Kenshi o Mezashite Nyūgaku Shitanoni Mahō Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo! ? – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Flying carpet desu



The villages and towns where the beast-kin are living in are generally called『Beast-kin’s Village』.

Therefore, there is not only one of them.

They are scattered all over the world, and they mostly minimize the relation with humans.


Well then, what is a『Beast-kin』in the first place?


They have similar appearances with humans, equal intelligence with humans, and higher physical abilities than humans.

And their origins, it is apparently an artificial creature made by the ancient civilization.

According to the records left in ruins, the Beast-kin are made as slaves by the ancient people and said to have absolute obedience to their commands.

It is said that there was a magic that would make the Beast-kin subservient.

However, the ancient civilization was destroyed.

At the same time, that magic was lost.

And, the Beast-kin moved into the mountains far from civilization and lived quietly.


The Beast-kin are not slaves anymore.

They gained the freedom to live with their own will.


However, there are still humans who are discriminatory against the Beast-kin just because they were slaves in ancient times.

Even more extreme is the thought of the Beast-kin being monsters.

It is true that the definition of monsters is『living weapons made by the ancient civilization』.

And in fact, there are also remaining records that says that the Beast-kin were used as weapons during wars.

With that as a basis, there are some people who claim that the Beast-kin are monsters, they do not have human rights, so it is alright to kill and violate them.


But then, those who would claim such benighted things are in the minority, and there are no longer humans who would actively harm the Beast-kin.


Even now, it is difficult to say that the humans and the Beast-kin have a good relationship. However, the discrimination from the past was really terrible.

And it is only 130 years ago when it started to become somewhat better. It is written in the textbooks that its trigger was the appearance of a Demon God in this country.


It is the Great Sage who defeated the demon God.

The power of the Great Sage exceeds the power of other humans, they would would be in the way, rather of help.

However, the Great Sage did not lack a cooperator.

And that cooperator is the God Beast Haku.


For the people of the Falleon Kingdom, they are only aware of Haku being an indigenous god that the Beast-kin worshiped.

The people of the Falleon Kingdom were very surprised that that Haku stood against the Demon God, and fought together with the Great Sage.


For the Beast-kin, they did not wish to save the humans, but rather, asked Haku for their own safety, to fight against the Demon God.

However, regardless of that, the fact that the humans and the Beast-kin have fought and won cooperatively against the Demon God does not change.


The Great Sage who have grieved about the discrimination against the Beast-kin thought of it as a chance, and appealed to the humans.

The Beast-kin are no more slaves. They are not monsters as well.

They have ears and tails, but they are the same existence as humans.

I am not telling you to give them preferential treatment or respect, but can you at least stop discriminating them?


Although those appeals took time, it gradually permeated to the humans’ consciousness, and currently, the treatment towards the Beast-kin are better, in or out the Falleon Kingdom.

At the least, it became illegal to treat them monsters and kill them one-sidedly.


Most of the Beast-kin hates humans, but due to the circumstances as described above, the Great Sage is treated differently.

It is said that the Great Sage would be welcomed in a Beast-kin’s Village.

And the Beast-kin’s Village『Oise Village』which is nearest to the royal capital, adding to the fact that Haku who have fought with the Great Sage is there, it would seem that she would frequently visit there.


「Although, I haven’t visited Oise Village for about half a year already」


The Great Sage whispered and looked at the Mezzel Mountain that could be seen from the school’s courtyard.

The Oise Village is halfway up there, and as you climb further, you can reach the source of the Mezzel River.


Laura, of course, both Charlotte and Anna have not visited a Beast-kin’s Village as well, so they walked behind the Great Sage with nervous faces.

On the other hand, the Beast-kin Misaki was not nervous at all although she is in a human town.

She might have gotten used to humans because of the Great Sage.


「By the way, Misaki. Is her parent still alive?」


The Great Sage pointed Haku who is on top of Laura’s head.

And then, Haku cried「Pi〜」leisurely.


「……she is still alive. However, since she had laid her egg, the Predecessor-sama’s life expectancy is already……」


「I know that. The God Beast have only one per species. The time when a child is born is the end of the parent’s life. I’m sad that Haku who fought with me would die, but it cannot be helped」


The Great Sage voice while she said that was unusually sad.

Even she who is always aloof and proud feels part from her old acquaintance.

Although it was a natural thing, Laura felt it freshness from it.


「Well then. Let’s go while the parent Haku is still alive, and visit her. And soーー」


The Great Sage reached out her hand and softly waved it sidewards.

In the next instant, a carpet appeared out of nowhere, and fell to the ground.


“E-Eh?! Principal-sensei, how did you do that just now? Is that magic as well?!」


It is a usual thing creating fire and lightning using magic, but Laura was surprised because a proper object like a carpet appeared.

Even Charlotte and Anna was dumbfounded.


