Kenki Tensei – Chapter 013b

Chapter 013b – Transition


For Rudeus Greyrat, the girl called Emily is an unreasonable sword genius.

They started to learn the sword together when he was 5, yet Rudeus, a reincarnated person, a person who possesses a memory of his previous life, his hard work was surpassed on the first day so easily.

Even after that, he did not feel he could catch up with Emily no matter how hard he worked.

Paulo, who teaches through feeling, also seems very happy teaching Emily, who would understand anything with a single look, and it was not interesting to Rudeus, who could not understand what Paulo was saying because it was too instinctive.


He was almost discouraged, but he knew that there were geniuses out there who were more amazing than him.

That is simply how the world works.

He never became number one and kept reminding himself of the memories of being an unemployed 34-year-old NEET, telling himself that it would be miserable if he took that reason to quit working hard.

Well, Emily is basically useless in anything other than swordsmanship, and he had seen her lovely appearance when he taught her magic, and most of all, her appearance of being a blonde loli elf that was appetizing enough to let him eat a bowl of rice, fortunately, did not inflate unpleasant feeling and inferiority towards her.

Police officer, it’s this guy!


And one day, Rudeus saved Emily’s elder sister Sylphy from bullying.

If he leaves Sylphy alone, she might continue to be bullied, and he also doesn’t have any other friends (Emily is an exception since she probably does not think of him as a friend), so he uses the free time he has after graduating from Roxy’s class to stay with her all the time.

Rudeus did not realize it himself, but as time passed, their relationship seemed to change into codependency, so Paulo separated them from each other and forced him to be shipped to the Boreas family.


And so, he spent his days in the Boreas family as the tutor of a mad dog lady called Eris.

There was a struggle before he became accepted, and there were a lot of problems even after being accepted, but when he thought it had finally calmed down, the nightmare/Emily came.

Ghislaine seems to have known about it, but he wished that she would tell him if she knew.

Although he had disciplined himself with his previous life, Rudeus, who is full of loser traits, needs to prepare his own feelings before fighting against Emily, who severely stimulates his inferiority for seeming to be unable to win against her even while using magic despite being a reincarnated person.


Thus, as expected, his resolve was tested by fighting against Emily for the first time in a long time.

Two in one, with him, paired up with Eris, who was praised by Ghislaine as talented.

In the middle of the match, he thought they had won when he forced her to go up in mid-air, a  place which she could not dodge, using a magic spell called quagmire, but soon after, she unexpectedly used magic as well, leading to our loss.

Furthermore, his heart almost gave up seeing Ghislaine and Emily’s fight that took place after.


Ghislaine is overwhelmingly strong that even Rudeus, who is not good at swordsmanship, could feel by his skin.

She’s a master swordsman who instantly killed kidnappers who almost killed Rudeus a while ago.

Ghislaine fought even more seriously compared to when fighting the kidnappers, but Emily, who could hold on against her despite being unable to win, even looked stronger than Paulo.

She was also bestowed with the title of Sword Saint, so Rudeus felt even more so that he could not catch up to her.

He honestly thought that Eris, who instead became encouraged, was amazing.


However, because Emily said words like “the current, Syl, might be, stronger than, the current, Rudeus” before leaving, Rudeus was also spurred and worked harder just with the thought of not wanting Sylphy to be disillusioned with him.

He closely caught up with Eris, who would shout, “I’ll definitely kill her someday!”, and actively started sparring with Ghislaine with matches with magic allowed.

No one knows how their effort will change the future.


As such, Emily started to visit the Boreas family once a month, and every time, Eris would unleash her fangs toward her, while Rudeus lost confidence.

After such events happened more than ten times…… that “incident” finally happened.

The incident that massively changed history.







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