Kenki Tensei – Chapter 007

Chapter 7 – Taken


I turned seven years old.

About a year ago, Master went on a rampage with his accumulated libido because Zenith-san was pregnant and made their maid Lilia-san pregnant as well, leading to a serious family crisis. But it all went well in the end, so Master didn’t have to make separate families.


In return, Master is avoided by Zenith-san while looking at him like trash, and even I, the disciple, was treated coldly, making me uncomfortable for a while.

Well, it should be fine since Master is recently trying to do his best to become a good father after his two daughters were born.


Also, there is also a greater incident than Master cheating on his wife that happened around me. Unbelievably, Rudeus, who got wet in the rain with Elder sister, took her to the bathroom together and stipped her off.

I could only regret that I wasn’t around because I was helping to do chores.

It should be said that he gradually gained my trust with his attitude towards Elder sister, making me negligent for a while and think they should be fine and caught me off guard to commit the crime.

If I wasn’t so careless, I would’ve stopped Rudeus even if it meant crushing Rudeus’s little Rudeus.

But even though I regret it, I can’t regret it enough.


That’s what I thought at first, but when I was told about what actually happened, the possibility that it was an accident popped up, making my brain confused.

I heard that Rudeus seems to have thought that Elder sister was a boy up until this incident.


There’s no way that such an old clichéd love-comedy development would really happen in real life.


I wanted to argue so, but Rudeus himself seems to be completely depressed about it, so much so that I would be amazed if he was really just acting. Thus, I couldn’t completely deny it either.

Besides, that would explain the difference between his attitude towards me and Elder sister.

And so, I decided inwardly to punish Rudeus with probation.


Time passed while such funny or ridiculous incidents happened. As usual, I am going to Master’s house with Elder sister, who wants to meet Rudeus, and Father, who seems to have something to do with Master.

Leaving Father aside, I think that maybe Elder sister goes to Master’s house more often than I do.

Mother and Father seem to have troubles with Elder sister recently because, for some reason, she would prioritize what Rudeus says over what they say.


Actually, even from my point of view, I find that Elder sister is getting a little too dependent on Rudeus.

Well, for Elder sister, Rudeus might be a hero who suddenly appeared, protecting her from being bullied by unruly kids and staying to protect her all the time.

It’s understandable for her to become dependent on him.



According to that logic, Elder sister should become dependent on me because I’ve protected her until Rudeus appeared?

Do you actually believe that you would find a younger sister with a communication disorder, one that destroys things when helping to do chores, gets lost at least three times on her way when being sent out for errands, explodes the field when helping to take care of the farmland, whose only merit is being good at swordsmanship to be a reliable existence? Especially since she couldn’t do anything effective against the bullying towards her elder sister.

Please only do your sleep talk only when you’re sleeping.


And so, Elder sister started being more dependent on Rudeus, a reliable boy who could speak better than her, could teach her a lot of things, and could protect her from bullies.

The only negative factor, his perverted gaze, doesn’t seem to matter to Elder sister, who is still clueless about what perverts actually are, so it wasn’t a negative factor at all.

…now that I listed his abilities like this, that guy, isn’t he quite good?

What does it mean that his abilities are far better than a reincarnated person like mine except for swordsmanship?

Could he be a reincarnated person as well?


My elder sister started to become dependent on such a reincarnated person-level Rudeus.

It’s cute for now, but I won’t like it if Elder sister becomes a yandere or a brain-dead heroine that often appears in isekai harem genres.


While I was frightened by such future predictions, we arrived at Master’s house.

There, we saw a carriage parked and, to my surprise, witnessed a tied-up Rudeus being thrown into that carriage.




Elder sister went crazy seeing that!

She silently cast an Intermediate-rank magic spell toward Master, who threw Rudeus into the carriage.

Master easily dealt with Elder sister’s magic spell, but inwardly, my mind was filled with thoughts like “what are you doing!?”.

Both towards Elder sister who suddenly cast magic spells against Master, and towards Master, who threw the tied-up Rudeus into the carriage.


However, my train of thought, which was filled with confusion, instantly changed. 

Because I felt a huge killing intent from the person standing beside Master.




That person was a woman with cat-like ears and a tail, a dark-skinned woman wearing very revealing clothes.

Hanging on her waist was a curved one-edged sword similar to a katana.

And above all, I can tell just by looking, she’s very strong!

The battle aura she clad around her body, and the way she stood without showing any flaws, both were better than Master.

Such a person is releasing killing intent towards our direction.

We’re identified as an enemy.

Beside me are Elder sister and Father, who absolutely can’t escape the attack of such a master…


The instant my accelerated thought so far, I kicked the ground to move forward almost instinctively.







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