Kenki Tensei – Chapter 002

Chapter 2 – Master


Five years have passed since I reincarnated.

If I were to summarize these five years, I would describe it as the five years period that made me believe from the bottom of my heart that language is the greatest invention of mankind.


What I want to say is, I can’t speak Isekaish~.

I, can’t understand, the language~.

I can’t help it!

My grades were seriously the worst back in school!

Not just bad, but the worst! I could only continue studying because of the achievements I won through competitions in kendo.

It’s impossible for such a person to be suddenly thrown into a world with a completely different language to be able to talk properly!


Still, maybe being driven by need is the greatest secret to growth, or maybe a child’s brain is easier to learn, I am finally able to understand words by ear after five years.

But I still can’t speak properly.

Thanks to that, it has been established that I have a taciturn character within my family.

Why did it all turn out to be like this?


“Father, here, lunchbox.”

“Ah, thank you, Emily.”


As usual, I came to my father’s workplace to bring him his lunchbox, and I could only speak by single words.

Maybe it gave me a younger impression? Father patted my head with a very kind face.

It feels embarrassing and complicated for me, who has a high school girl’s mental age.

Well, I don’t mind.


Oh, by the way, Emily is my name in this life.

I’m a blond-haired lolita elf with the charm point of having heterochromia. It feels very chuuni.

My name, being almost the same as my previous life, was it a coincidence or inevitable? 


My father’s name is Rawls. He’s a half-elf.

My mother is called Bonny. She is a half beastkin.

My green-haired sibling is called Sylphiette. She’s my elder twin.

I finally remembered that recently.


“Oh, Rawls. Your daughter? Isn’t she cute.”

“Paulo-san… you’re too much, I won’t let you touch my daughter.”

“Hey, wait! I’m not that lascivious you know!?”


My father hugged me tightly with a rather serious look on his face, trying to hide me from the person who just came.

Is the person he called Paulo-san really that kind of dangerous person?

He looks like a frivolous handsome guy, giving me the impression that he must have played with a lot of girls.


However, those rude impressions I had of Paulo-san disappeared as soon as I found the thing hanging from his waist.


“Sword! Sword!”

“Huh? W-What’s up?”

“Wait!? Emily!?”


The thing hanging from Paulo-san’s waist.

It was a sword.

Not the shinai or wooden sword I saw in my previous life. It was a real sword for battle.

Looking carefully, I can see a somewhat very strong aura covering Paulo-san.

I became certain.

This person is the otherworldy swordsman I have longed for all my life!




However, a sound echoed from far away, as if it was cold water that dampened my excitement.

It was a terrifying beast roar.

Looking in the voice’s direction, I found a four-armed bipedal boar appearing from the forest.


A dangerous existence in this world that has the power to kill people easily.

It was something that my father would speak as a warning when telling me not to go near the forest, so I recognized it quickly.


“Oops, a Terminate Boar. Little girl, hide behind your father. Rawls!”

“Understood. Be careful, Paulo-san.”



Saying that, without an ounce of pressure, Paulo-san ran forward.

He seemed as if he was jogging, but his speed was faster than the world record speed in my previous life.


After approaching some distance, Paulo-san drew him and swung his sword.


It was a smooth blow.

My previous life can’t be compared at all. It was swordsmanship that was made for life-or-death battles.

I saw that the Terminate Boar was split into halves with one blow━━I found it beautiful.


That’s the real beauty of the sword.

That’s the real beauty of battles.

Oh, how, how…




My admiration that I had ever since I was young in my previous life.

A person that embodies that is right in front of me.

I have no other words to describe it other than cool.

Amazing is all the impression I could make.

I could feel my chest getting hot, I could hear my heart beating loudly, and I felt my body getting hot and light as if I had fallen in love.

Seeing me like that, Father became troubled for some reason.


“Phew. That was quick. Well, it was an easy prey this time.”

“Paulo, san!”

“Mm? What’s the matter? Did you fall for me? Fufu, to think that I would steal the heart of such a young girl, what a sinner I am.”


“O-Okay, don’t look at me like that, Rawls! I’m joking! I’m just joking!”


Father approached Paulo-san with a devil-like face, but that didn’t matter.

I used all my strength to push Father away and grabbed the hem of Paulo-san’s clothes, and begged him.


“Please, let, me, be, your, disciple!”



On this day, I met the person I would respectfully call Master.







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