Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Arrival at the beast-kin’s village desu



According to Misaki, there are about 200 Beast-kins living in Oise Village.

She said that all of them are from the Fox-eared Tribe.

Laura got excited thinking it’s a MofuMofu-all-you-can paradise, but it is very rude to MofuMofu indiscriminately no matter how you think of it.

They came this time to solve Haku’s problem, so she needs to hold back the MofuMofu.

However, Laura did not have the confidence to endure.


「We can see the Oise Village」


Just like Misaki said, there was an opened space in the mountain forest, and there is a settlement there.

All of the buildings that stood to each other were made out of wood.

There are fields that spread around the village, and it looks like they can live a self-sufficient life.

Silhouettes could be seen here and there, and their tails can be seen even from far away.

Laura’s MofuMofu desire heightened, so as a first-aid, she decided to stroke Misaki’s tail that is close in hand.


「Wa! That’s tickling! What are you doing, Lauraemon-dono!」


「Sorry, I couldn’t help it……I’ll tell you next time if I’m going to touch……」


「Is touching a prerequisite?! Well, I do not mind if it is just for a little……」


Misaki seems to be unable to figure out the value of her own tail, she had a confused face.

However, beast-kin ears and tail are wonderful.

Especially the tail.

It might be addicting.


「A-Actually, I have also thought of wishing Misaki-san’s tail from earlier……!」


「Me too」


Charlotte and Anna also stared at Misaki’s tail.

They had eyes of a person who found a steak after fasting for three days.


「What’s fun with touching my tail?! Learn from Great Sage-dono and calm down!」


Come to think of it, the Great Sage was silent since earlier.

Is it that, she is not interested in tails?

Would one lose their curiosity when they grow up?

That is a very sad thing.


「I’m, well. I MofuMofu-d for more than a hundred years, so I got tired of it before Misaki was born. I’ll hand it over to you girls」


「Ohh, as expected of Principal-sensei. An experienced Mofurist for more than a hundred years, amazing! Well then, since we gained permission from Principal-sensei, let’s MofuMofu!」


「Wait, please, I have not given you permission……ahhh, ahhhhh!!」


The three girls reached out their fingers onto Misaki’s tail and stroked it all around.

As I’ve thought, what a wonderful feeling. My cheeks softened without knowing it.

I want to do this for many hours.

I can’t stop, it won’t stop, it won’t disappear.

And when we were doing that, even Haku got interested, flew down on Misaki’s tail, and entwined it with her front arms.


「Hey, you girls. It is fine to MofuMofu, but we’re going to go down to Oise Village soon, hold back a little okay. Look, Misaki lost her consciousness」


「He? Uwaaa, Misaki-san, get a hold of yourself!」


「This is bad desu wa! Recovery Magic desu wa!」


「To think that it was that ticklish……」


Laura shook Misaki’s shoulder, Charlotte casted Recovery Magic although it is unknown whether it would have an effect, and Anna ,”PechiPechi”, slapped her cheek.

And then, Misaki opened her eyes.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness”, Laura got relieved, but Misaki rolled away, and clung onto the Great Sage.


「As I’ve thought, humans other than the Great Sage-dono are frightening! Who knows what they would do to you if you let your guard down!」


「N-No way……we only like Misaki-san’s tail so much! It’s LOVE!」


「Your love is too much!」


For the mean time, it looks like she understood that there was no evil intent.

However, Misaki showed her huge canines and glared towards us.

Even that looked cute.

The people in the past, why in the world did they discriminate such cute beast-kin?


(I cannot understand it at all.)


And while Laura pondered about that mystery in the history, the Great Sage slowly lowered the carpet.

Normally, one would get surprised if they saw a flying carpet coming. However, the beast-kin from the Oise Village seemed to be used to it and even waved their hand.

Because the Great Sage would come so often, they probably think that a flying carpet is something normal.


「Ohh, Misaki. You returned fine. And, Great Sage-dono. It has been a while」


One old male beast-kin approached the carpet that landed outside of the village.

His hair has remained, but all of them were white.

He is probably more than 70 years old.


「Hello〜, Elder. Was it half a year since we last met? It’s good that you look fine」


The Great Sage called the old man “Elder”.


「Elder-sama. I have come and taken Haku-sama with me」


Misaki stood up from the carpet and looked at Haku who was sitting on Laura’s lap.


「Ohh, Haku-sama……I had imagined the worst when you were washed away by the heavy rain, but thank goodness that you hatched safely」




The Elder was delighted with Haku’s safety, even showing tears in his eyes.

However, Haku herself did not seem to have any interest towards the Elder. She pulled Laura’s clothes and had a face that seemed to want to place.


「Elder. Just like what I’ve written in my letter, Haku won’t leave this Laura-chan you know. She completely thinks of her as her parent」


「……that seems to be true……however, even if she was the first person she saw after being born, it’s a human girl. Her standing is too different from a God Beast. I think that there is no way that she would mistake that. I cannot believe it even now」


「You should at least believe what you saw. And also, Laura-chan isn’t a simple girl. Well, let’s talk about that with the previous Haku. Can she still talk?」


「Yes……barely. Actually, although it is unrelated to this case, I have thoughts of calling Great Sage-dono. The predecessor Haku-sama wants to meet Great Sage-dono so much」


The previous Haku is probably the parent of Haku who is on top of Laura’s lap.

Originally, there is only one individual per species of the God Beasts.

That’s why, the parent would become a predecessor at the point where its child is born, and that child would succeed it.

Nonetheless, it looks like it was not like the parent would die suddenly.

Exceptionally, two God Beasts of the same species would exist within just this brief time of generation change.


「I see……well then, Laura-chan. Take Haku with you and follow us. Charlotte-chan and Anna-chan, go play around with Misaki okay」


「Mu. What are you saying, Great Sage-sama. Of course, we will go with you. If we do not, then there would be no reason for us to come here」


「Exactly. We’ll go with you」


Charlotte and Anna tightly grabbed Laura by the sides.

It was written on their faces that they won’t let go no matter what happens.

“It is a very thankful thing, but it’s not like we’re going to jump into danger. You don’t need to worry too much.”, Laura thought.


「n〜……well, okay. Well then, let’s go with everyone」


The Great Sage acknowledged it so easily.

She’s an easy-going person as usual.

However, on the other side, the Elder and Misaki almost jumped to surprise.


「Great Sage-dono, what are you saying! Although it is a predecessor, it is a God Beast. To take a human child there……」


「That is right. It might be disrespectful!」


「Ara. Laura-chan and I are humans though?」


The Great Sage said indifferently.


「Great Sage-dono is an exception. And Laura-dono is Haku-sama’s chosen one. However, those two right there are normal humans, right? There is no way that they can be taken with us」


The Elder refuted to the Great Sage with a resolute attitude.

However, it did not last long.


「Did Haku say so? Did she say something like “don’t take lowly humans in front of me”, or something?」


「No……it is not like……」


The Elder winced at the Great Sage’s question and was unable to return a proper answer.


「It’s fine then. Let’s go with everyone〜」


The Elder and Misaki still had faces that were not entirely convinced, but they cannot do anything if the Great Sage under the heavens insists.

It was decided that they will go to the predecessor Haku in a large group.

That place, it was deep inside a cave in the forest.





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