Kenki Tensei – Chapter 010

Chapter 10 – Graduation


“I, won…?”

“Damn, I lost.” 


Time passed, and after I reached the age of 8.

I finally learned the inferior version of the sword technique Ghislaine used, and Master, who saw me use it, offered to fight a real battle that would decide my graduation.

Master attacked with an intensity that I had never seen before, and I would’ve believed it if I had been told that he intended to kill me.

He used Sword God Style, Water God Style, and cunning maneuvers he honed as an adventurer and even used North God Style techniques that he didn’t like because it was too underhanded, trying to defeat me with all seriousness.


After a fierce battle, I defeated Master, who was that serious.

I barely won.

Our physical strength is almost equal thanks to my inborn physique, and I have grown enough that the proficiency of my techniques is equal to Master’s, but I am completely behind in terms of the actual battle experience, so I fought an uphill battle from start to finish.

If it weren’t for the technique I stole from Ghislaine, I am sure that I would’ve lost.


However, victory is victory.

Today, I surpassed Master.


Ah~, damnit. I don’t feel too frustrated even though I lost. Is my fighting spirit starting to wane?

It means that I’ve aged too. In the past, if I saw a guy full of talents like you, I would be very jealous.”


Master lay on the ground with limbs spread out and spoke in a sighing tone, but his expression was somewhat relaxed.

Seeing Master like that, I couldn’t help but speak.


“Probably, Master doesn’t, feel regretful, because, my sword, is Master’s, sword.

Master, didn’t, lose, to me.

Master, who is, a master, only, surpassed, Master, who is, a teacher.”


Hearing my words, Master was surprised.

I think so from the bottom of my heart.

What supports me at the root is the swordsmanship I learned from Master.

With the kendo that I learned in my previous life as a foundation, and the talent called demon eye the container, Master’s sword that I have learned has rooted deep inside me.

Even Ghislaine’s technique that I stole, I based it on the Sword of Silence that I learned from Master.


“I’m not, amazing. Master, who made me, stronger, is, amazing.”


After saying that, I deeply bowed my head toward Master.


“Thank you, very much. Thank you, for making me, so strong.”


With gratitude and respect directly from the heart, I said thanks to Master.

Seeing me like that, Master’s eyes looked surprised, then started patting my head with an embarrassed face.


“I see. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I could see my shadow from all your movements.

The disciple I raised from scratch became so splendid. No wonder that, as a teacher, happiness came faster than frustration.

…I also want to thank you, Emily. I’m happy to be the master of a talent like you.”


“Congratulations on graduating. However, you might’ve surpassed me in swordsmanship, but there are many things in battles that you can’t deal with only swordsmanship.

You might fall into a trap and lose even before a single swing of the sword. Or, even more simply, get killed while asleep.

Since I’ve taught you so much, I might as well teach you everything I know about how to deal with such battles.

In the first place, I haven’t even let you actually fight with monsters. You’ve graduated from the swordsmanship department, but you still have many things to learn. Prepare yourself.”



And so, I graduated from the swordsmanship department of Master’s training and took a huge step forward as a swordsman.


After that, Master thoroughly taught me various things that he had learned through his life, and  Zenith-san, who was an adventurer in the same party as Master, also taught me many things. I also accumulated experience in fighting monsters.

After a year, when I reached the age of 9, I grew enough to be recognized by Master and Zenith-san to be as strong as the two of them added altogether during their adventuring days.


Of course, that’s only in skill and knowledge. I haven’t experienced enough, so I still have a long way to go.

Even so, I was given the stamp of approval that I could become an adventurer right away.

However, they couldn’t completely correct my clumsiness, so I’m told it’s a different thing if I could actually practice what I was taught.

Master decided that I could only nullify the negatives using my swordsmanship that exceeded his.

Should I be proud of training in swordsmanship so well that I could nullify my clumsiness with it, or should I be ashamed of my clumsiness that couldn’t be nullified without training so much…


Leaving that aside.

The adventures I’ve heard about for a long time are jack of trades who could go to a lot of places to complete various quests issued by the Adventurer’s Guild.

In other words, it’s to have enough ability to freely travel this world where monsters and thieves are rampant.

Being told that I can become an adventurer is equal to being told I could safely leave the village.


A few days later, I asked permission from Master and my parents and went on a journey towards the town called “Citadel of Roa” where Ghislaine and, by the way Rudeus as well, were waiting by foot.

Of course, secretly, without letting Elder sister, who was banned from having contact with Rudeus, know.

Come on, let’s go meet the Sword King!

My adventure is about to begin!







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