「It’s a kind of a Special Magic. It’s not like I made a carpet out of magic, but I took out the carpet from my Dimensional Warehouse. Ah, Dimensional Warehouse is……well, how do I explain this. It’s like, a space that is somewhat shifted from this world, I guess? I transferred an object to that place, and summon it when needed. By doing that, it is very convenient because you can carry many things at once」


The Great Sage told them as if she was just teaching them a common life hack.


「T-That kind of magic, I have never heard it before!」


Charlotte who is a daughter of the House of Gazard should have had many times to engage with magical knowledge from childhood.

And even she says that she does not know about the Dimensional Warehouse.


「Well of course. This is my original magic after all. Although I tried to teach Emilia and others, they couldn’t learn it」


「Is it that, it is a magic that only Principal-sensei can use?」


「That would be the case」


The Great Sage casually said something amazing once again.

She created an advanced magic that even a first-class magician like Emilia cannot imitate, and manipulates it without difficulty.

Being the History’s Strongest Magician is not a lie nor an exaggeration.

There is no one who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Calrotte Gyrdoreaーー.


「It looks convenient, how about learning it, Laura?」


Anna said with a serious face.


「No, well〜……a magic that only Principal-sensei could use is a little……」


「Ara, Laura-san. How pathetic you are, giving up without trying. If so, I shall learn it first!」


Charlotte raised a voice full of spirits and「Mumumu〜」, she groaned as she reached out her hands towards the carpet.


「I cannot do it……I cannot imagine what a Dimensional Warehouse is at all……」


「You give up so quickly although you said such challenging things huh」


「I-I have not given up! I am just taking a break for a while desu wa!」


Charlotte appealed with her hair bouncing.

However, it is the Great Sage’s original magic so it is not a shame to give up.

It is natural to be unable to do it……but even so, just like she said, it is pathetic to give up without trying.

I should try it once at least.


(First, imagine the Dimensional Warehouse……)


A space that is somewhat shifted from this worldーーthe Great Sage said that.

I drew that inside my head.

And next, I imagined sucking in the carpet into that.

I changed the image to reality.

I released magic powers. It enveloped the carpet. The dimension warpsーー.


「The carpet suddenly appeared, but now it suddenly disappeared!」


Misaki had her ears and tail fidgeting, showing her surprise.

Charlotte gritted her teeth frustratingly, and Anna absentmindedly raised a voice of cheer like 「Ohh〜」.

The Great Sage smiled pleasantly, and pulled Laura’s soft cheeks for some reason.


「Hohe〜? Whash ahy you shuing?」


「Opening a Dimension Warehouse. Even I took a week to practice it. Why is Laura-chan succeeding with just once? Hmm〜?」


「Fuhee〜, even ish you shold me shad……」





The Great Sage pulled both of Laura’s cheeks while smiling.

It looks like she is angry. Or rather, jealous.

I didn’t think that the day that the Great Sage would be jealous to me would come.

For Laura, it was not that difficult to open a Dimensional Warehouse, but……as usual, she could not understand how others feel.


「Ara? Laura-chan’s cheeks, it’s very soft. It’s starting to get fun pulling it……」


「Pleash sthaaphh〜, ish would strechhhh〜」


After ten seconds, Laura was finally released from the Great Sage’s evil hands.

Charlotte and Anna patted my hurting cheeks.

What one must have is a friend.


「For the meantime, take out the carpet. We’re going to ride on it to the Oise Village」


「Eh, a flying carpet?!」


「No. The carpet itself is normal. We’ll fly using my magic」




Laura took out the carpet from her Dimensional Warehouse while feeling disappointed.

The Great Sage sat on top of that and released magic powers from her body.

And then, the carpet floated from the ground without making a sound.


「Well then, come here now. It’s alright, it won’t fall even if a hundred people ride on it. There’s not enough space for that though」


「……making an object float and then rest, that is inadvertently a super advanced skill」


Charlotte sat on the carpet while trembling.

Laura and the other girls followed.

With that, five +1 of them are sitting, but even so, there was still space on the carpet.

It is wide and refreshing.

I want to ride this and travel forever.

Next time, I should learn the magic that would make the carpet fly too.

No, rather than a carpet, it might be more fun making a bed fly.


「Well then, let’s go〜!」


When the Great Sage pointed ahead, the carpet smoothly took off.


「Amazing……we became, the wind」


Anna let out an excited voice while looking down at the royal capital at the edge of the carpet.

The people are already as small as ants.

With this, we should reach the destination quickly.


「Flying in the sky, Principal-sensei, amazing!」


「Laura-san and I can both fly by ourselves do?」


「Oh, that’s right!」


She was not acting, but forgot about it seriously.

Recently, Laura would be able to do things at once, so she does not know what and how much she could do herself.




The God Beast’s cry could be heard from the top of Laura’s head.

It was a voice appealing that she could fly too.


「Of course Haku-sama can fly!」


For some reason, Misaki was proud about it like it was about her.

Her ears and tail swayed cheerfully, and Laura had a hard time suppressing the urge to MofuMofu her.





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