Kenki Tensei – Chapter 011

Chapter 11 – Boreas Family


I arrived at the town of Roa within a day of walking.

I knew that it was close after receiving an explanation and a map about it, but I honestly thought that it was closer than I imagined.

This, Elder sister should be able to come by herself if she wanted.

That’s why Master and the others didn’t tell Elder sister where Rudeus is, huh?


For the time being, I headed towards the large gate, the entrance of the citadel surrounded by tall walls, passing through it after showing the letter of introduction I received from Master.

But I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to rely completely on Master’s letter of introduction when going to other towns, so I decided to go to the Adventure’s Guild to register as Master recommended.


I wrote the needed papers with the ugly writing I barely learned after all these years, and received an adventurer card after completing the registration.

It seems that this could be substituted for a pass for most towns.

By the way, there are ranks from S, A, B to F, and I, who have just registered, is naturally F Rank.

Master and Zenith-san, also Ghislaine, were the highest S Rank in their active days. As expected from them.

Someday I will reach their level… no, compared to raising my rank as an adventurer, I prefer getting stronger as a swordsman.


With this and that ended, I looked at the place where Ghislaine was staying once again. I mean, it’s the biggest structure in town and looks like a castle.

I headed to the mansion of the lord of the Fittoa Region of Asura Kingdom.

When I first heard that Ghislaine was there, I couldn’t help but tilt my head in doubt.

No, I mean, I could understand that Ghislaine, who is at the upper level among all the swordsmen in this world, could be hired by a lord with powers, but I found it strange that Rudeus could be sent to such a place.


When I inquired more about it, I was told that Master, surprisingly, was related to the lord.

Master’s full name is Paulo Greyrat.

And the lord’s name is Sauros Boreas Greyrat.

I don’t understand what the Boreas means as his middle name, but I understand that both have the Greyrat name.

In other words, Master used his connection as relatives to throw Rudeus there.

The first thing I thought when I heard that was maybe Master was a nobleman. After all, he’s related to the lord.

But Master didn’t seem to want to talk about it too much, so I didn’t ask more.


And while I was thinking about that, I arrived at the lord’s mansion.

Here, I once again showed Master’s letter of introduction and entered inside.

From there, I was led by an animal-eared maid just like Ghislaine and met with the master of the mansion.

Well, it is indeed rude not to say hello to the owner, with him being around.

Even so, the person I met was a person called Philip-san, a handsome guy around Master’s age, and more specifically, he’s the son of Sauros-san, the lord of the mansion. He’s like the mayor of the town, but for a commoner like me, he is a man of high status.


My greetings to Philip-san ended peacefully.

He was very kind towards me, who spoke in broken sentences and didn’t know the etiquette.

Did he hear something from Master? He looked at me with some interest, but that was all.


After finishing those various errands, I finally headed over to where Ghislaine was.

According to the animal-eared maid that led me, she is teaching Rudeus and a person called Young lady in the courtyard around this time.

About Young lady, I heard about her a little from Master before coming.

According to him, she’s like an untamed horse, unlike what you would think about a noble lady, and Rudeus was sent here with the pretext of becoming that untamed horse lady’s tutor.

I don’t think that letting a 7-year-old child do that is a good idea, but well, there were probably a lot of circumstances.



“Uu…!? Guh…!?”


With that in mind, I found Ghislaine watching a familiar brown-haired boy exchanging swords with an unfamiliar red-haired girl.

The boy is Rudeus.

He has grown up compared to the last two years I haven’t met him, but it wasn’t enough time to completely change his face, so I could recognize him.


So, the red-haired girl who is fighting against Rudeus is Young lady?

She looks about two years older than us, and she’s strong enough to fight Rudeus one-sidedly.

Well, Rudeus, on the other hand, seems to only fight using swordsmanship without using magic, so.

“But Rudeus’s skill in swordsmanship has grown a lot compared to 2 years ago, so there is no doubt that Young lady is strong.


But well, just not strong enough to be compared to Elder sister when she uses magic spells.

Recently, should I say that I should’ve expected it from being the twin elder sister of a high-spec max-swordsmanship-talent physique like me, she also awakened her talent in swordsmanship and already reached Intermediate in Water God Style.

Being trained even more vigorously by Master, I got bestowed the Advanced-rank in North God Style, so when I taught Elder sister, she also achieved Beginner in North God Style and mixing that with Rudeus-style Magic, she has shown a surprising speed of growth.

Maybe she would be able to compete with this young lady even without using magic.


I mean, shouldn’t Elder sister be stronger than Rudeus right now if they fought with magic allowed?

At the very least, I am sure that Elder sister would definitely win in a match without magic allowed.

Although Rudeus’s skill in swordsmanship got better, he’s still at the lower reaches of Sword God Style Intermediate, and when it comes to his level in Water God Style that Master taught him, I would believe it if I was told he has forgotten about it.

When it comes to mastery of magic, the current Elder sister is still a long distance away to Rudeus in the past, but I think she has the chance to win against him if she fills that gap using swordsmanship.






Ah, while I was thinking about that, their match was decided.

Young lady’s wooden sword strongly struck Rudeus’s head, and Ghislaine, who was watching closely, declared the end of the match.

And after telling the two of them what was good and bad in their match, Ghislaine looked toward me.


“Also, we have a visitor today. Oi! Don’t hang around there. Hurry up and come here.”

“Please, excuse me.”


I was called by Ghislaine, so I headed toward the courtyard.

Well then, leaving Rudeus aside, I should greet Ghislaine and Young lady who is a noble.







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