Kenki Tensei – Chapter 024

Chapter 24 – Turning Point


“Excuse me, I was too emotional…”


After crying out loud in Father’s arms for a while, Grandma finally calmed down after hugging me and Mother by the way.

She’s looking away with an awkward expression.

She looks shy, how cute.


That was what I thought at first, but she seems too tight atmosphere for someone who is just shy, and has a seriously ashamed face…

Father also shows a wry smile seeing Grandma like that, so maybe their parent-child relationship wasn’t going so well.

Even so, I could feel very well how much Grandma loved Father with how she cried earlier.

Father also does not appear to have bad feelings toward Grandma.

I wonder if there’s some confusion due to some circumstances?

If that’s the case, I hope they can make up for each other.


“Elinalise-san, you don’t only have a son but also a grandchild huh… it feels surprising yet not…”

“As far as I’m concerned, seeing this woman’s modest appearance is more surprising. Well, don’t pry too much, Roxy. I see this as an area that strangers should not step into, though very unusual for this woman.”

“Y-Yes. Thank you for telling me, Talhand-san.”


Roxy-san and the dwarf grandpa called Talhand whispered to each other.

Leaving that aside, we once again introduced ourselves.

After all, except for Father and Grandma, we hardly know each other.


As a result of introducing ourselves to each other, it was revealed that Grandma and Talhand-san were ex-members of Master’s adventurer party.

What a strange fate.

By the way, when introducing ourselves, Sándor would only speak of himself with mystifying words and did not reveal his true identity, making me annoyed.

If you can tell us, can’t you tell us now?

I’m very curious about Sándor’s true identity.


While I was thinking so, we exchanged the information we had.

Although we only learned a lot more because we were in the Conflict Zone where not much information could be gathered.

The only information I was able to provide was how we escaped from the Conflict Zone.

Grandma’s expression turned pale white hearing how Father and I almost died many times, and when telling them about how I hunted a blue dragon, Roxy had a distant looked while saying “slaying dragons at such age…”, but let’s leave that aside.


Summarizing the information we got from Roxy-san and the others is like this.

Because of the extremely large mana cloud, Fittoa Region was almost annihilated.

All buildings and nature completely disappeared, turning into a grassland, and everyone, including animals and monsters, was teleported just like us.

The range of the teleportation is the problem though. It seems that the destination is all over the world.

It’s the worst possibility I could think of.

Because of that, we don’t even have any clues about where Elder sister, Master, and the others are.


However, what Roxy-san and the others brought was not only hopeless information.


“Syl, is alive…?”

“Yes. At least, there is no doubt that her survival confirmation report was delivered to the refugee camp in the Fittoa Region.”


Grandma, who has looked for our, or perhaps I should say, Father and his family’s information in the refugee camp, testified.

Unfortunately, it was not written where Elder sister is, but it’s much better than not knowing her life or death unknown or hearing about her confirmed death.

The good news made our family feel relieved.


But I can’t let my guard down.

It’s just that she didn’t die. We don’t know what happened to her.

We only gained hope, but in the end, it’s still better to find her sooner than later.


“The search and rescue also have some good news.

According to the message posted on the bulletin board, Paulo-san seems to have found one of his daughters and set up the [Fittoa Region Search Party] in the Holy Millis Kingdom.

Paulo-san is someone you can rely on at times like this, so I’m sure he would be of great help.”

“Ohh! As expected, from, Master.”


I know personally how amazing and strong Master is.

It’s been more than half a year since the teleport incident happened, so maybe he has also recovered Rudeus, who seems to have a resilient trait, by now.

…even so, Holy Millis Kingdom huh.

Both that and about Sándor, Hitogami’s words were also correct.

Maybe it really wasn’t just a dream.


“That being the case, should we also head to Holy Millis Kingdom instead of Fittoa Region and regroup with Paulo-san?”

“That is a good decision. Millis is also along the way to Demon Continent, so we could accompany you there.”

“Uu! I don’t want to meet Paulo… but, if it’s for Rawls and Emily…!”

“My bad but I don’t want to meet that bastard. So I’ll kill some time somewhere.”


While I was seriously thinking about Hitogami, our destination changed from Fittoa Region to Millis as a result of the adults’ meeting.

Well, I think it’s reasonable.

Grandma and the others not only told us about the situation in Fittoa Region, but there are only grasslands left in Fittoa Region, so there’s no use going there.

In that case, the adults’ decision to regroup with Master and share information with him, then decide whether to search for Elder sister and Master’s family together or go separately.


But if there is a chance to know where exactly Elder sister is, there is an even more efficient way.


“I know. Father, and, Mother, go to Master, with Grandma, and the others.”

Eh? What about Emily…?”

“I’ll search, Asura Kingdom, ahead, of you.”


Hearing my words, everyone looked at me confusedly.

Especially Father, Mother, and Grandma. They looked troubled.

After all, my words are a declaration that I will separate from my parents and head in a different direction by myself.

They couldn’t be blamed for feeling troubled hearing a ten-year-old child say that.


“Emily, why do you say so?”

“I have, a hunch, that, Syl is, in, Asura Kingdom. If not, I’ll go, to Millis, as soon, as I, can.”


“Mother, no worries. I am, already, a, North King. Also, Sándor, will be, with me.”

“Exactly! I’ll follow you anywhere until you can stand on your own!”


I can’t stand only my own despite being a North King, so he might not leave me if I can’t become a North God.

Well, I accept that challenge.

If he really becomes so annoying, I can only become strong enough to defeat Sándor and shake him off.


After that, I convinced my reluctant family, saying “I just have a hunch, I’ll immediately go to Millis after a quick investigation”, and I was given permission to act separately, although within a limited time.

The time limit is half a year.

If there was nothing after investigating Asura Kingdom for half a year, I’ll also go to Millis to regroup with Master and the others.

That nonsensical dream is completely groundless, so that’s the most appropriate way.


And so, I asked Roxy-san’s group, mostly Grandma, to take care of my parents, and headed to Asura Kingdom with Sándor.

Father and Mother also felt bad leaving all the battles to me in Conflict Zone, so Sándor, who heard about that, also trained them by the way, so they should be fine despite separating from me.

Father has the basics of being a soldier, so he reached Intermediate in North God Style in such a short amount of time, and Mother also gained Beginner title in North God Style.

There should be no problem advancing through the peaceful highway, and even if there is, Roxy-san and the others will be there.

The only thing that bothers me is that I hope that the circumstances that made Father and Grandma awkward to each other become fixed during this journey.







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