Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Curious about what’s inside the dimensional warehouse



The carpet that took off from the school carried the girls and raises its altitude steadily.

And then, the visible range expanded, and the horizon began to be distorted, enough to realize that this earth is a sphere.

The Mezzel river that flows from the mountain. The roads that extend from the royal capital to four directions. The vast grassland. The villages here and there and the fields that spread around them.

I did not have enough time to look at it carefully when I flew during the deciding fight in the tournament, but looking at it like this, I can tell that the land around the royal capital is very fertile.


「That forest is where we……or rather, it’s the forest where the Mysterious Secret Society Kamibukuron defeated Behemoth」


「Ohh, it’s true, it’s around there! Ah, Principal-sensei, please raise the altitude a little higher. My hometown……there it is!」


It is not like there is something if I can see it, but it is somewhat fun.

Laura imagined how her Father and Mother is doing while looking at the town of Mielevern.


「Great Sage-sama. Please do not raise the speed so much. My hair would be in a mess!」


「Charlotte-chan’s hairstyle is weak to wind after all〜. By the way, call me Principal-sensei since you’re a student」


「No, but, as a person from the House of Gazard, you are the eternal rival, the Great Sage, so……」


「Speed Up!」


The carpet not only accelerated, but repeatedly turns to left and right steeply, and Charlotte’s hair swayed around vigorously.

Laura’s face was slapped the spiral blonde hair many times, so she felt very annoyed.


「Ahh, Principal-sensei! Please slow dooown!!」


「You should’ve called me that from the start obediently」


The Great Sage dropped the speed, and on top of that, she enveloped the carpet with a barrier of wind.

Thanks to that, the wind pressure cannot be felt anymore, making it more comfortable.

If she could do that, she should’ve just done it from the start without holding back.


「n? You girls, right now, you thought I should’ve blocked the wind pressure from the start right?」


Everyone other than the Great Sage shook their head at once.



「By the way, e〜to, Laura-dono, was it?」


「Yes, my name is Laura Edmonds. What is it? Misaki-san」


Laura who became happy being called by Misaki by her name faced her while she tilted her head.

And then, Haku who was sleeping on top of her head rolled, and fell on top of Anna’s lap.

Haku climbed up Laura’s body, returning to her original position while crying「Pii〜」with displeasure.


「Laura Edmonds……Lauraemon-dono huh!」


「It was shortened?! On top of that, it’s somewhat a cool nickname, I like it! I’ll treat it as my nickname!」


Excellent adventurers can be called by their true name, and their nickname.

Laura wished that when she becomes a famous adventurer in the future, she want to be called『Lauraemon』.


「I-Is that cool……?」


「A deviant sense」


「Laura-chan. I’ll think of a more cool one, so don’t be rash」


The repute from the comrades from the school was terrible.

I should not use Lauraemon as my nickname.


「And so, Misaki-san. Do you need something from me?」


「I need something from you. I want to ask something seeing Lauraemon-dono’s skill. I want to enter the Dimensional Warehouse」


「The Dimensional Warehouse, enter it……?」


「That is right. According to the Great Sage-dono, many things can be placed inside the Dimensional Warehouse. It should be possible to place living things inside as well. I want to take a look what’s going on inside」


Hearing Misaki’s request, Laura and the Great Sage faced each other.


「Principal-sensei. Is it alright even if I put Misaki-san inside the Dimensional Warehouse?」


「U〜n……it’s alright. I, have entered inside, but there was no danger」


「Ohh! How was it inside?!」


「Wait until you actually see it」


「You’re keeping me in suspense〜!」


Misaki’s ears and tail moved vigorously like an independent creature.

How cute.

I want to MofuMofu her.


「Well then, I will send Misaki-san to the Dimensional Warehouse. Eii!」


Laura reached out her hands towards Misaki, and imagined about transferring her to a world shifted to this one.

And then, Misaki who had an excited face disappeared without a trace.


「……is it really alright?」


「If she won’t go back after that, it would be an accident」


Charlotte and Anna stared at Laura worriedly.


「I-It’s alright! Right, Principal-sensei?!」


「Who knows? That depends on Laura-chan」




The Great Sage made an atmosphere that is full of composure earlier, but she suddenly made a difficult face here.

Laura thought what if Misaki disappears because of her, and was about to cry.


「Oh well, just joking. You only need to summon her just like the carpet from earlier」


「Mu〜, please do not make fun of me!」


「Sorry. Laura-chan’s expression changes quickly, so it’s interesting」


What a terrible principal.

I should leave this terrible person alone and summon back Misaki.




I imagined Misaki returning to the place where she was sitting earlier.

And then, Misaki returned properly.

Thank goodness, thank goodness.

But when I thought of that.


「Uwaaaan! Lauraemon-dono, Lauraemon-donoooo!!」


「Why are you wailing, Misaki-san?!」


Misaki who returned from the Dimensional Warehouse opened her mouth widely, and wept while shedding her tears.

Laura who did not have a clue of what’s happening panicked.

Charlotte and Anna also started panicking.

The only ones who were calm were Haku and the Great Sage.


「The darkness was so scary! I could not tell which was left or right, up or down, I could not feel anything even if I move my arms and legs……it’s scary that there’s nothinggggg!!」


I see. The Dimensional Warehouse is such a place huh.

It is true that it is scary.

Laura thought how correct she was, not sending herself there.

And, the Great Sage knew what kind of place the Dimensional Warehouse is, but she did not tell Misaki.

What a terrible person she really is.

However, Misaki cried and hugged me, so I was able to MofuMofu her ears on the side.

Let’s be satisfied with this.





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