sea of blood.

The attacking side has at least more than ten people.


「Are they being attacked, Ku!」


When I landed, I ran to the direction of the carriage that was being attacked.

My legs too, became faster. The feeling of the wind being cut exceeds that of a bicycle, it’s just as fast when I was riding a motorcycle.

I dashed through out the forest, and ran to the carriage that was being attacked.


「Give up already, in such place, there ain’t anyone who’s gonna help you」


One of the attacking side said.

Un, its decided. The way he talked and what he’s saying too, that was a very villain-like line.

I did not hesitate, I decided to help.


(Wait……What do I have to do?)


After I decided to help, I realized.

What should I do with that.

My abilities went up, but only that. Honestly, I played baseball a little as a child but that’s all, I don’t have experience in martial arts.

I don’t have a clue how to attack another person at all.


(Whatever! I’ll just do it even if I fail!)


The one I saw on television, I recalled the appearance of the assistant player who rushed to the home ground, and tackled the guy who spoke villain-like lines.


「What the hell are yooooooou!」


The guy’s voice sounded like it had the Doppler effect.

And that guy, he just flew away just like that.

It was a surprising way to fly away. My tackle made him fly as it was shown on gag manga’s.


It was different from gag manga’s though, he flew tens of meters and landed, he bounces a few times, didn’t flinch even a little, never moved any more


「W-What are you」

「You……what on earth」


Both the attacking side and the side being attacked was surprised.

Well, suddenly coming out like this, it is natural to be surprised like that.

But anyways, it’s the right choice coming to help after all.

The attacking side was foul mouthed and looks like bandits, but the defending side wears armors carved with a crest, and the way that they speak is that of a knight’s.

Un, it was right to help them.

Therefore, I faced towards bandits.


「W-What the hell are you……」


To the frightened bandits, for the meantime, I for the mean time……although holding back a little……tackled everyone and make them fly.


「I am saved」


The knight’s leader-like man sheathed his sword, and gave thanks.


「My name is Fortis」

「Ah……Uhm, I’m Yuuki Kakeru.  If Kanji is difficult, it’s fine to call me Kakeru」


「A-Ah.   No, it’s nothing. Just call me Kakeru normally」


Based on Fortis’ reaction, I learned that there is no Kanji in this world.

Because it was possible to talk normally suddenly, I said Kanji as usual.


「Is that so. To Kakeru-dono’s help, I express my gratitude. If it continued like that, who knows what would’ve happened」


Fortis said heartily.

The person who’s currently standing here right now is me and Fortis only.

Before I show up, Fortis’ comrade-like the two were knocked down, and over 10 enemies were remaining.

The knocked down knights got up and are given treatment right now, but doesn’t seem to be able to fight right away.

If it continued that way, certainly “who knows what would’ve happened” you’d say.




A voice was heard from inside the carriage.

A beautiful, young girl’s voice.



「Take off the hood」

「As you wish」


Fortis exaggeratedly bowed, and then removed the carriage’s hood.

From inside one girl appeared.




I let out a voice instinctively, that much, the girl who came out was so beautiful.

Wearing a white dress, wearing a shining tiara.

With a golden, long hair, and pointed ears.

And, a demeanor where elegance overflows.

She took Fortis’ hand, get’s off from the carriage, and stood in front of me.


「My name is Helene Teresia Mercouri. The third princess of the Mercouri Kingdom」




「A-Ah……I’m Kakeru……Wait, I already said that earlier huh」


I was stunned by her beauty, although I’m sure that I could be heard inside the carriage, I named myself once again.


「Thank you very much, Kakeru-sama」


Princess Helene said her gratitude with a serious look.


「No, Uhmm, un, I-It’s nothing」


I became incoherent.

Until now, among all the women that I have seen, I’m sure that Helene is the most beautiful.

I was, mesmerized by Helene.


「Normally, Kakeru-sama should be invited to go to the royal palace, and be given gratitude heartily, that is what I wanted to do, but. I am on the way to the front lines to do a consolation」


「However, I will make sure to return this gratitude」


Helene put out her hand slowly.

The thing she holds in her palm, she hands it to me.

I received, and looked at it.

A fan where a splendid crest is drawn.

As soon as I had it in my hand, I felt warmth, and smelled a good fragrance.


「When you go to the king’s castle, please stop by」

「I will make it that if you show that to the castle soldiers, they would know」


Fortis did further explanation.


「Y-Yeah……I got it」


While I was mesmerized, and couldn’t react properly, Helene once again went inside the carriage, Fortis and with the two knights who somehow managed to move, and departed.

Afterward, being left behind, I was stupefied.


「She was really beautiful person……」


I muttered, but it’s still too soon make it as a past form. After she was completely gone, my head which started to work again, finally understood that.











Prologue – Kujibiki Tokushou – Chapter 2

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