Kenki Tensei – Chapter 016

Chapter 16 – Confirmation of the current situation


After that, maybe lured by the smell of corpses of the bandits (mercenaries, if the source’s testimony is true), monsters started to gather, so we stripped away everything we could take from them and moved to a relatively safer place while carrying Father and information source on my shoulders. 

We’re still in the forest, but it should be a safe enough distance to relieve ourselves of worry.


I should mention here that it was actually Mother’s suggestion to take away the mercenaries’ equipment.

We were sent into this forest with only the clothes we were wearing, so we had no belongings or money.

The only property we have is a sword given to me as a birthday present and my adventurer card that I attacked to my sword belt, copying Master.

So I was told we should take away everything that we could exchange for money.

It seems that Mother also experienced a difficult life, so she is more strong-minded than me.


A few hours later, thanks to Mother’s and my desperate efforts to nurse him, Father finally woke up from his unconsciousness.


“Dear! Dear…!”

“You two… sorry for making you worry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not, Father’s fault. It’s these, guy’s fault.”


In order to comfort Father, I lightly kicked the source of information I had brought.

He groaned while unconscious, so I sat on him like a chair.

No need for mercy.


After that, I started confirming the situation with Mother and Father.

First, the two also don’t know why we are in such a place.

In other words, although the possibility of it was very low, the chances that the two of them brought me to this place while I was unconscious were close to zero.

In that case, there is only one thing that might have caused it.


“That cloud, of mana.”

“Cloud of mana? Are you talking about the strange look of the sky?”



I told the two of the scene my demon eye saw at that time.

An unbelievable torrent of man.

Such thing fell into the ground and spread towards the surrounding like a tsunami.

After hearing that, the two came to the same conclusion as I did.

We must have been sent to this place because of that mana.


Father said it might have been close to something like a teleportation spell.

Teleportation, in other words, instantaneous movement.

Such magic spells also exists in this world in the form of forbidden spells, as well as teleportation traps made in the naturally occurring labyrinths.

Father’s guess is that mana was a large-scale version of a teleportation trap.


I thought that it was still fortunate for us.

If that was not a teleportation spell but a destructive spell, we wouldn’t be alive by now.

However, if that’s the case…


“Father. What do you, think, happened to, Syl, Master, and the others?”

“……if they were lucky, they should be sent to a safe place.”

“…I see.”


That was all Father could say.

That was also everything I could reply.

Both of us didn’t want to imagine the worst possibility.


Damn, to think that such thing happened when I started thinking of enjoying my peaceful life, the world is so cruel.

Like the truck that killed me in my previous life, unreasonable things always come suddenly.


But now is not the time to get sad.

Since we are alive like this, it’s possible that Elder sister, Master, and the others are also safe and alive.

We have no choice but to believe that they are alive.


“For the time being, let’s head towards Fittoa Region. There, we should be able to get accurate information about this incident. Let’s start from there.”

“You’re right, Dear.”



That’s the only thing we can do right now.

Hypothetically, if it is confirmed that Elder sister, Master, and the others have teleported near this area, we must do everything we can to find them, but it’s unknown where they are teleported to.

It’s also unknown how big the range of teleportation.

It is also unknown if the range is limited within the Central Continent or to anywhere in the world.

On top of that, Father is also injured, Mother is not a combatant, and we are in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

We can’t afford to take our time and search around.


In this situation, the best we could do is to head towards a simple goal, towards a safer place, and towards our hometown.

Most of the people who were teleported would probably try to return that way, and it would be fortunate if Elder sister, Master, and the others were among those people.


And what we need to return is information about our current location.

And so, we awakened the source of information, and this time, Father was the one who started the interrogation.

Of course, while I intimidated him with a glare, so that he wouldn’t lie.


As a result, Father pulled more information out of him than I could.

Among the things we took away from the mercenaries, there was a note written by their boss that lists most of the countries in the Conflict Zone, in other words, the information about their would-be-employer. 

Using that as a guide, we decided to try and leave this place called Conflict Zone.


“Yosh, the two of you. Let’s go south first.”



We are currently in the northern part of the southern part of the Central Continent.

And Asura Kingdom, where our Fittoa Region is located, is in the western part of the Central Continent.

Geographically, we should be able to reach it by heaving straight to the west.

In that case, you would think that it’s better to go straight towards the west, but the Central Continent is divided into three because of a mountain range called Red Dragon Mountain Range that lies between the south, west, and north.


In addition to having a severe mountain slope, strong monsters called Red Dragon live there in groups, so it is impossible for ordinary people to pass through it other than specific areas.

Master once told me that the only ones who could traverse it were the Seven Great Powers, who possess strength that surpasses human knowledge.

By the way, becoming ranked first among the Seven Great Powers is actually my greatest goal, but let’s leave that aside.


In any case, right now, we should head south and start moving toward the goal of leaving the Conflict Zone.

As long as we leave Conflict Zone, we should be able to find a trading route there that connects the Central Continent and is also connected to Asura Kingdom, so we should be safe after reaching it.

We seem to be deep within Conflict Zone, so it probably won’t be so easy…


Well, regardless, that’s all we can do.

We departed with the first goal of finding a village or town where Father’s injury could be healed.







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