Kenki Tensei – Chapter 015

Chapter 15 – Teleport




When I came to my senses, an incomprehensible sight jumped into my eyes.

The scenery that reflected into my eyes was within a forest.

There, I found Father collapsed to the ground, bleeding.

On the other hand, Mother is about to be stripped of her clothes by men who look like bandits.

And, I am currently hanging mid-air, lifted by the neck, just like a cat.


“Eh? Eh…?”


I couldn’t understand what was happening.

I don’t understand.

What the hell is going on?

My mind was confused.

If I remember correctly, we were swallowed by the tsunami of mana, and…



“Don’t fucking move!”



However, the instant I heard Mother scream, my confused mind cleared, and my body acted by itself.

Despite not knowing what was happening, my body remembered the training it had gone through.


For a moment, I threw away the thoughts of who are they, where are we, or what happened with that tsunami of mana, and acted through intuition the countermeasure Master taught me to deal with emergency situations.

The anxiety that not doing so would make my family fall into danger was the greatest motivation to move my body forcibly.




First, I swung both of my fists toward the hand that was grabbing me like a pincer.

Unable to resist the strength given by my inborn physique and Saint Rank swordsman’s battle aura, the hand that grabbed me broke with a fleshy sound.




I heard a young man’s scream from behind.

Ignoring that, I twisted my body and activated a shockwave magic spell toward myself.

I accelerated while tearing off the hand with a broken wrist that grabbed me, and first rammed into the man who was about to strip Mother!




With just that, the man was sent flying with his neck bent in a strange direction.

For some reason, I couldn’t find my sword, so I instantly took the sword hanging from the man who was sent flying, and cut down the remaining men near Mother.

Furthermore, this time I kicked the ground quickly and accelerated.

Then slashed at the guy who probably injured Father.


Sword God Style, Sword of Light!


“Eh…? Gugyha…!?”


He could not even react to my movements and was split into two.

I did not have the leisure to think about killing another person.

There are still more than ten bandit-like guys.

They are enemy who harms my parents.

They’re the same as monsters.

If I don’t exterminate them, we’re the ones who will get killed.




Don’t hesitate.

Don’t think.

Ignore your trembling hands.

Ignore the unpleasant sweat, ignore the rough breathing, ignore the intense beating of your heart.

If you want to protect your family, kill them!



“W-What the hell!? Gyaaaaa!!?”

“Y-You brat! Guhaa!!?”

“How dare you kill my subordinates! I’ll be your opponent, and Advanced North God Style swordsman! Guhhaaa!?”


Cut, cut, cut.

Kill, kill, kill.

Taking advantage of the Sword God Style Sword Saint’s speed, Water God Style Advanced’s defense, and the North God Style maneuverability, I killed all of the bandits within a few seconds. 

And after disposing of the immediate threat, I quickly started healing Father, who collapsed.




Chantless healing spell.

It’s the only way of treatment I have to cure injuries, one that I learned from Elder sister and Zenith-san for several years.

Other magic spells are easier to use without incantations than with some, but I found it difficult to grasp this detoxification spell, so I could only learn it by healing the injuries I had during training.


I could feel my heart beating faster in fear that it would not work, but fortunately, Father’s injury was not that deep, and most of his wounds healed with the Beginner rank healing spell.

I couldn’t completely heal his deepest wound, but I stopped his bleeding.

He’s breathing regularly, and his pulse is also okay, so I think that the possibility of Father dying should have gotten very low.


But fearing that the weapon that wounded Father would be poisonous, so I also used a detoxification spell and carried Father toward Mother, who was dazed.

To relieve Mother’s worry, I gave her a big nod, telling her Father was okay, and Mother tearfully hugged us while repeatedly saying thank goodness.


I guess she was really scared.

Mother’s body is still trembling.

Hugging Mother like that, my worry about her became stronger than the feeling of killing another person for the first time.


I ignored the remaining feeling of cutting through flesh as much as I could.

Just like the time when I first killed a monster.


It’s okay.

Since I have chosen the path of the sword, Master has told me many times that such a day would come.

When I killed a monster for the first time, he told me that if I lived for battle, there would come a day would I would inevitably kill a person.

I am the one who chose not to change my path despite so.

I am the one who decided to move forward resolutely.


That’s why, it’s okay.

I already prepared for this a long time ago.

At least, I think I should’ve. 

The time to test if I was really ready just happened to come today at this instant.

That’s why, it’s okay.

It’s okay. It’s okay.


Even so, my body would not stop trembling, and Mother tightened her embrace.

She should be scared too, but she gave more priority to me and gently stroked my head.

Thanks to that, I could feel the trembling of my body subsiding little by little.


Hii…!! It hurts… it hurts so much…!”


And so, when I finally regained my calm.

I heard a sobbing voice from behind.

The source of the voice was the young man who crouched on the ground with a broken right hand.

Oh, it’s the guy who grabbed me earlier.

He didn’t attack and crouched on the ground, so he disappeared from my sight.


I told Mother I was okay now and got out of her embrace, then left Father to Mother who continues to worry, and cautiously approached that guy.

Then, I pointed the sword I grabbed from the bandit at him.



“Answer. Who are, you? Why did you, attack us?”

“W-We’re just poor mercenaries!! We’re hired by the Dikt Kingdom, and there was a messed up melee a while ago, so we ran away in fear!

We met you while we were escaping to the forest, and you looked weak so…!”


Maybe because of pain or fear, the man honestly spoke of who they were and what they thought.

As a result, there’s no room for sympathy.

It was revealed that they were filthy rubbish who won’t matter even if they were killed.

On the other hand, Dikt Kingdom?

It’s a country name I’ve never heard of.


“Dikt Kingdom, where is it?”

“I-It’s a country to the north around…”

“Not that. Where is it, in the world?”



The man raised a voice of doubt as if he couldn’t understand, so I thrust the sword forward to make him hurry up and answer.

Maybe he’s the type that’s vulnerable to adversity, he answered properly, this time with a shout.


“It’s in the south! The north of the southern part of the continent! In the Conflict Zone! It’s a kingdom north of the Conflict Zone!”



This time, it was my turn to leak an incomprehensible voice.

The Conflict Zone south of the central continent?

I had never heard of it.

Once, I asked Master to let me see a map to prepare for my future journey of training, but it was a rough map drawn on the group using a tree branch, so I don’t remember the details.


What I could remember was the names of the five continents, the three largest nations in the world; Asura Kingdom, my hometown, Dragon King Kingdom, and Holy Millis Kingdom, as well as an exciting place called Holy Land of the Sword.

In other words, I don’t know where this place is.

What I know is that we’ve moved into a place I don’t know where while I lost consciousness.

What the hell is going on?


“Hey, I told you all you’ve asked! Let me go!”



Anyway, I needed some time to think, so I hit the precious source of information in the head to make him faint and stop the bleeding of his torn wrist so he wouldn’t die.

When Father, who has lived longer than I have and walked all over the world in the past, although incomparable with Master, wakes up, let’s question him again.


Ah! This guy, he’s the one who took away the sword I received as a birthday gift.

I thought it was missing, but this guy actually stole it.

What an arrogant bastard to steal my treasure.

Since I’ve recovered my sword, there’s no need to hold back on this guy.

If we reach some town somewhere, I’ll send this guy to prison.


At the very least, my mental health recovered enough to be able to think of such a thing.







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