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Kujibiki Tokushou Chapter 307

Chapter 307 – A Huge Transaction


In the Aegina Kingdom, in the town of Malonei.


After Selene became the Prime Minister Princess, Delfina once again signed an agreement with the Aegina Kingdom and moved her headquarters here.

Malonei became a settlement that despite being within the territory of the Aegina Kingdom, Delfina holds the administrative authority.


I came to Delfina’s town to meet her.

I warped directly to Delfina’s room and saw her sitting in her office chair, but she wasn’t doing anything.



「Yeah. What happened to your work?」

「It was about time that Kakeru-sama would visit, so I was waiting for you」

「I was about to come? What, did you grasp some kind of information?」

「Yes, quite decently」


Delfina smiled elegantly.

I think that she is the most beautiful when she’s like this, making a face as if she’s plotting something.


I sat on the sofa placed in front of her desk.


「Since you know that I’m coming, you should already know why I came」

「Yes. It is for the matter on Reiusu’s roads, right?」

「Yeah, that’s right. Can I leave it to you?」

「Is it fine for me to make profits from it?」

「That’s why I came here」

「Since we’re doing it, I want to go after a bigger profit」



I looked at Delfina.

It looks like her scheme was more than what I imagined.


「Tell me about it」

「I wish to establish a new road」


「One that is more durable to the roads up until now, and an excellent one that does not have water puddling on the surface」

「That’s amazing」


Delfina rang the hand bell that was in her arm’s reach.

The door opened, and two of her subordinates pushed a heavy-looking cart into the room.


Something that looks like a block of stone was placed on top of the cart.


「This would be the new road」

「Let me see……heh〜, it looks similar to asphalt」

「Do you know things as such?」

「You aren’t surprised that I know huh」

「I would fall ill if I keep on getting surprised with what Kakeru-sama knows and achieves」

「I see」


Delfina continued to smile and gave more orders.

Soon after, a subordinate came carrying a bucket, splashing the water inside onto the block of stone that looked like it was chopped off directly from a road.


The water was gradually absorbed into the stone.

The color of the piece of road that looked like asphalt turned even darker after it absorbed the water, but it was only for an instant.

Its color turned back to normal as if it was never splashed with water.


「Heh〜, this is quite amazing. On top of absorbing the water……it doesn’t have a leak. Where did it go?」

「Explaining it on detail would be difficult, but so to speak……it was “digested”」

「I see」


Delfina explained roughly, to me who doesn’t really care about its principle.

Although I don’t know the specifics, I understand that it “the water absorbed would disappear”.


「How is its durability?」

「About ten years」

「I see. You want to make a business of this huh」

「Yes, that was what I planned」



“What do you mean,” I looked at Delfina with eyes asking that question.


「Actually, we do not have enough materials. Although we would be able to gather enough in time, we are unable to amass enough for Reiusu’s matter immediately」

「Why can’t you?」

「It is gained by defeating a troublesome monster after all. It should be easier to say……it is something similar to Orycuto」

「I understand now, the reason why you told me that too」


I grinned, dexterously raising only one corner of my mouth.

Delfina also deepened her smile. She looked even more scheming, even more beautiful.


「Can I ask that of you?」

「How would you pay me? It’s going to be my job until we have enough right?」

「You can have me for one night. Or 50 excellent beauties chosen among the many. Of course, all of them are virgin」

「I’ll take you then」


I chose Delfina without hesitating.

If it’s her in this instant, she’s more valuable than 50 virgin beauties.


「Understood. It’s a deal」

「Yeah, leave it to me」

「Oh, right. I believe it would be better if you bring that girl named Agnes with you」

「Agnes huh」


I looked at Delfina. She still looked like she’s plotting something.

She even knew about Agnes and even mentioned her.


「I was not mistaken choosing you」

「It is my honor」


I made a deal with Delfina.

But for starters, I returned to Reiusu to go and catch Agnes.







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