Kenki Tensei – Chapter 022

Chapter 22 – New Instructor


“Hey! Are you awake?”


I woke up in a white place, with a self-proclaimed God covered with a white mosaic calling out to me.

Or not. Instead, it was a middle-aged man with black hair who spoke to me.

A familiar face… or rather, it’s the face of the person I’ve been fighting to death before I lost consciousness.




Seeing that face, my sleepiness instantly disappeared. I jumped up and took a stance.

I used a chantless healing spell to cure my painful sides and my sword… huh!? Sword!? Where’s my sword!?


“Hey, calm down. I’m not your enemy.”



My sword… there it is!

Father, who had a troubled face for some reason, is holding it!

I immediately stood up to hide Father behind me and reached out backward to receive my sword.


“Father! Give me, my sword!”

“No, um, well…”

“Hurry up!”

“…calm down, Emily. I’m also still confused, but it seems that he’s really not an enemy.”


What happened to Father!?

Is he brainwashed!?

I panicked, but Mother, who was standing beside Father, suddenly embraced me, burying my face into her plump breasts.


I didn’t think of it when I was mentally exhausted when I was embraced on the first day we were teleported.

Although I’m in front of a monster, and because it’s a weird situation where that monster isn’t showing any hostility and even talks to me in a friendly way, a wave of anger towards the difference between chest sizes that continues from my previous life until now suddenly rose up in my chest.

No, in normal times, this resentment would spring up as a conditional reflex by default.


But leaving that aside, the kind feeling from my important person, the warmth that let me overcome the karma of killing a person for the first time, made me relax and calm down.


“Emily, let’s think calmly, okay? If he is an enemy, we shouldn’t be alive anymore.”



My mother’s admonishing words made my head start thinking about the current situation objectively.

I’m completely useless other than swordsmanship, and my grades were devastatingly bad, but I’m not stupid.

It’s just that I can’t do anything other than what I like (such as studying), it takes me a while to learn, and I just make mistakes until I get used to it.

It’s not that I’m brainless.


And my brain cells started to work driven by necessity; the conclusion I had was that Mother was correct.

If the black-haired man means that, both me and my parents are no longer in this world.

There’s a possibility that he plans on deceiving us to make us do something, but in that case, it’s useless to guard against him.

After all, the difference between our strengths is clear, and if the other party plans to do so, he can force us to do whatever he wants.


…or perhaps I should say, as long as the difference between our strengths is so big that we can’t even escape from him, it’s useless to guard against anything.

Everything depends on the mood of the black-haired man.

There’s only one way we can survive.

It’s to curry favor with him.

Ughh, I hate this.

But it cannot be helped since it’s the only way to protect my parents.


“Sorry. I’ll do, anything. Please, let go, of my, parents.”

“Mm? Did you just say anything?”

“I said.”


Even if this guy is a genuinely disgusting pedo bastard, I’ll endure it even if he wants my body!

With that resolve in mind, the request of the black-haired man was unexpected. 


“In that case, can you become my disciple!?”


“Right, My disciple!”



I tilted my head.

Seeing me like that, the black-haired man quickly said.


“I have already told your parents earlier, but I’ll repeat it. Actually, I am on a journey to train myself and spread North God Style, [North God Kalman I’s Teaching] all over the world!

Your wit, and more than anything else, your courage to stand up to an undefeatable enemy to protect your parents, I saw a glimpse of a hero like North God I!

I want to teach North God I’s North God Style to children like you!”


The black-haired man who spoke enthusiastically was like a hot-blooded teacher who invited me to join a club.

From his appearance, I can’t feel any kind of malice, unlike the people I’ve met and killed in Conflict Zone until now.


“…what about, your, mercenary, job?”

“I don’t care! I have already asked Malkien Mercenary State to cancel my contract, and I plan on taking a break from my mercenary business while I train you. I originally don’t have a lot of feelings for the title of being a mercenary.”


So this person no longer has a reason to kill me?


“I also use, Sword God, Style, Water God, Style, too.”

“It doesn’t matter! North God Style is all about using everything, depending on the situation! You can use whatever you can! I can even say that you, who possess such strength that others do not possess, are very suited to North God Style!”

“I already, have a, Master, though. One that, hates, North God, Style.”

“Mmm!? How sad is that? When I meet your Master, I must teach him well how wonderful North God Style is as well!”


This person did not care at all about my confirmation-like refutation.

What should I do?

The more I think about it, the more I find out that there’s no reason to refuse.

In the first place, I’m not in a position to say no, so personally, I’d be very happy to have such a strong person teach me.

The only and greatest problem is whether I could trust someone who I was fighting to death a moment ago… but since the only choice is to trust him, I can only accept my face.


“I am, Emily. Right now, a Sword Saint. Please take care, of me.”

“Ohh! You accept!? In that case, I’ll introduce myself once again! I am the wandering mercenary… no, I was closing my mercenary business huh. I am the wandering practitioner, Sándor Grandeur! Feel free to call me Sándor!”

“Understood. Nice to meet, you. Sándor-san.”

“Just Sándor is enough. Also, you don’t need to speak too respectfully. You don’t seem good at speaking like that, right?”

“…okay. Then, yoroshiku, Sándor.”

“Un! Let’s get along!”


Thus, I gained a new master.

A master that could only be described as a monster.

But if I call him Master, Master, who is my first master, might feel uncomfortable, so I’ll just call him Sándor.

Now that it turned out like this, I’ll learn everything I can learn from this monster.

On this day, I made that decision.


Author Notes

Hitogami: “…….” orz






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