Kenki Tensei – Chapter 004

Chapter 4 – VS Paulo


“We’re just starting, so you can attack from anywhere you want. Come on, anytime you want.”


In that case, I’ll take Master’s words and not hold back.

Before taking action, I lightly closed my eyes to concentrate, recalling Master’s movements.

Followed by imagining my own to match Master’s actions.

Using this world’s swordsmanship as the core, I complimented the currently uncertain image I have of it with my kendo experience.


“Here, I, come.”


I declared, took a pose similar to a kendo’s middle stance, and accelerated forward using my left foot.

Although I was a young 5-year-old girl, my inborn physique and the training I had made my body strength far surpass the body I had in my previous life, so I closed the distance between me and Master with just a single step.




After that, I continued with a horizontal slash.

The model of my movement is Master’s, when he defeated the Terminate Boar yesterday.




Master was surprised by my unexpected speed, but he still properly guarded against my attack using his wooden sword.

Furthermore, I could feel a slimy and unpleasant feeling impacting my sword.

It should be the same sword technique he used on Rudeus.

The line of my sword is being deviated.

The light weight of a young child almost made me swept away by its momentum.

But, the stability of the lower body is the foundation of kendo.

While I imitated Master’s swordsmanship, I still had the subconscious habit I gained through training kendo, so I got spared from breaking my posture.


But what followed was Master’s counterblow.

Even though I should have caught him off guard, the time span of his parry to counterattack was surprisingly quick.

He probably took action faster than his head could think.

That is proved by Master’s flustered face as if he didn’t mean it.

Well, he can’t be blamed for having such an expression if he’s about to wound his friend’s daughter.


Seeing that attack, I instinctively jumped sideways to evade.

It’s not a leisurely evasion.

It’s a desperate move without any stance or anything.

Master’s swordsmanship is just so sharp and fast that I wouldn’t be able to dodge if I didn’t do so.


As such, I couldn’t land on my feet and rolled on the ground.

But no follow-up attack came.

We’re just practicing, so maybe Master does not intend to do such a merciless thing.

In that case,


“Move, like, ‘ba’.”


I’ll copy it.

Master’s movement I saw earlier.

The consecutive slashes that crushed a boulder.





I forcibly copied Master’s movements that were engraved in my right eye using the sense I cultivated through kendo.

I myself think that it is an ugly imitation, but I know that even this borrowed technique is far stronger than any sword technique I’ve ever used.

I’m guessing that although I can’t crush a boulder like Master, I should be able to cut a thick tree.

This blow is no doubt the greatest I could release right now that exceeded my current limits.


Even so, it was naturally far from touching Master.




Master perfectly parried my technique, and the instant my sword line was led away, he sent my wooden sword flying just like how he did with Rudeus.

Followed by pointing his wooden sword at my neck.

After reaching this point, it’s over.

If it was a real battle, a simple move from him could instantly cut my head off.

It’s game over.


“I, lost.”

“Ah, that made me panic… Emily, is today really the first day you ever held a sword?”



In this life, that is.


“What’s with your physical strength!? That’s not how a 5-year-old is supposed to be able to do! Don’t tell me, have you started using battle aura?”

“Battle, aura? I, don’t, know, but, I’m, strong, since, I, was, born.”


That’s right.

Maybe I was blessed with talent in this life. My physical strength is surprisingly good.

As soon as I was born, I was already as strong as I was in my previous life, and the more I trained, the stronger I became without bottlenecks.

That’s the reason why a child like me could do unreasonable training.


“A Blessed Child…? No, she’s not that out of the ordinary.

No, I mean, if she is, it would be a lot of trouble. She’s not a Blessed Child. I’ve decided now. Un.”


Master started muttering to himself.

I could hear him, but jargon like battle aura and Blessed Child would pop out from time to time, so I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

For starters, I get that being a Blessed Child would be troublesome, so it should be a good idea not self-proclaim as a Blessed Child.


“Well, leaving aside the Blessed Child stuff, what the heck was that last sword blow?”

“I, copied, Master.”

“Copied, you say…?”

“This eye, can see, what Master, is doing.”


I said while pointing to my right eye.

Honestly, I believe that this right eye of mine is the most fantastic thing in my body.


This eye could see auras that cover people.

And the aura itself would change shape depending on the person’s actions.

Stepping forward would gather the aura to the feet, and when swinging the sword, the aura would be distributed very efficiently to the sword itself, the arm, the shoulders, the waist, and the feet.

The Nen ability that appeared in Hunter x Hunter might be the closest example.

So by tracing back to the movement of the aura, I could copy Master’s movements by remembering when and where to use strength and how much force I should use.

Unlike other people’s auras, Master’s aura is very strong, so it’s easier to see.


I myself think that it’s very close to a sharingan, being able to copy the opponent’s actions just by looking at them.

Having strong physical strength and a special eye, my body full of fighting talents.

In other words, what I want to say is that I can become the world’s strongest!


Ah~, a demon eye? Now that you’ve mentioned it, the color of your right eye is quite similar to Ghislaine’s.

But, Ghislaine can’t do such a thing… no, it’s not like she can completely control her demon eye, so it might not be strange.”


Hm? Master knows someone who possesses the same eyes I have?

Are you saying that this isn’t a rare ability?

Well, anyway, I don’t mind since I don’t plan on getting stronger by completely on talents without hard work.

But I should keep in mind that there are people out there who could do the same thing.

There’s a possibility that I would meet such an enemy.


“Anyway, I understand now that Emily is a hell of a genius.

Rudy, your rival has appeared.

If you don’t work hard, Emily will quickly surpass you~.”

“…that’s none of your business, Father.”


Rudeus looked a little frustrated.

I know. I get that feeling.

It isn’t interesting to have a kid around your age but much better than you.

When I was practicing kendo, I often thought like that as well~.


But the next instant, Rudeus seems to have thought of something and slapped his own cheeks to regain his self.

Heh~, he could change his mood so quickly huh?

Quite good for a kid.


“Yosh! Rudy, Emily. You spar with each other next!”

“Yes.” “Yes.”


After that, I sparred with Rudeus, and I beat Rudeus with no mercy.

Concern for children?

I don’t have any interest in showing mercy on perverted kids.


The result is, of course, my overwhelming victory.

Although our skills were far from being equal (I mean, it would be embarrassing if I lost to a 5-year-old child with my ten-year kendo experience),

It was a battle with a lot of gains, as I could see from Rudeus’s actions the techniques Master hammered into him at every turn.


By the way, I thought that after being Rudeus up, he would lose interest this time, but he was still motivated.

Seeing that, I saw Rudeus in a new light.

It looks like he’s not just a simple perverted kid.


And so, my life as a disciple began.







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